StoryCorps’ mission to bridge the US political divide | ABC News

“The issue is that [we got] to the point where we hate each other,” the company’s president, Dave Isay, told Martha Raddatz.

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  3. Ok, now that I've watched this I'm going to go out on a limb and say first off I've noticed that no matter who is running the country, I really don't notice a difference in my life. With that said all I ever wanted out of govt was them to be small and for the most part keep their nose out of my life and let me live it in peace. I get this feeling when conservatives are running things. When liberals are running the show I feel encroached upon. Like they want to tell her what to do at every turn. Makes me feel that they want a nation of sheep to rule over. Just how I feel about things and if anyone on the other side of this wants to have an intelligent conversation about this, I would be honored. We're all Americans here and we should all be proud of that.

  4. some missions build bridges, and some missions blow bridges up. not because theyre bad missions, but because theyre bad bridges. its important to know that the mission objectives are operated by the expectations and interests which democracy respects, not told to respect by those who cant build bridges but get paid to, having to spend all their time on image marketing.

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  6. …burocracy in the legal system processes it is what is uprising the frustation.
    People know only those who have the time and resources can plea to a legal course.
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    And the government left and right are racketering from these chaotic burocratism.
    There is the motivation for political divide, personal priorities. Burocraticaly broken legal system.

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  8. In the thumbnail, why does the woman have books in front of a computer, really goes to show how dumb the left is, all that waste of paper when you could have just looked up any of those books on that same screen.

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