‘The survival of our civilization is at stake’: Gore on need for climate action

Jonathan Karl interviews former Vice President Al Gore on “This Week.”

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Author: Rafael


40 thoughts on “‘The survival of our civilization is at stake’: Gore on need for climate action

  1. At this point the individual has no power ….the elite and the top mechanical and social engineer's ( our owners ) got us into this, let's see them get us out . Seems to me they did better in the last 100 years getting us to buy their gizmos , contraptions and to follow the social trends ( house , white picket fence, dog, cat , 2 kids and a big suv ) – we played along – now we can sit back and watch them try to figure it out.

    When any of them suggest we cut back it's like , "you first buddy. " I like AL Gore but I bet his carbon footprint is about 80x what mine is .

    I have a feeling it won't end well.

    BTW- the guy that created the hydrogen bomb ( sun in a box ) Edward teller was asked in the 50s what other than nuclear war is the biggest threat to humanity – he said " climate change due to human burning of fossil fuels ".

    If the guy that made a bomb with the chemistry of the sun says something like this- there is about a 98% chance he's righ t

  2. No matter what others say about you, I support you, Mr. Gore. The climate crisis is something that must be resolved. It is about the future of mankind. The current loose system seems a little powerless to solve the climate crisis. Don't be afraid to use coercion. The power to solve the climate crisis, sometimes you have to walk a dark corridor to get the light, and God defends such people. Unite a few powerful major countries in the world, then forcefully control the world's manufacturing and population and impose a carbon tax on society, and the climate crisis may be solved. But we must know that we are for the freedom of all human beings, and we also respect private guns and humanity, air quality and the environment in developing countries are also very important, because they are our brothers and sisters, as long as they are kind and brave willing to solve the climate crisis, and I, as a human being, will defend to the death the faith of the brave. light shines on us

  3. On the heels of the hottest summer the Northern Hemisphere has ever seen, U.N. researchers digging through the climate record have reported a chilling discovery: On Dec. 22, 1991, a remote weather station atop the Greenland ice sheet recorded a temperature of minus 93.3 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 69.6 degrees Celsius) — the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere.

    The frigid new record, announced Wednesday (Sept. 23) in a statement from the U.N.'s World Meteorological Organization (WMO), shivers past the previous record of minus 90.4 F (minus 67.8 C) set in two different towns in the Siberian Arctic, first in 1892 and the other in 1933. For comparison, all three of those extreme lows sneak past the average temperature on Mars, which is roughly minus 81 F (minus 63 C), according to NASA.

  4. Stop pumping trans of chemicals into the sky and spitting it back out in the water just for paper plates and plastic bottles. We can all return to porcelain plates washing our dishes. To save the world for our kids and their kids and their kids

  5. Stop all theese billions of factorys from making crap we dont really need to.. Polluting our planet so so fast! We wont make it 200 more years of smoke stacks spitting out trillions of smoke from them 24/7 day n night pumping in sky DUH…. Spitting out the bad chemical waste back into ocean from pipes they use to suck water out by the billions of gallons it takes to run the stacks that is ruining the world fa$t..

  6. The earth is in crisis!!!!!!!! Mr Gore ditch your plane !! And ride a 🚲 . The rich do nothing to fight climate change hypocrite man! The 🤑 rich pollute more than anybody! Rich people u are the problem!!!

  7. Advocates of global warming/climate change predictions that did not happen:

    1967: ‘Dire famine by 1975.’

    1969: ‘Everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1989.’

    1970: 'Ice age by 2000'

    1970: ‘America subject to water rationing by 1974 and food rationing by 1980.’

    1971: ‘New Ice Age Coming in 2021’

    1988: 'Increase in regional drought in 1990s'

    'Ocean levels will rise from one to six feet.'

    'Maldives completely under water in 30 years.'

    1989: 'Rising seas to ‘obliterate’ nations by 2000.'

    2000: ‘Children won’t know what snow is.’

    2002: 'Famine in 10 years.'

    2008: ‘Al Gore warns of ice-free Arctic by 2013’

    2008: ‘Arctic will be ice-free by 2018’

    2009: ‘Prince Charles says only 8 years to save the planet’

    2009: ‘Al Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014.’

    2013: ‘Prof. Peter Wadhams: Ice-free Arctic in 2 years.’

    2014: ‘French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius: 500 days to avoid climate chaos.’

    And Al Gore, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and their understudy Greta (How dare U!) Thunberg are still in this hoax climate change promoted by the Aristocracy of Europe led by Prince Charles!

  8. the elites ie obama oprah the kerrys the michael moores the gores etc buy mansions on martha's vineyard and other beachfront locations all the while telling you about climate change and sea levels rising so what does this tell you about what they really believe let them eat cake the emperor's new clothes the most amazing part is you will have suckers actually defend these elites just wait for the comments against my statement as the lenins castros gueveras etc would call them useful idiots

  9. A come back tour for Al Gore, did he just want to pad his pockets a little bit more since everyone else is right now? Shouldn't we have been flooded by now and no more ice on earth Al?lol It is amazing how we are still just as hot here now as it was 10 years ago? Shouldn't Florida be in the 120"s by now thanks to all of the global warming? How about people just learn to pick up their trash and recycle after all of your protests? How about that? Have you seen the aftermath of a Greta Thunberg event?lmao HOW DAHE YOU!!!

  10. Al Gore knows there is no such thing as climate change climate change is only made up to get more money out of the taxpayers pocket. No not the science they can't even get the boy and girl parts right and you want me to trust science

  11. Climate change is a LIE.
    The types of climates are: Tropical, Desert/dry, Temperate, Polar, Mediterranean.
    There has YET to be any instance of one climate in ANY area on earth changing from one climate to another or any evidence thereof. (1)

    1. U.N. Study on Climate Change; C. W. Thornthwaite, "An Approach Toward a Rational Classification of Climate", Geographical Review, 38:55-94.

  12. Seriously? When have Gore’s predictions ever come true? Go back a couple decades and check him out. On the other hand, how rich is Gore getting in this thing.

  13. More of the elite trying to tell the rest of us how we have to live. He lives in a 20 room mansion, not green. Flys all over in his private jet. But he wants you not to drive,fly,or even use your air conditioning! I'm 72 all ready lived once with this climate change thing.

  14. As much energy as is in all the hydrocarbons in the earth, hits the earth EVERY DAY in solar energy.
    Go back & look at the late 1990's & very early 2000's when solar flares & sun spots were raging & the planet was heating up. When they went away there was no evidence of global warming for TEN YEARS. As soon as the flares & sun spots started again, it started heating up again. Now geomagnetic storms are running twice the rate since 2017 and it heats up again. Shocker.

  15. The INCONVENIENT TRUTH is that we needed to make drastic changes 30 years ago. That WAS the window period. The window closed in the late 90s. I've decided to not recycle anymore and buy an SUV. Im just enjoy the last 10-15 years of my life: drink beer, sit on the beach and snorkel the last remaining reefs. Hopefully, I move on to the next level, before humanity starts the cannibalism phase.

  16. I thought all the polar bears were supposed to be dead by now and Manhattan was supposed to be underwater by now because the ice sheets have melted during summer but yet the polar bear numbers are on the rise and so is the ice sheets Al Gore is a lying Democrat interested only in making money he wouldn't know the truth if it slapped in the face he is a pathetic lying human being who needs to go away forever

  17. If climate change is so severe, then why are Democrats flying private jets and buying homes on the coast that are supposed to be washed due to climate change?

  18. Al Gore has become filthy rich by terrorizing children. Here's a suggestion for Big Al: get used to the heat. Because where you're going, there is no air conditioning and no Winter.

  19. There is no climate emergency, people are not dropping like flys. Incredible how environmentalists and activists dont know actual science, if they did, they would find out the truth with this guy. I have a prediction, the day when they learn about earth science, is the day they find AL and there will be Gore! 🙂

  20. What a HOAX. Why doesn't lil al talk about the millions he's made pushing this nonsense? Or how he still lives like a Sultan, jetting everywhere he goes, living in houses that are bigger than some towns. Just sad that so many people are falling for this. Sad and a little more than embarrassing.

  21. Stop give me Challenges & Broken Promise..Stop This GAME…
    I'M Children… your evil or human …

  22. I'm profesor,young Professor
    Next I'm Will Busy For Working & Study,, Because I'm Babies/Kidsss About Nuclear Energy…
    I'm not President of the world …..

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