Tiger Woods car crash update

Woods showed no signs of impairment at the time of the crash, officials said.

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Author: Rafael


34 thoughts on “Tiger Woods car crash update

  1. It's never that hard to get a warrant for a blood test after a serious accident.

    He could have seriously injured other people, and he was already going to the hospital, so obtaining these results would have taken 2 minutes and not created any burden on the suspect.

    They're doing an awful lot of defending on the decision making in this cause of accident press conference.

  2. Well , i thought it was required to take a blood test , urine , or breathalyzer test if youve been convicted or plead guilty to d u i arrest for 5 yrs , this guy not only hot a get out of jail card , but the cops and D A even kissed his rear. I bet if it were me , id be in jail pretty damd quick. I must be the wrong color, im sorry i keep forgetting that.

  3. Okey after watching this this is getting even stupider. How is it possible to mistake gas and brakes????? Its impossible unless your drunk or drugged or have never taken the car licence I can say this cause I have had the licence for 8 years and have driven alot. Did the gas get stuck? Then why didnt he brake? This can only be alcohol or a worse drug atleast not cannabis.

  4. One of the most corrupt cities in the US saying it wasn’t preferential treatment lmao well, does this debunk BLM and SJW now???

  5. Sorry I beg to differ here.. If that was me I'd gotten that warrent to see why I was doing 87 miles an hour at 7 am in morning.. an get speeding with accident resulting citation right at hosputal… I promise u.. but no tigar got no special treatment I'm sure of it 🙄
    Please…he hit gas instead of break…why???? Not from fallen sleep or trying to die even in air full throttle but no suspicion of being under any influence at all…..ok ..please stop talking …mic drop ….WE DONE HERE….ITS ALL WE WANT

  6. Hall of justice ???? Lol. What a god damn joke. Absolutely he was estimated to be driving 40 plus mph over listed limit and not a single charge??? Absolutely watch other videos when cops people people over and say your under arrest for driving 20 mph over the speed limit. The charge is reckless driving. All day long. What a fucking joke our so called justice system is. There is so much wrong with this investigation. And now I’m glad he wasn’t killed but cmon man the average joe gets pulled over interrogated and ends up with dui charges and or drug charges for much less serious offenses. Anyway. I digress

  7. Just wanted to know how woods was doing. Got an idea of what happened though cause it happened to me in a crown vic. Driving in traffic car freaked out and redlined lucky the brakes where manual… Later driving on highway speed limit 55 car freaked out again going home cruse set to 60 all the sudden I'm doing 140 brakes fighting shift to N redlined till the engine blew key stopped working.

  8. Thank God he didn’t kill anyone during his reckless driving because they probably would have blamed it on the other person while letting Woods go without any blood tests for drugs or alcohol. It’s obvious preferential treatment.

  9. What investigation? The cop's didn't gather any information at all. From blood tests to cell phone records not one single inquiry. I personally think he passed out on opioids & they're covering it up. Period. Typical LA Sheriffs response. And no probable cause to request blood?? There is no real justice in america except for those who can afford it.

  10. i dont know what nasty force is behind this.

    the police handled this properly.

    the public or whoever is doing this needs to let it go.

    leave poor tiger alone.

    fix your own lives.

    your state and city is almost dead.

    wake up.

    really, its already too late.

  11. The Lambogini kid was under age, speeding and killed someone, he was NOT arrested immediately. If you're poor then don't complain about the rich. They ask for their retainable lawyer ASAP, the city can get sued and evidence taken at the scene dismissed. Build a case then go for it, remember O.J, Laura Bush, a shoddy job can cause the dept a case. I'm not a lawyer, I watch to much detective T.V lol.

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