‘The president and the vice president need to go down’ to border: Sen. Dan Sullivan | ABC News

Jon Karl interviews Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, on “This Week.”

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26 thoughts on “‘The president and the vice president need to go down’ to border: Sen. Dan Sullivan | ABC News

  1. When are you propagandists going to STOP lying about the new GA voting law? I mean seriously, everything ABC is saying is a LIE! Don't just talk smack to me, download the damn bill and READ the damn thing yourselves! Once you do that you've taken the first step to freeing yourselves of the habitually lying Democrat Communist Party Plague!

  2. Senator Sullivan it is obvious you continue to toot your own horn. You may have received money from a RINO but it was not she who voted made you successful in the race. LEST YOU FORGET IT WAS THE VOTERS THE ALASKANS TO we unfortunately have you in office at this time

  3. Biden's dilemma is that he is cornered now. EVERYONE can see that Trump was completely right about the border and Biden has totally screwed it up. The solution is to return to Trump's policies but Biden isn't going to do that. This is made even worse by Biden and Harris both refusing to visit the border and they can't do that because they would have to then admit that it's a disaster. 10% of the immigrants have tested positive for Covid and they are being released into our country. Even Trump allowed full access to the media and to politicians and take all the pictures they wanted to but Biden/Harris are not allowing it. WHY? . AOC was there and took photos while Trump was President but now she also refuses to visit the border.

  4. Only thing they need are more places to vote in the state so there no lines or big ones I voted in person and only one time in 52 years it had a line it was a damocrat District black & white district

  5. The fact that the demented president Joe and the laughing-like-crazy vice president Kamala denied to appear at the border crisis to address the National Security disaster proves that they are NOT deserved to be US leaders. Impeach and bring them down . That's all we the people need now.

  6. Jon, you are a liar. Nobody from GOP wants to have less people to vote. That's a fake news. Stop spreading your false information to the audiences.

  7. The reason REPUBLICANS are pushing these voting laws are because they believe the only way to get their majority back and into the House and Senate is to lie, cheat and steal their way back! The Republicans should adopt the children's old song of: Liar, Liar, pants on fire, Republicans tongues are longer than telephone wires, we're liars, liars!

  8. Principle here is that vote cannot be bought by any kind of enticements even if it involves food as outside groups can mobilize resources. It is common sense to bring water with you if the lines are long. this is applies in every democracy… go check other countries.

  9. This is an extremely biased interview. Notice how the interviewer constantly pushes the narrative that the Republicans are trying to make it more difficult to vote rather then trying to insure vote integrity. I am tired of hearing biased reporting.

  10. Why can't people grip the understanding– that things are going as planned for open border liberals ?
    They have told you their agenda. They have showed you their agenda. Yet 90% of the people believe they just made a accidental blunder at the border with their new policies.

  11. With every executive order Biden signs. With every decision made by him, and the Democrats. America is destroyed a little bit more. Governing by hatred and greed and socialism. Instead of for the good of the hard working American people. America was on a great path. Not anymore.

  12. Joe Biden cancelled Operation Talon, the program that immediately deported convicted sex offenders living in the US illegally, so, those of you who support Biden, can you tell me why he and the Demoncrats did this? Why are convicted rapists and pedophiles allowed to stay in Biden's America? Need you to defend this

  13. Biden administration is weak! He clearly is not well! Iran attacking Israeli ships. China pushing Biden administration around like chumps. Migrants flooding the USA! MSM, political elite, military industrial complex on the verge of seeing their handiwork cause a catastrophe! What are you going to do when censorship and division will not be able to solve your problems?

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