Supreme Court security concerns

The Senate passed a bill providing security protection to family members of the Supreme Court justices amid protests over the anticipated overturning of Roe v. Wade. ABC News’ Justin Finch reports.

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33 thoughts on “Supreme Court security concerns

  1. Why would we force someone with so little concern for their own unborn child to breed? These are not the type of people that make a strong society and its unlikely they or their children will make a positive impact on the country, this can be illustrated by the state of dem run cities… But at least the dems seem to know what a woman is now.

  2. What is wrong with people. Overturning Roe v Wade DOES NOT STOP ABORTION! It merely returns the decision to the states, where it has always belonged. Some of these hysterical people don't know the Constitution and that there are LIMITS to federal power! Supreme Court justices should not be put in danger because they uphold the Constitution. Hey folk, we have a way to change the Constitution, and it isn't by judicial activism, which Roe v Wade was–and even those in favor of the decision agree that there's little legal basis for the Roe decision.

  3. Yeah, it's just a coincidence the federalist society spent 50 years to get their judges appointed to decide cases the way they want and people are pissed. This battle has already been fought, decided, and the outcome approved by the majority of Americans. A 5-4 decision overturning a super precedent. Again our "Democracy" is the laughing stock of the world due to republicans in control.

  4. Never in our country's history have we had "justices" appointed by someone that lost the popular vote by 3 MILLION votes! And we have a "Justice" along with his family that stormed our capitol and tried to overturn a free election. How the HELL are they getting away with this? WHERE THE HELL IS THE PRESS ASKING QUESTIONS AND FORCING ANSWERS ?! Also President Obama WON BOTH the popular vote and electoral vote in BOTH HIS elections and they DENIED his court picks! This is not democracy! Americans that voted Democratic or Independent SHOULD NOT FOLLOW ANYTHING from this "republican" court. They do not represent a majority of our country. They can go to hell, and people that are protesting, make sure that it's PEACEFUL! Look up Dr. Martin Luther Kings march on Washington in 1963. That is a true, patriotic, PEACEFUL way to protest.

  5. Why would they have security concerns?
    They get their legal ideas for women's reproductive rights from laws in countries like El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

  6. Judges are getting back what they’ve done to society. They Supreme Court caused mental hospitals to be closed and sowed chaos in society because mentally ill people couldn’t be kept in asylums. Dangerous criminals wreck havoc in society because they can bond out. It’s hard for jurors to evaluate criminals because their criminal past can’t be revealed to jurors. Judges should not be given any extra protection. Left them reap the chaos they have sown and know what the rest of society has to live with.

  7. wait
    those people who keep America the gunfire murder Capitol of the world are beginning to feel threatened too
    how predictable

  8. The criminal behavior of the democrats and liberals needs to stop now! No one has the right to murder a living human being in the womb. You do have the right to responsible intimacy and condoms, so use it!

  9. Do you realize that rape & suicide will increase bec of what you're doing??? That will kill the mother AND baby. You dumbass republicans! THAT'S ALL ON YOU. I HOPE YOU 5 BURN IN HELL WHILE YOU'RE ON EARTH. AMEN!!!

  10. What's next? We return to 1967, and you're going to overturn the Loving decision on interracial marriages??? I wouldn't be surprised. Fucking republicans. You are a disgrace to humanity!!! Like putin!!!

  11. You're taking away women's rights, and the government is giving you more rights???? THIS IS BULLSHIT. Who cares about your safety if you don't care about all the women in america??? Just fucking abolish the supreme court!!!

  12. SCOTUS is reaping what it sows.
    Supreme Court security is breached
    every time a justice nominee lies in
    his/her confirmation hearing.

  13. Most folks feel as I do? correct me if I'm wrong. I'm pro-choice (Not pro-abortion) but if a fetus can survive with life support outside the womb, should a abortion be illegal? What does science say? I think these decisions should be up to the women and her healthcare provider? Not the Govt.

  14. So now they want to use more of our tax payers' money to provide protection for the families of the azzhole justices that are taking away a woman's constitutional rights? They don't deserve the right for any protection when they stop protecting and are actually taking rights away from another faction of people.

  15. LMAO, the big bad free speech anti-Snowflake Right is suddenly opposed to free speech and demonstration from these same “Snowflakes” bc it makes them feel intimidated. I thought conservatives didn’t gaf about feelings 😂😂😂😂🤣

    You don’t have a legal right to not feel intimidated just like you don’t have a legal right to not be offended. 🤣🤣🤣

  16. The only way the republicans could get where they are today in the Supreme Court, was to lie under oath to get into their current jobs.

  17. We have government to elect our Supreme Court Justices. Why do people feel they can go against our freedom of vote? Can you imagine being a neighbor? I’d put a speaker in every window and blast Christian music. Then go to a hotel.

  18. I find it funny when Trump was elected by the ppl, they claim it was due to Russia help. Then it was well he's not my president.
    Then 2020 election and red states felt they was wronged and robbed and the blue states said " the ppl voted, suck it up we did for 4 years " hmm. Yet now they want to try and over throw the supreme court justice decision, they voted now sit down and suck it up. However y'all swear you guys aren't hypocrites when ppl point that out to you 🤣.

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