Texans in dire need of water amid winter storm emergency

Millions in Texas are still without clean water as power in the state slowly starts to return.

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Author: Rafael


50 thoughts on “Texans in dire need of water amid winter storm emergency

  1. In an emergency situation like Texas, the HOT WATER HEATER is a source of SAFE clean drinking WATER! The valve is at the bottom and water can be bled off as needed. The water will flow of by gravity. NO POWER IS NEEDED. Most people don't realize this. Amazed that officials have not been telling people.

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  3. I just think it’s ironic that the same Texans that tried to run the BIDEN/ HARRIS bus off the road are the same Texans that now need them!

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  5. Yes that is why AOC raised 2 million dollars for Texans Republicians Democratics and Independents see People in Texas your leaders Cruz and Abbot and others are lying to you fact check ✅🧐 you will see she raised that for you

  6. This is the first year of a Maunder Minimum. Any geophysicist not in the employ of Greta Dumberg could have told ERCOT three years ago to prepare for this. Solar energy patterns are historic, predictable, and NOT manmade. If the folks running our nation would get their heads out of their agenda and look at the science – just once – Texas and the rest of the US would be sensible prepared and equipped for natural cyclic climate variance.

  7. I love people from Texas, but on the federal level Democrats have done NOTHING to help you and why did it take so damn long. Guess AOC's Green New Deal isnt worth a crap in freezing temperatures. Stop killing people you lil twit, instead of worrying about Global Warming, people need something dependable to have power for heating. This is happening in the South, Imagine your lil windmills in Northern States, where temperatures and Winter Storms are normal. Now what genius? Why dont you put those poor people back to work on that pipeline, cause your pea brain ideas SUCK AND DONT WORK.

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  9. Last week the local news told us we would only lose power 3 – 4 hours NOT days! That’s why I didn’t stock up on canned goods and more non perishables.

  10. Can anyone tell me, where was Alex Jones when the Power went out?
    I have heard stories that Burger King left overs were found around where the Power station is.
    And Alex predicted that power will go off, weeks ago, me think that Trump is behind.

  11. You can get buckets of snow, bring inside and use it to flush toilet. Perhaps boil it to was dishes with a few drops of chlorox.

  12. Ted's reaction not surprising. Let's hope Texans are using their MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hats to light their furniture. At least we won't have to look at them no more.

  13. It's just now that your beloved President announced a State of Emergency. And you all think renewable energy is a great idea. I guess the geniuses didn't think about winter. Just imagine when this cool solar and wind energy is pushed on those with long winters when it was cold. Save the world, but make the people suffer. Pathetic

  14. I knew it was going to be bad are you freaking kidding me and all I did was check the news a week ahead of time and keep checking. Nothing changed so that's a stupid excuse!!! The fact is they flat out didn't do their f'n jobs especially not winterizing anything. Then pass the blame down the line nah it was every single one of y'all. Now you want to raise our bill 10,000% I don't think so!! You'll be hearing from me Abbott everyday until you executive order that crap saying no you can't do that especially during a pandemic!!!!

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