Snake River among most endangered rivers in US | WNT

Environmental advocates argued that a system of dams along the lower part of the Snake River is dedicating decimating the salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest waterway.




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  3. Beautiful, diverse river from its headwaters to its mouth. Human ingenuity and tech should be able to solve the fish problem while maintaining clean power and providing a way for wheat transport. It's sometimes baffling what holds us back.

  4. Farms poison the river. Dams screw with the environment. In this day and age we should’ve learned by now how to work with nature instead of against her.

  5. Take a lesson from the native Americans and learn how to work with the land instead of manipulating it to work for capitalism.

  6. So the balance is between one man's livelihood as a wheat farmer and the survival of a fish species that feed millions of individuals and sustains an entire Native American tribe and has been doing so for probably thousands of years before that wheat farmer showed up. I don't see the predicament, what am I missing?


  8. Not a word about the HYDROPOWER those dams produce? Mind…blown…how will we replace the over 3,000 megawatts they feed into the system that feeds most of the Northwest? More COAL PLANTS? Coal mined in Idaho perhaps,,,what a pantload.

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  12. If everyone is really concerned about climate change then they should realize that mankind has little or no impact on it, and imposing massive environmental and economic restrictions will also have little to no effect on it, either. The earth has been warming since the middle of the last ice age, and not caused by mankind. To stop climate change the real natural causes must be changed, but this means changing mother nature, and it's not nice to fool with mother nature.

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  14. So, the Snake River is the only one that has no fish ladders installed?? Removing the dams won't have the result they are looking for, it will end up a multitude of negative environmental and socioeconomic plauges. Screwed as they stand now, fucked three ways to Sunday will be the situation if they pull the dams. The silt flow alone would kill tons of aquatic species, those pushing this know not of what they speak and the ramifications to the environment removing them, it not as easy as it will just go back to how it was, not a chance, it's cheaper and easier to fix what's there to be more fish friendly than to fix everything they would have to tear out and then rehabilitate to even come close to supporting healthy habitats and not to mention the years of transition that would decimate the already dwindling salmon populations

  15. They never talk about the three Idaho Power dams in Hell's Canyon that have ZERO fish passage and contributes to the warming of the Snake River. They are Snake River dams. The four Army Corps dams do much more to safeguard fish passage both ways than Idaho Power. Well, they (Idaho Power) do nothing and fight it every time fish passage is mentioned. So does the state of Idaho, who has laws against reintroduction of extinct species into their native ranges. I like to call it their anti-wolf and bison laws.
    They also never like to talk about the gill net fishing on the Columbia River (because of who is doing the gill netting?) nor how the current warming cycle of the North Pacific gives better outcome for Alaskan salmonids rather than Pacific Northwest salmonids. The PNW salmon's historic feeds ranges now have warmer water, less mixing of colder water and so less food for the salmonids.
    Then people talk about CO2 emissions, which may contribute to the warming of the North Pacific. Hydropower isn't even included in most people's thinking of renewable energy. Natural gas powered power plants would have to replace the dams, at least one big one. And it isn't species extinction, it is endangered ESU's. So a wild ESU might be endangered. But I guess you can consider ESU's as subspecies. There are many factors on why the populations of salmonids are doing poorly. Blaming the four LOWER Snake River dams is just a simple solution for a complex issue.

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