Tensions escalate between Taiwan and China amid US visits l ABCNL

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff traveled around Taiwan to speak with residents about U.S. delegations visiting the island and the historical context of Taiwan and China’s tense relations.

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Author: Rafael


21 thoughts on “Tensions escalate between Taiwan and China amid US visits l ABCNL

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  2. China should have been smart and left Taiwan to be a country by acting as an ally to Taiwan. Acting like a bully is dumb. Just like the US acting like a "friend" but with its hidden intentions.

  3. Taiwan shall understand that they are being played & used by the west.

    Learn from history taiwan, and learn from what happened to other asian-countries and how the war has broken out , the reason is always the west eho provokes a war to divide and fight against each other. Go open your eyes taiwan.

  4. Good for Taiwan and their leader. The evil countries in the world right now aren't doing so well. Russia is bogged down in Ukraine, China is trying to enforce a Zero Covid policy with a crashing economy, and North Korea will never amount to anything. It's a good time to be a good person.

  5. American weapons are to over powered! Everyone needs to forget war and move on to building their countries economy and forget fighting it’s nonsense the world has been paying America for decades by buying oil with the US dollar which is just printed money ..America has been beefing up its weapon technology while others were not! its almost impossible to catch up !

  6. China Strong & Whole of Asian Will Have A Stronger Voice 2Counter the Fkg WESTS Evil Hegemony LoL…

  7. The Americans also have to wake up! If Taiwan is snatched by the Chinese, next will be SE Asian countries, specifically those regions with the majority population of Chinese descent, Singapore, to be more precise. In China, there's been ongoing campaign/propaganda for decades to brainwash people that wherever is ever occupied/resided by ethnic Chinese, those lands should be part of the Chinese territories. And this isn't an unfounded claim! There're track records in 1000s years of Chinese history. The CCP hasn't changed that kind of imperial mindset at all. I don't want to defame my own race. But the reality is totalitarian China is a dangerous regime to the world peace once they get stronger and stronger. It's delusional and ethically immoral for the Americans to think appeasing the Chinese can at least get along with them peacefully. Nope! Chinese ultimate goal is to replace the US as No1 superpower, change the current world order, and subject the whole world under their feet to their own benefits. I understand that kind of pride, or arrogance, to be more precise.

  8. Beware!
    China weak, Whole Asian become SLAVES 2the EVIL WESTS No Matter where U R LoL…

  9. Very biased reporting and a good example of fake news. Taiwan was ,is and will never be an independent nation, and is an inseparable part of China. Those separatists in China’s Taiwan island interviewed by the host will be punished and doomed to be defeated by the 1.4 billion Chinese people.

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