Russia launches new attacks on steel plant in bombarded Ukrainian city of Mariupol

ABC News contributor and retired Marine Col. Steve Ganyard discusses the war in Ukraine as the country’s Ministry of Defense says its forces have regained control of several settlements near Kharkiv.

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44 thoughts on “Russia launches new attacks on steel plant in bombarded Ukrainian city of Mariupol

  1. Think What US has done in Iraq Afghanistan Syria Libya.. Hiroshima.. Vietnam.. What Russian is doing in Ukraine is nothing…Take it ease…

  2. What about nuclear war!!? If Putin can't get what he wants he will launch his nukes. Do you think he's playing patty cake? What crappy reporting.

  3. 🙄😒 this is funny in a some point. You all people need step away far away from today media, take a history last 30 years, and then you will see the truth what is really going on.

    1th of all it's natural resources.

    US in a last 30 years go in war for oil, gass, iron, aluminum,… and want control of it with a force (war).

    2th There is EUROPE. They don't do any of force or war for resources. They need to buy and import from other countries like Russia, Ukraine, Syria,….

    Then US start pressure on EU, to stop import from E, and buy from W (US) even if you need to pay more, because US want to control and want have money, if EU buy from E.

    Pressure of Russia and china on world market is huge in last 20 years. They are cheap and good quality. That Trigger US, to do something about like stop Russia and China on market. Sanctions on sanctions, do the US and EU on the age of recession. Bann cheap products from outside country do spike price on market in US and EU.

    There's an long dream of US to control on resources in Russia and China, with war directly they never win. They search how they can crumble the Russian and China army and leaders without them been involved directly. Find a country, who is really anger on Russia and China.

    That was Ukraines perfect for that. They want smash Russia but they don't have power. In that reason they use Ukraine, to invade Russia and stabb Putin direct. Giving Ukraine weapons to invade Russia and support them, that can't be the most perfect scenario for US history. Using Ukraine people for solder's front line give them weapons for free. That was free solder's.😁 US control the war with Ukraine without any casualties on own people. That was fun. If anything escalate Russia to US they have EU for 2th line of solder's. 😁 How safe and fun is that. Use media to manipulates people it's just like game. Why do you think US blocked all media from Russia in a second, when the war started? They blame Russia, and that was a lie.

    3th The all Game in last 30 years, to attack Russia and control China for natural resources.

    – Start war where they don't directly involved
    – overwhelmed Russian and Chinese army
    – Pushing EU in war
    – Then step USA like a heros, and finally Defeated overwhelmed Russia and take control on China

    That the all game, what is going on today on the (Free world and Democracy)

  4. Russia and Indonesia have a very close relationship….since Soekarno became friends with the leader of the Soviet Union at that time… Until now, how special the Indonesians there… who have traveled to Russia know this… Check the history of the Blue Mosque, when Soekarno asked to be reactivated by the then-Soviet Union rulers, and changed the perspective of the Soviet Union rulers on religion. especially Islam. Hopefully Jokowi can maintain this friendship… invites to sit together… between the three leaders… Indonesia – Russia-Ukraine… Russia and Ukraine are actually still one ancestor… .they are actually being swayed by western politics to destroy each other….don't they realize? !!! Behind the US and NATO aid to Ukraine….they are actually hiding their evil politics…😔😔😒

  5. Why are the millions of illegal immigrants allowed to come into America through the border states.

    The border states should have the right to refuse these illegals to come through their states.

    If there is not a state law for this than one should be past by the border states before America is completely overrun by illegals.

    As to date there are 15,000,000 plus illegals immigrants that we know of in our country with more coming every day. Imagine the new welfare state this going to create that you will have to pay for. No matter what your political views may be you should vote this Radical Admin. out of office before its too late.

  6. Is surrender of the steel plant a possibility? Will the Russians still kill the all the people if they surrender?

  7. Пожалуйста, не убивай своих самых умных людей, когда они хотят вернуться домой, это не имеет смысла, ты просто останешься с сумасшедшими тупыми идиотами, лол

  8. You CANT just attack a well defended plant head on. You have to FLUSH them out with flamethrowers, that always works🔥
    URA!!! 🇷🇺

  9. America pledge for add to much fuel on the fire in Ukraine with make many more people to die, wise man is talking, foolish man is acting

    USA don't send heavy weapons, it's coward action, to be brave action and must send USA troops to Ukraine for fight with Russia

  10. What do you think Putin n his ilks will do when Ukraine decided to extract her revenge for Mariupol upon the towns, industries n cities of Russia?
    Who will they blame when Ukranians do to them what they are doing to them now for about a couple of months now?
    Will the Russian public forgive the present horde of power shakers of Kremlin when they learn the truth n the extent of losses in lives these powerful people have caused their neighbours?

  11. Russia must NOT have any mercy or clemency on Zelensky's neo fascists nazis or those western liberals supporting them. President Putin has been far too patient with these whitespramcists. It's now the time to bury this trash in the rubble where it stands.

    Glory to Russia and God bless President Putin, grant him the strength and means to defeat NATO and American thugs. From Africa, Lesotho.🇷🇺🇷🇺💐🌹🇱🇸🇱🇸

  12. Rich people selling War to buy particle protection from doctors. Just a bunch of hiding fools going to nuke the planet and attempt to but their kids on Mars until the radiation goes away. The end of the human race will be a stupid person that needs help from an empty world.

  13. The loss of Ukraine, or any part of Ukraine, is the fault of the United States, European Union, and NATO. They all responded extremely slowly to helping Ukraine. That makes them complicit in the genocide and loss of land in Ukraine. I would hate to have our military protect the United States in an invasion. I would put more faith in our 100 million gun owners which out number our active military about 54:1. And almost half the gun owners are ex-military. Gun control advocates better be cautious about what they wish for limiting the fire power of good gun owners. Six shot revolvers, and 10 shot magazines don't win against 30 – 100 shot automatic weapons of our enemies.

  14. Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? STOP THE WAR .

    Why do Americans shoot 44 other Americans each day? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why are Trump's trials taking so long? JAIL TRUMP.

    Why does America ignore 1,021,581 Covid deaths? WEAR MASKS & VACCINATE.

  15. Russia:The classic beggar was begging for bread And now asking for Kungpao chicken
    China; I’ll pass
    USA : don’t worry we have sweet and sour chicken for you
    NATO&EU: We will just have ur leftovers chicken bones ,we like to s**k


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  17. I can’t believe these poor people are going to lose their lives and there’s nothing can be done to stop this Monster how many lives have to be lost it’s disgusting

  18. Disgusting inhumane war crimes against humanity in Ukraine 🇺🇦 the Putin regime must be stopped overthrown and all war crimes paid for by justice to Ukrainian people who have been completely tormented by these bastards for long enough.

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