Some Schools Ban Pride Flags, LGBTQ Symbols In Classrooms

Pride flags are now being banned by schools in multiple states as some administrators claim that LGBTQ symbols can be too political or divisive. NBC News’ Matt Lavietes’ reports on how this can affect LGBTQ youths.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


37 thoughts on “Some Schools Ban Pride Flags, LGBTQ Symbols In Classrooms

  1. To the lgbtq watch dogs and all parties that coincide
    Good day to you all…. as of now there is only binding for the women of the lgbtq what happen is some legal formalities took place a long time ago and the lgbtq was created for legal safety precautions on the man's side it is the same but different then women's side and the women's side must remain intact …. as for the men's side that's is why there is so many misrepsentations throughout the world and its as if the men lgbtq created its own schematic of life in general due to the allowance of change… as of right now the legal paperwork is processing but will hit the table soon this mean that everyone will have to work together to re evaluate families places of work and day to day living but keep in mind DO NOT GO FURTHER THEN WHATS REQUIRED there is no common reasoning for it or else you and or anyone would get a promotion other then that God speed
    Sincerely the system military
    XG.arrett I.ppie M.ori

  2. Conservatives want special treatment because they can't bear to look at a rainbow flag. And they call other people snowflakes? You are some of the most fragile people on earth and when anyone stands up to you, you run to the school administrators and make them 'cancel' things you dont like. Take a look in the mirror, read the first amendment, and get a grip.

  3. What do you people have against these people living their lives? Why is a piece of cloth so important?
    Honestly if you bigots used logic you'd see that attraction or gender doesn't matter.
    It's about how someone acts.
    And i can say with certainty you people are not worth arguing with. "Nothing matters in the end. We all die and turn into dust eventually" is my final message in this comment section.
    Maybe now you'll see what you're doing to these poor children by invalidating their identities and making them feel worthless over something they can't control. Good day to you all, good sirs madams and everyone inbetween.

  4. If half the population is conservative and you are LGBT and live in a red state, you're unlucky. You should just MOVE. Or apply to a private school, which is more LGBT friendly. I mean. With qanon floating around, down South, and the religious people, you freaking move OR you're going to suffer. S–t is going on in every corner of this country. You basically cannot be helped if the student body is a certain way. Kids, alone, are not such a difficult thing to handle, but with parents egging their kid on to be mean. It's just a time to consider being home schooled or move in with relatives in a mellower place. If some kind hearted professors from good schools would offer online stuff for temporarily home schooled kids, needing a break from like Mississippi teen life, it would be a cool thing for MANY. You know? 40 percent of a teen demographic contemplating suicide is serious enough to warrant a mass exodus from hostile entities, especially if it's public school.

  5. Sexual orientation flags do not belong. I agree. Schools are for learning, not to flaunt your sexual orientation. Is there a heterosexual flag? Like seriously, loss of focus, students are more interested about their rights to display a símbol than to actually learn something.

  6. All symbols & flags including our nation's one; could be banned as they are divisionary for the ignorants & education cuts aren't helping, or stop education funding & allow all.

  7. Why make big thing out of it you got one flag spots and stripes surely that unity,If student or teacher feels at some points during maths lesson it important to use when teaching ratios or how gays suffered in history then yes of course it must be taught but why need to fly bloody great flag.where do you stop.Your one flag covers all

  8. the only flag that should be in the classroom is the AMERICAN FLAG. no matter what your political view is or group you are affiliated with you are AMERICAN. it really is that simple

  9. Whether you are for it or against it.. you are still teaching your values in school so I don’t think that they have a good reason to say that they don’t want personal views taught in school when they are doing the same exact thing by taking the flag down. Inclusivity or exclusion.. there are your options, but you can’t just pick your personal view and say the other is pushing personal views in school.

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