The latest path of the winter storm l GMA

Chief meteorologist Ginger Zee has the latest forecast as the deep freeze heads towards the East Coast.

12 primates die at Texas animal sanctuary after frigid weather causes power failure:

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  2. Really stupid how everyone keeps referring to texas about this weather like it’s no big deal. Agree up north it isn’t the homes are built for this the electric grid people have time to slowly get adjusted to the weather and have supplies or whatever. The homes have thicker insulation protected water systems that usually won’t freeze and vehicles also set for the winter. Down there in Texas you don’t need that. To those people 35 degrees is like cold asf. The homes aren’t ready the people aren’t ready nothing is ready so yeh it’s a big deal when nothing is set for this environment when your water lines freeze up you don’t have the salt nor the equipment to spread it . Don’t need electric heaters and propane or whatever and if ya do it’s rare .

  3. Exactly!! You get a weeks notice and you are prepared! If you live in a state that it’s not the norm. You read about what could happen, you prepare! I’m sick of people crying about a little snow and not being prepared!!!are they all stupid or on drugs?

  4. What is this misconception that "Texans cant handle 1 inch if snow" when they're not even here and see that 6-12 inches of snow here is not 1 inch. These people are crazy.

  5. I wish in school , they taught us that based on solar activity, it greatly affects our weather . The sun is the controller of our weather. But no it’s climate change !! Like the climate hasn’t been changing since day 1 based on solar activity… get ready for a grand solar minimum

  6. Virginia is all in pink and my brother in law has to be in Virginia on business and he’s in Charlotte right now on business…. This icy has me wishing for spring….. It’s windy, cold and icy here in Raleigh, but thankfully it’s above the freezing mark….. Hope everyone stays warm and safe and all my love to Texas and everyone this awful IceDome…..

  7. Look at them trying to install FEAR into people like it doesn’t snow just about every year on the East Coast. I despise the news

  8. I don’t get it! I live in snow country and have 10 feet of snow surrounding my house and it has turned to solid ice. That little bit of snow is nothing

  9. I’m in Texas and we never seen this weather I haven’t seen snow here in more than a decade, I’m lucky enough to have the gas heater but the least you can do is show support in Texas for families that don’t have anything because we were not prepared for this, you guys can post on BLM but you can’t help us? Why

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