Sesame Place facing new lawsuit

Sesame Place is facing a new lawsuit as another family has come forward saying their child faced racial discrimination at the amusement park.

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41 thoughts on “Sesame Place facing new lawsuit

  1. They have have racist workers I think that they should be fired and not be a little worked again disability instead of working because for these little children who loves Sesame Street and the children of all colors should not have to go through this pain of water to see their favorite characters and then I’m not giving them high-fives and stuff you could high-fives the black children you could high-fives the Mexican children you can hi5 the white children you could hi5 all of the children stop being racist

  2. “Training” won’t stop racism….these “people” in these costumes were trained and raised to be racist as kids. It’s ingrained in them. They need to be fired. Idc how you feel about other races of people. Kids don’t understand that bs and it’s sad to see the look on their faces while constantly and intentionally being ignored.

  3. A white family sued Disney and won became their son yanked Mikey's tail, and Mickey pushed him off.

  4. I am literally done with all these fake lawsuits, Sesame Place has thousands of hours of many children being passed over or perceived ignored. All they have to do is show the many hours of Parade videos where white kids, Latino kids, and Asian kids are passed by, and guess what this lawsuit goes bye-bye. Class Action lawsuits are never intended to go to court they are filed to press whoever they are suing to settle.

  5. I understand why white people think this is ridiculous. They have never had these types of things happen to them because of skin tone. But to those who have had this happen to them it's a horrible feeling and to see someone do it to your child is even worst.

  6. $25 million lawsuit? I completely understand the accusations and I empathize with the parents and feel really bad for their children. I also have small kids and can relate to them… but $25 million is excessive.

  7. Sometimes their field of view or sound may be muffled. It probably was a misunderstanding. It’s hard to tell in my opinion.
    However the Rosita one was definitely suspicious.

  8. In no way is Sesame Street racist but they truly have questionable employees
    and there is a possibility of racism I think they should get to the bottom of this

  9. All kids will now have to carry high 5 cards that get stamped every time a character slaps their hand.

    Additional characters will be stationed at the exits to catch any unstamped card kids to fill those voids.

    A adults leaving will need to sign waivers at the exits stating that all kids in tow were fived and that all stamped.

    Additionally, all characters will be fitted with 18 body cameras to capture all contacts with children.

    Slaps must make contact for at least 0.6 seconds and no more than 1 second so kids don't get longer slap times which would be unfair to others.

  10. You're a employee in a silly costume at a parade for children and you have one job which is to make little children happy with a high five or a fist bump and you fail to do that for all the children you see ! I don't blame the parents for hiring a lawyer.

  11. I am Asian and I didn't get a picture with Fiona when I went to Disney. They were walking away (probably to change shift or take a break) when I arrived. I think I deserve $25M. 😁

  12. It’s a reach but I’m here for it because the more videos i see the more it does look like they are purposely not acknowledging black children. This child looks so disappointed I do feel bad when I see her let down face.

  13. Businesses answer when you attack that money. We started Sesame Street. We can destroy Sesame Street. I pray every family sues this establishment to the point where no child will "enjoy" the park anymore.

  14. At this point just teach minority kids that they’re going to be treated different based on their skin color. Kind of pointless for them to find out on their own when they get older since it happens when they’re children too.

  15. That is the stupidest thing ever. As those costumes make it hard to see of the big heads. AS CLEARLY shown there who ever was in the suit of the parade didn't see her as well noticing of the wave. THAT IS CLEARLY NOT A RACIAL THING AT ALL. If this was the case better say that I'm racist as I was in a parade on this exact day in NEPA with my FD for a police night out parade and it hard to wave at everyone cause I miss some as well noticed the last but didn't have time to wave. So you can consider me being a Racial fire fighter for NO REASON at all.

    Besides who in that suit? Could be the same skin color in the suit as her, and NORMALLY theses parades ARE LOUD, as I really never heard a full quiet parade at all. We all have to stop being offend over nothing. As yes we ALL get upset that our childhood character, as well adult hood character and even your favorite type person that inspired you ignores you or even didn't hear or notice you cause alot people and noises happening there.

    But I am going to say this clearly THIS IS SO STUPID AS HECK. If she want to wave at her favorite character why didn't her parents take her down to the end line of the parade to get the wave in whoever in that suit as well a picture with them then. Or better yet where was the parent at to hold her to be in better view and heres another note, what both 10-20 before this video started? Cause the person in the suit already waved at her and same with her. As I ain't seeing the full incident here.

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