Senate to vote on protecting abortion access l ABC News

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Thursday that the Senate will take a procedural vote on protecting abortion access next week.

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26 thoughts on “Senate to vote on protecting abortion access l ABC News

  1. As Chuck wakes up today and removes his nightgown & panties I hope he looks in the mirror and realizes that the only way out of this miserable existence is find the courage to take his own life… we pray for your peace. God speed chuck

  2. Democrats spent the last two years telling everyone to take the vaccines or your a bad person and now it's my body my choice? lol what a bunch of hypocrites!

  3. Where are the BLM people seeing that almost 300,000 black babies are aborted each year. Blacks make of 12% of population yet 50% of abortions. Rape and incest don't even make up 1% of the abortion reasons. This is about reducing black population just as it was intended.

  4. Fakest of them all. I will never bend the knee for this man. Shame, to him it’s become a game. Not a real New York City resident. Shape Shifter!

  5. Don’t worry about inflation and all the other failures of this administration, our priorities are allowing you to kill unborn babies!

  6. Abortion will be impossible in every state. There will no abortion clinics. Why, tks to the main characters, Biden, Pelosi, Graham and all supporting the Ukrainian war. Nuclear war is coming to American. Do not think of that or food shortage, inflation, no energy, ..etc….Abortion rights will take all that off your minds. How do you want your kids, medium or well done. Sleep tight

  7. They had already voted on this Feb 28 2022, It did not pass the senate vote. He's just putting up a show for the ignorant fools out there.

  8. How did the democrats end up with Chuck? He's terrible. He's decisive. He's perfect for the current administration, because he's never truthful. Partial truths to suite his needs…. that's the most you can expect from him!
    I just don't understand. The Democratic party has its fringe groups, but overall, I believe they are good people. I differ from many of them about things of economics, education, etc, but they're still mostly good people who simply want good things for the people of the US. So why do we have all the worst of them in power right now!?
    Why can't the Democratic party vote in some higher quality personnel?

  9. LOL the SCOTUS is running scared now that their secret proceedings came to light so badly! they were hoping for business as usual of dumping a chitty ruling on us 337 million peasants at the very end of their term session, and then skipping off back home or on vacation so they don't have to deal with the backlash and fallout!

    "“I’m still in shock,” Johnson said Tuesday as he scrambled to reassure his staff and patients they would continue providing abortions as long as they’re allowed in Alabama."

    BIG surprise huh? given the fact the orange nutbag appointed 3 rightwing anti abortion justices to the SCOTUS, women who want CHOICE- this is what you get when you vote in ANY repug candidate, their ONLY agenda is abortion, nothing else matters to these clowns.
    Thing is, there's a LOT of other enumerated rights that are ALSO not in the Constitution that could ALSO be swept away by this precedent, if FIFTY years of settled law can be swept away by half a dozen overpaid clowns with the stroke of a pen, WHAT'S NEXT? your rights to privacy is another right not in the Constitution that can go away just as easily, and there's a whole bunch of others like the right to due process, innocent until proven guilty are all part of Supreme court decisions that are NOT guaranteed in the Constitution- either!

  10. The whole point of free choice is that if you don't want an abortion, you don't have to have one. Leave the people alone who feel they have to make that choice. You don't know a damn thing about their lives or situations. How dare you think you have the right to play God over someone else's life. How would you feel if you were the victim of what someone else wants or believes? Anti choice stands on ANYTHING is wrong and is unAmerican.

  11. It's funny to watch both parties blame the other on this issue. The US Supreme Court shot down the original decision about Roe vs Wade, not for political, religious, or moral reasons, but for the simple fact that the decision was never in the Supreme Courts responsibility to decide. The Supreme Court is not a legislative body and can not make laws. Though many people believed Roe vs Wade became a law due to the Supreme Court decision, it was never a Law. It is time for Congress to do their job and make it a law one way or the other., making it a part of our Constitution. Once it is part of our Constitution, it will be something that the Supreme Court can weigh in on. Unlike free speech, right to bare arms, and recently gay marriage, currently there is no mention of re-productive or abortion rights in the Constitution. That was their point. To hear our representative scream "sky is Falling" "end of the world and our Democracy" and blame the other party for this tragedy that is worse than the apocalypse, is frankly, down right embarrassing .

  12. Funny how this issue is all about Woman’s rights and Biden is getting ready to make upcoming changes to Title IX sex discrimination rules that will hurt young woman. Even us sane liberals with daughters can see the hypocrisy in our party.

  13. Why not fire mika brezinski, hoda, Joe scarborough, robbin roberts, gayle king, George stepinapholous. Or any journalist yhat has been on main stream media for years. There are other people out there that could be talking heads just like them and I'm sure all the millions that they have been paid could afford to move on and make way fir new faces that need a career and money.

  14. The degenerate and vile Woke Cult is exposing how disgusting they really are.
    Their lust for blood matches the worst of the Nazis.

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