Russian shelling on Mariupol steel plant resumes

Some civilians were evacuated from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol during a brief cease fire on Sunday, Ukrainian officials said.


Author: Rafael


35 thoughts on “Russian shelling on Mariupol steel plant resumes

  1. If Piglousy is there for the fight? Let her pick up a rifle! Quit sending $BILLIONS$$$ of dollars that are needed to fix America's problems to Ukraine so it can simply be laundered back to her bank account! and the banks of the Bidens, Kerry, Romney, Klobuchar, Schiff, and other American politicians banks adding to their greed and corruption! This is the truth of this war and these people are disgusting! Look what they have done to Ukraine so they can line their pockets and live in luxurious mansions! – DISGUSTING SCUM!

    (Edit) – I hope the new Homeland Ministry of Truth hears me! – you people are disgustingly insane!

  2. Boris johnson or zelensky❤️❤️❤️ must be ready to send ( offer) your best doctors to Moscow to treat Putin ,, sometimes surgery may not be needed or medicine will do that job 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    I hope and expect Moscow will stop war in may 9 a second world war victory day for Russia 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Mariopul is liberated now.., rest of nazi battalion trapped in Azovsteel abd terrorising people of Dombas over 8 years will give up soon …

  4. Bidenwood, but in fact more than 500,000 children died in Iraq under the shelling of the US army, but they want to squeeze out a tear for a petty conflict over military bases in Ukraine.😀

  5. The only reason the Russians keep shelling the steel mill is because they lack the courage and will to take it with infantry. They instead shell from a safe distance. But it can only be taken with infantry and in that regard Ukraine's ground troops are far superior.

  6. is anybody wondering what constitutes a journalist these days i always thought they was meant to talk to people and find out what was going on , has anyone seen any locals being interviewed i wonder why . have a look at this man and you will find out why . patrick lancaster , graham phillips , eva bartlett just a few names .

  7. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia have begun to sort out the rubble in Mariupol, liberated from the Nazis. Urban infrastructure is also being restored. There are a lot of things to do. The work is carried out jointly with rescuers of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR),

  8. NATO = fascism (Nazism). USA – 6 wars, 10,000,000 dead. you are a Nazi colonizer responsible for this (there will be a trial over you too). it was the United States and NATO that staged genocide all over the world solely for the sake of money and resources. You live on blood

  9. If claim Russia fire into the steel plant, show me the fighting ground. It looks like Russia is helping evacuation on your image.

  10. USA and Ukraine are the ONLY 2 countries that voted against an anti-Nazi/anti-Racism UN Resolution, just 2 months before the war in Ukraine. I rest my case. ❗❗

    Full name of resolution: "Combating Glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and other Practices that Contribute to Fueling Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance Resolution".

  11. Crazy analogy. Time will show your stupidity.
    Dialogue and more dialogue = peace.
    Weapons and weapons = catastrophic destruction.

  12. A very vital illustration about the causes of events in Ukraine:
    Imagine that you live in your house and coming out on Monday you see that a neighbor from another house walks around and loudly scolds you, jumps, shouting insults, although you did nothing to him and even sold gas cheaper. He shouts that you should be killed. On Tuesday, this neighbor walks around and loudly calls you to kill and shouts that the language in which all the neighbors communicated before this Tuesday is bad and it needs to be eradicated, and he already has a machine gun in his hands. On Wednesday, everything repeats as on Tuesday, but already you see the burned corpses of those who did not support their neighbor (an analogy with Odessa in May 2014) and treated you normally. Behind the neighbor there are already people who brought him cookies (analogy with Victoria Nulland). On Thursday, some neighbors, realizing what is going on, move into your house (Crimea), and some do not have time (Donbass). The neighbor is already directly threatening you because of the relocation of others, and those who fed the neighbor with cookies demand to return the neighbors, despite the fact that they themselves made such a decision and do not want to go back. On Friday, the whole yard is already littered with the corpses of those who did not have time to move in with you, and your neighbor is no longer alone with a machine gun in his hands, behind his back with machine guns are those who gave him these machines. The neighbor is already shouting that everyone who does not support him and treats you normally will live in basements for the rest of their lives, or they will be killed (Poroshenko's speech is about the residents of Donbass). Those who supply your neighbor with free vending machines are very supportive of him and also shout and insult you. On Saturday, a neighbor already loudly declares that he wants to place weapons in his house, from which you can directly destroy your house and asks those who gave him a machine gun to give him nuclear weapons and reconsider his nuclear-free status. Those who are behind do not condemn your neighbor and probably, in principle, are already thinking about how many nuclear weapons and long-range weapons can be placed in the neighbor's house.
    Question: Will you live to see Monday and what will you do?
    P/S Today is exactly 8 years of the tragedy in Odessa.
    On May 2, 2014, during protests in Odessa, Ukrainian nationalists burned alive opponents of the new Ukrainian regime in the House of Trade Unions, 42 people were burned alive because they were not released, and those who jumped out of the window were beaten to death with bats…

  13. The reality is that Ukraine fighters use these civilians as human shields at the Azovstal steel plant, but the western propaganda mechanism works very well against reality. Most probably, Putin will allow these hiding soldiers to starve and die.

  14. Innocent people have been suffering for centuries due to self-centered politicians.
    Let's hope peace prevails everywhere.
    The real culprits of this war are the arm sellers who have destroyed dozens of counties and massacred millions of innocent children, women and men in fewer than 30 years.

  15. These Ukrainian commanders at the steel plant are war criminals who have weaponized the wounded, elderly and children. Commanders in any professional army can disobey unjust, immoral orders. The time has come that these men accept the reality of their military position and put the wounded and civilians health & welfare first. The eyes of the world are watching. Even Fredrich Paulus came to the right conclusion and capitulated. This is ridiculous. War criminals.

  16. Be realistic. Russia is not ready to give up and the US is not ready to give up, the war goes on. If no peace negotiation, unfortunately, more people will die and most of them will be Ukrainian civilians.

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