Supreme Court latest after Roe v. Wade leak l GMA

The Senate prepares to vote during a critical week for the battle over abortion rights, which democrats call the fight of a generation.

Arkansas governor says he opposes national abortion ban:

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  1. Citizens of the U.S. you need to see the Roe v Wade draft Supreme Court "early" leak, for what it really is. Intentionally designed to stir up controversy and debate to distract focus from the hugely more important role the U.S. is playing in the Ukraine war. Better to debate abortion and birth control then debate the build up of Nuclear arms deployment around Ukraine's borders. The increase of Nuclear deployment on both sides. It needs to stop ! Have all of these bureaucrats learned absolutely nothing from history. When the real down and dirty fighting gets going between two ideologies, never has one side suddenly come to their senses, stopped and said, Oh, you know what, this is crazy, we decide to stop now. No, historically what happens is, the fighting continues until one side is pounded into submission, at the expense of civilian lives. The newly created debate of Roe v. Wade, which had already been ruled on and settled, is a smoke screen.
    In his May 4, 2022 CBN interview Trump states " It's not made up ", he was referring to the new Roe v Wade draft. Why would Trump say " It is not made up " ? It makes one ask " Is all of this just being drummed up at an opportune time ? " . This must make citizens question if they are being manipulated, distracted ! See through the distraction ! The real issue to debate and protest, is that diplomats are not being responsible and serious on de-escalation. Instead they are doubling down and moving Nuclear weapons into position, as well is Mr. Putin. The west and NATO have developed tunnel vision in regards to taking Russia down. Rather than seeking de-escalation and understanding Mr. Putin's position. Don't get me wrong, I'm not on one side or the other. But far more deadly than Mission creep, is Nuclear creep. The gradual acceptance that just a small tactical Nuclear bomb is ok . . . It absolutely "is not" ok. This is what the people of the great country of the United States should be protesting. Not if they have to have a baby or not. You are being intentionally distracted !
    Show down at Big Sky … . . . …
    Darkness at high noon … . . . …
    You have been served " Spirit in the Sky " . hodéezyéél !

  2. I'm so sorry about these Nazi Republicans over turning Roe V Wade. But do not fret! I have a natural DIY remedy to take care of unwanted baby's. It only works if you catch the pregnancy early. Mix 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp ground nutmeg, 1 tsp ground ginger, 1 tsp garlic powder in a glass of cold water. Down the whole glass and problem solved.

  3. Roe v. Wade was 50 years ago. Democrats had 50 years to get proper laws protecting abortion on the books instead of relying on a Supreme Court decision (which have been overturned in the past). One of the great landmark Civil Rights cases saw a previous ruling get overturned. Brown v. Board of Education overturned the ruling from Plessy v. Ferguson and effectively outlawed segregation in the US. The Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade was always a possibility, and the Democrats should have known it and passed a proper abortion law when they had the chance if they cared so much a woman's right to choose.

  4. I copied this from another poster: If you vote Republican ( not all), you approve of:

    1. White Supremacy

    2. Not giving a woman her choice over her body.

    3. Nazism

    4. Hatred

    5, Division

    6. Bullies

    7. No voter rights.

    8. There was fine people at the Jan. 6th attack on the nation's capitol.

    9. Legally replacing election officials with Trump supporters.

    10. Supporting far right officials in the Senate and House of Representatives.

    11. Doing away with mandates on Covid vaccines and masks because anyone should not be told what to do.

    12. Doing away with seat belts laws.

    13. Doing away with any type of vaccine when children start school.

    14. In favor of a coup.

    15. You support the rebel flag.

    16. Only supporting people who support Trump.

    17. Going back to the Fifties when men controlled everything.

    18. Doing away with the FBI unless its controlled by Trump supporters.

    19. There was no holocaust.

    20. Going back to slavery for anyone who is not white, and does not support Trump.

    21. You want a civil war like Trump does.

    Okay, Let me hear all the nasty crap from the far right here so law enforcement will know that you're a Trump supporter, and a far right extremist.

  5. I believe that the absolute best solution would be to have a National Election on Roe v Wade and let the American people decide. Why are we allowing SCOTUS to make the decision for us?! I call for a National Election of the People for Roe v Wade. Who’s with me?

  6. Progressives in Congress are attempting to codify Roe v Wade into federal law. It's a sad attempt to pressure the SCOTUS and doesn't address the core legal issue, the U. S. government has no Constitutional authority to legalize abortion nationally. IF there is a Constitutional role for the government, it is clearly to protect unborn children, otherwise, the issue is to be left to the states and to the citizens.

    IRONICALLY, if they lf progressives left things alone, many states would have radical abortion laws allowing the murder of near term and even post term abortions.

    Big surprise though for anyone not paying attention… Abortion isn't really the issue progressives in Congress are worried about.

    The main reason progressives in congress want Roe v Wade and associated rulings to stand is that it set a precedent. The precedence has allowed the executive and legislative branches to grab un-Constitutional powers far beyond the abortion issue.

    This current codification attempt will likely fail, but that is also not the point. Codification could be over-turned on Constitutional issues. The codification attempt is intended to sway positions at the SCOTUS and give thier 'murder babies' position the air of legitimacy.

    If Roe v Wade falls it will call most progressive over reach since the early 70s into question. This ruling will affect many key executive and legislative power grabs beyond abortion and that is why they are panicking.

    If Roe v Wade falls our Constitutional Republic,and states rights gain strength. Progressives are willing to literally go to war to maintain centralize and un-Constitutional power in Washington D. C. .

    It is interesting that personhood and states rights could conceivably be the cause of a second civil war.

  7. in my opinion, I think that the people should have a choice to do what they want, period. There are consequences for everything in life. I don't understand why it is even a governmental issue to control what women can do with their choices.

  8. Roe V Wade will be overturned on legal grounds, because there is no right implied in the Constitution that gives a woman the right to kill her unborn child.

    However, I do not see this as a state's rights issue either. Either is abortion is evil and needs to be outlawed in every state or it should be permissable in all states. It is no different than the slave state/free state crisis between the North and South.

  9. For Republicans, this could turn out to a case of being careful what you wish for. A ban on abortion does not appear to have a anything approaching majority support across the USA. Once Republican states are able to implement an abortion ban, abortion becomes a live issue in those states and some of their voters may question whether they want to continue to vote Republican.

  10. Love how the republicans can take away the right/access to things they don't agree on but at the same time, can practice the opposite of what they preach e.g. the covid vaccine LOL.

  11. The criminal behavior of the democrats and liberals needs to stop now! No one has the right to murder a living human being in the womb. You do have the right to responsible intimacy and condoms, so use it!

  12. Any restrictions on termination of life are restrictions on freedom and privacy resulting in extreme hardship! My body, my choice! Except for COVID-19-related mandates; restrictions on freedom and privacy resulting in extreme hardship are necessary to protect life! Contagious!"
    If you don’t see any contradictions, why not move to Shanghai, where the ultimate "protective measures" against COVID-19 are still in place and late-term abortion up to the moment before birth is legal?

  13. there are ways to keep from getting pregnant in the first place, if they can go get an abortion they can go get their tubes tied

  14. Abortion shouldn’t be an issue in 2022, every girl and couple should be able to get one if they want. Idgaf if it’s “killing babies”. Within the first few months of pregnancy (or however long until there’s “consciousness”) it’s not an issue. Matter of fact, I’ve had two girls so far get abortions after I got em prego 😜 I don’t like using condoms and that’s fine cus one of the points of abortion is that I don’t have to. Abortion is a contraceptive in and of itself 😉

  15. abortion up until birth for any reason is evil. Denying abortion for rape victims insist or forcing parents to raise a child with mental or physical defect is also evil. Somewhere between those extremes can’t we make a standard and stick to it… roe was ugly and not a standard made in good faith, at the same time how can we overturn it without any protections or standards in place? Can’t you apes just talk to each other?

  16. What! The left was screaming loud for the government to mandate our personal medical decisions regarding experimental drugs. Even with the failure of these experiments they wanted government to force these decisions on ALL people regardless if they already had actual real immunity.
    Now the government is coming for their medical decisions and they are screaming My Body My Choice.
    The hypocrisy is astronomical

  17. If Roe is overturned is this the end game for the Prolife?

    Where women living in red states will just have to travel to another state or Canada or Mexico for a doctor assisted abortion.

  18. 0:42 There's just something oddly anti-democratic about half the states being restricted from voting how they otherwise would. It probably shouldn't be federal law if the nation is literally split in half on it.

  19. All im saying is if everyone leaves the US because of this kangaroo court bs they wont have any young workers to actually run the businesses

  20. Once men decide to control women's rights, this is where our "freedoms" head down the drain. This is not the middle east here..this also creeps down to other freedoms in america. We are slowly losing our rights little by little. A women's right to choose is not only affecting her, but the baby that will be born to a say drug addict, mentally ill person etc, which will be he'll for a potential life of a child. Rethuglicans only care when the potential baby is in the womb, yet will give a rats ass when it is out & suffering. The are more babies born than there is abortions. Abortions are only in a desperate abort should only be a few weeks in & not more. Why there are more babies killed in war, than by abortion. Who are men to tell a woman what to do with her body?..its easy for a man to whip it out & plant the seed, but the consequences are All on the woman. What about Rape, Incest?. We need better contraception & All women need access to it. There is the pressure of hormones, pressure by the male to want to have sex in a relationship etc..blame the women, but I say Blame the Men, they should also bear in the responsibility of using contraception themselves. No fat old man will tell me what to do with my body..ever, if men had to go thru this, this would be a horror show a million times over, think about it.

  21. If only their was some kind of law on the books that prohibited gathering outside of a Judges home to try and influence them via intimidation?

  22. Why are we talking about a "leak" instead of the fact that 51% of Americans are going to have Constitutional rights taken away from them for the first time in our history… sad….

  23. America will never truly be for the people, higher numbers don't want it turned over but what they do………..might be a different story. If it's not changed, it will probably be revised. With a lot of little changes that they want, not the people. Just like everything else that the people want but don't get because it doesn't meet their standards or whatever they want.

  24. I 100% support your body – your choice.
    But how is the fetus your body?
    If a Dentist sticks his hand in your mouth, is it now your hand?
    Biologists tell us, "Approximately 7 days after fertilization, the blastocyst implants on the endometrium of the womb. The DNA of both the fetus and umbilical cord is separate and distinct from the host (mother)."
    Every cell in your body has your DNA. You should have the right to do what you want with it!
    But the fetus, umbilical cord and baby has it's own DNA.
    The womb is yours, the fetus is the baby's.
    You are the host, the baby is your guest.
    Do you have the right to kill guests in your home?
    Did you know the digestive track is considered outside your body? If you swallow a coin, it passes right through. Only what is absorbed is actually in your body.
    Both the womb and your digestive tract have openings to the outside of the body.
    So, how can you demand choice while you simultaneously deprive a defenseless human being the same right? And what about the father's rights? Half the DNA is his.
    You hypocrite! You're stealing both life and choice from two people and you claim that's your right?
    Theft and murder are not rights, they're crimes.

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