‘To call this COVID relief is really false advertising’: Sen. John Barrasso | ABC News

George Stephanopoulos interviews Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., on “This Week.”

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48 thoughts on “‘To call this COVID relief is really false advertising’: Sen. John Barrasso | ABC News

  1. LOL ! 😆 At Little liberal Democrat George Stephanopoulos who asks senile incompetent Joe Biden nothing but softball questions in his interview. What a clown show 🤡 and total joke.

  2. haha like current unemployment, homelessness, business failure and depression-like economy are NOT related to Covid?
    dumbass repiglicon

  3. If $1400 is sent out to 330,000,000 Americans, $1,438,000,000,000 would still be left over from $1,900,000,000,000.

  4. Oh yeah when the Demand are in control it’s time to move to the middle. How stupid are Republican supporters to criticize money given back to us by the Democrats when our tax dollars are given away to other countries anyway?

  5. You can’t work with an adversary in a ‘democracy’ who deliberately operates by abject stealth to maintain power. McConnell, even in his reduced role of minority senate leader is still playing his persistent and stubborn GOP obstructionist tactician games. This GOP non-bipartisan stance was established way back the very day McConnell vowed that his one and only objective as GOP majority senate leader was to make newly elected president Obama “a one term president” regardless of performance. Essentially McConnell is arguably single-handedly deliberately killing bipartisanship.

  6. Senator Barrasso of Coloratdo is talking to the wrong cows. For him, a Covid relief bill should be about vaccines and syringes; maybe he thinks "relief" is for thumbs tired from giving innoculations. The pandemic in the US didn't have to be this way, didn't have to last so long and kill so many people, especially people who had to go to work in dangerous jobs or expose themselves otherwise to the virus. Most Americans whose health and jobs were materially affected by uncontrolled virus spread need Covid relief since they couldn't work from home and they didn't have capital gains to keep working for them day and night. The 9% of the Relief Bill needed by these priveleged poeple does just concern vaccines alone, unless they already cleaned out their bodies with Trump by pouiring Clorox into their lungs ·(Trump didn't even seem to know that pourimng liquids into the lungs is to drown. Trump and Stanford's favorite pandemic advisor Atlas thought the virus was mostly a hoax, or a Democratic ploy to treat with benign neglect and get back to flipping burgers. Trump talked of his V shaped economic recovery happening on its own like change of seasons. He was so convinced Covid was no big deal, he pushed his supporters to go to the polls in November and take part in a national scale super=spreader event. He voted by absentee ballot, of course. Economic recovery depends upon getting the virus under control according to economists. Of course, unlike Trump, most economists have little experience with artful tax fraud and landlord extorsion, or paying porn stars shut the hell up in order to keep that kind of religious bad news from tarnishing his presidental campaign personna. Similarly to Nero watching Rome die in flames and playing his fiddle, perhaps you Barrasso can join Trump playing golf while the ERs overflow. Wear some real Western spurs to show Trump what spurs really look like.

  7. Glad all the 50 states Governors were happy with this bill both Republican and Democratic Governors… Maybe the Congressional Republicans are not happy but the States sure as hell are Red or Blue… 72% of the people of this country supported this bill… maybe Congresspeople should talk to their people and not their donors – and get a clue…

  8. This guy John Barrasso is a fucking moron and loves to twist this…he claims that Democrats are "exploiting a crisis" (as in the PANDEMIC). WYOMING: Are you paying attention? This is one of YOUR REPRESENTATIVES (a Republican) who ALL voted to not support you during this very trying time for all Americans. These Republicans have nothing to add other than that this "adds to the deficit that your children and grandchildren will be paying for." (???????) When they passed the 2017 Tax Cuts for the FUCKING RICH, it made the deficit fly out the root, but they didn't have a problem with that, did they? They didn't have a problem giving all their buddies billions of dollars, did they?

  9. George neglected to challenge Barrasso – illegal immigrants will NOT get stimulus $ among other statements that were false – George just gave him a platform for spewing disinformation – so disappointed in this lack of fact checking!

  10. sounds like the shrew Nancy Pelosi is up her old tricks. we all know only 10% of the covid bill will go to help the people and for vaccines. the rest Pelosi will spread to her fellow cronies

  11. Well, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell wouldn't even bring a relief bill to a vote last Summer and Fall-so exactly how long did Republicans intend to keep working and barely working Americans hurting under a covid pandemic , hanging ? Republicans are all so vocal NOW, but where were you assholes when people really needed help a year ago? Difference between Republicans and Democrats—-Republicans will put you in the street.

  12. Can Barrasso, stop lying for a moment.
    Money is going to EVERY State.
    The more populous states would obviously receive more money. Those are the states who support all of the smaller states, during regular times.

  13. Infrastructure repair and upgrades has been needed for decades.
    The green new deal can't even work if major upgrades to grid aren't made.
    And highways and bridges have been in disrepair for ages.
    Many are way past their life expectancy.
    Use a little common sense.
    First things first.
    Or is it going to be like the rescue plan. 90% shopping spree. 10% relief.
    And How does Portland's latest incident get a response of mostly peaceful protest. When they set a federal courthouse on fire.?
    And previous " mostly peaceful protests" result in billions in property
    Damage, hundreds of law enforcement injured, dozens of people murdered.
    But apparently that's not newsworthy.

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  15. Lets blame everything on immigrants 1400 $ check 🙂 Member when republican swine sold the America to Chines back in 90'S

  16. This is a bunch of BS talking points. 9% may be directly for vaccines but 22% for families suffering under joblessness and 10% for unemployment. He doesn't mention that. This is all they can say since they embarrassingly didn't vote for a hugely popular bill. More than 90% of people in Wyoming are getting help, but he wants to talk about prisoners. Not buying it, buddy!

  17. These “Republicans” have no choice but to badmouth a bill that they all voted against because they have to somehow justify to their base why they wouldn’t support a bill that is targeted specifically to help the middle class and the poor. They never miss a beat to give more to their wealthiest donors but balk every time when it comes to helping the common man. Pathetic.

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