This Morning’s Top Headlines – July 13 | Morning News NOW

Texas Democrats flee Austin in an effort to stop Republican lawmakers from passing controversial voting reform, President Biden travels to Philadelphia to push back against restrictive elections laws in GOP-led states, and the FDA adds a new warning to the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


40 thoughts on “This Morning’s Top Headlines – July 13 | Morning News NOW

  1. From Italy
    Some politicians are already predicting a Covid "wave" and seem eager to subject Italians to a strict cloistered regime again. It is therefore useful to deepen the history and methods of application of their main means of constriction, namely the PCR swab. The poor reliability of swabs is well known in the scientific community, but our governments, as I have already pointed out elsewhere, are inclined to follow the directions of scientists only when they conform to their political designs.

    To understand the reliability limit of swabs, we can recall, among others, the study conducted in June 2020 on 133 researchers of the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research and on 298 employees of the Brembo Society, in which 40 cases were found of positive swabs. On these cases, the statement by Dr. Giuseppe Remuzzi, director of the Institute, issued to Corriere della Sera on 19 June 2020 is significant:

    “… the positivity of these swabs emerged only with very high amplification cycles, between 34 and 38 cycles, which correspond to 35,000-38,000 copies of viral Rna, which are cases of positivity with a very low, non-contagious viral load. They call them contagious, but they are just tampon positive people .. ".

    Well, as shown by a survey conducted by the FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics), it appears that the swabs used for Sars-Cov2 have almost always been subjected to much more than 35 CT cycles, with the serious drawbacks outlined above.

    Despite these "scientific evidence", sometimes so dear to politicians and collaborative mass media, during the whole so-called pandemic the "positives" have been transformed into "contagious", with the inevitable and unjust consequences that this prejudice has entailed and still entails. In this regard, Prof. Palù, during a television broadcast on October 14, 2020 stated:

    “… When we talk about the infected we use a misnomer. Instead, we should talk about positive test subjects …. Finding a positive means that I, after many cycles of amplification with a technique called PCR, which is done in the laboratory, taking the material that is on the swab, extracting it and amplifying it, I find a positive signal. It means that I have some nucleic acid from the virus, but that nucleic acid does not necessarily represent an infecting viral particle. It can be a residue, a dead virus or other. Today we still don't have a test that precisely doses the viral load … "

    From these words, in addition to the serious shortcomings already highlighted, there is also another important criticality of the swabs, well known to scientists, namely the lack of specificity of the test. These tools, in fact, can detect viruses or viral-like particles other than Sars-Cov2, producing a high amount of "false positives".

    Our governments, thanks to these random tools and leveraging the wrong equation between "positive" and "contagious", have managed to condition and still condition the lives of millions of people, as well as, in fact, to destroy the social fabric and economy of an entire country, bringing an undeniable advantage not only to great multinationals, but also to other more shadowy subjects of which I have already spoken in another comment.

    I do not conclude with the usual appeal to the judiciary power, because I have received news that a criminal investigation is underway on the management of swabs during the "pandemic".

  2. This whole country has gone stupid I'm an elderly person I've never seen anything like it from Trump to the covid to the government trashing a democracy what a crazy crazy country

  3. Mike Pompeo Nancy polosi where are you ? Don hide. Your Ex Trump happy to see your Internal fight. What happened in US.Now . Only create problems around the World 🌍. Take care of the homeless people. Freedom is dangerous. No Discipline at all.

  4. What is the human psychology of drawing conclusions without basis in fact? Oftentimes a person will assume their own conclusions are knowledge. Cognitive errors are inherent to human thinking. It is a protective or defensive mechanism. People prioritize facts, feelings or opinions because they are more important to them than all the rest. The capacity to reason may have more to do with winning than actual knowledge or truth. Some people may examine a body of evidence they don’t really think will lead to actual knowledge, however, if they are able to put aside their “fortune telling” assumptions and examine the situation with a measure of objectivity. What often happens is, against their own common sense…they come to admit they believe something they did not formerly believe. It may come as shock or fear or even disappointment in self. If a former false belief made them feel better than others, then now they must confront a new reality, perhaps that feeling they are better than others did not really make them feel better about themselves (and is unimportant and beside the point), of feeling good about both self and others. One can find that life isn’t really about “winning”. Winning some argument and winning an audience over to one’s own thinking, ultimately holds no intrinsic value if it is not really knowledge.

    The Black Lives Matter agenda and Critical Race Theory are two examples of conclusions that are not based in fact, or supported with evidence. These concepts actually make all sides feel ultimately worse about themselves and each other. It works against the Biblical principles of repentance, forgiveness, and progression. They teach victimhood, revenge, hate, racism and superiority-inferiority complexes. It begins the same cycle that has maintained hot and cold wars in the middle east for thousands of years. American can mature to be bigger than this. Most older white male/female Americans, along with those of color, have struggled through the years to make sure the U.S. The Constitution is for all people. However, those who seek power through division have worked hard to suppress America’s progress for the common man and woman. If we give up on the Constitution, we give up on all people…their freedoms gained, their sacrifices for others, and the opportunities for our children’s future. Do not let a failed public education system, socialism, ignorant media, and insidious elitists lead our children to a dark future. Stay the course of progress, hold corrupt congress members on both sides of the isle accountable. Take the power grab by the government away and put it back in the hands of the people…so that they can lead our children to a bright and free future.

  5. We the people want to know where our money is at what about the we only hear about the families what about the people on SSI and SSDI and the VA and the veterans where's our money we are we getting it to we need it just as bad rents going up everything is going up gas everything we need that money now put Dilly dallying around and get us our money we poor people need it badly

  6. These people want us to believe that showing proof of identification is voter suppression. What's next, no identification required to work, cash a check, buy alcohol, go to the doctor, travel on an airplane, enter a nightclub, check into hotels, get a loan, rent a car, etc. If you want to vote get an ID, period. These democrats need to stop playing these games.

  7. Democrats aka communists want to steal elections through fraud, illegal votes and voters, no signature verification, no voter ID etc so they resort to mob tactics, disobey the law, break their oath of office. Hypocrites and liars!!!

  8. But remember you people even take unemployment for someone who only get 120 weekly come now one week yoy the next you dont they are confused in the unemployment office another scm to steal from people

  9. Biden should not be in office, he handles Russia poorly, doesn't he have advisors? They should be the best and most qualified and able to give him enough information to make qualitative decisions.

  10. Voter's ID is required to all countries around the world. Third world countries required a voter's ID in order to avoid election FRAUD. What on earth Texas Demoncrats Party do not want a voters ID and do not want to verified the mail voting system….Hey Texas De,moncrats you are moving backward. You are showing your stupidity….ThIrd world country is far more better than yours…bwa! ha ha ha……HA HA HA ..HAR HAR HAR ….HAK HAK HAK….HO HO HO…

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