Toxicologist testifies on drug levels in George Floyd’s system compared to DUI cases

Forensic toxicologist Daniel Isenschmid testified that the levels of fentanyl and methamphetamine found in George Floyd’s system were less than the amount present in DUI cases on average.


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44 thoughts on “Toxicologist testifies on drug levels in George Floyd’s system compared to DUI cases

  1. Apparently all the defense had to do was read some youtube comments to get chauvin off. All sorts of geniuses in here.

  2. It's so funny how so many dumb boomers watch this and say "look! He was on drugs!" When this is literally proof that he was on an amount of drugs so small it in no way could have had an affect on his heart

  3. What is the significance of calculating a norfentanyl to fentanyl ratio? Norfentanyl is an inactive metabolite of fentanyl, so the fact that George had a lot of it only suggests that George had been high on fentanyl for quite a long time before he died, so what? The important thing is the fentanyl, and George had easily enough to kill him, especially when you add on the other heath problems he had including his extreme response to being arrested.

  4. Sorry but if he decides that it’s ok to put other peoples lives in danger by driving under the influence he does not deserve to live himself.

  5. George‘a actual medical examiner for his autopsy NEVER states ASPHYXIATION as cause of death…and he adds ‘neck restraint’ as part of the death factor, but strangely NOT asphyxiation or fentanyl AND meth AND George’s heart disease plus situational high heart beat (from fighting arrest). It actually seems like a setup against Derek.

  6. Who cares about other cases this is the one. Do they ever actually say what the real level of the drug was in Floyd's system specifically????

  7. Ok but what's the LD-50? It's possible he was selling it and had no tolerance like the addicted drivers. This is very misleading as opioid tolerance can be built up to huge levels similar to how an alcoholic can finish an entire handle of hard liquor where a person with no tolerance could easily die from that much.

  8. Why did they not show a chart with Fentanyl mixed with Methamphetamine? Am I missing something or are people that guillable? Please, someone help me understand.

  9. It is time to research …find real relief for million who suffer from pain every hour of every day. Quit blaming people who have NEVER RELIEF from today’s medical care that fails millions. Quit blaming these victims who have been failed by the lack of medical relief!

    Do something!!!!

  10. – so there is a way to use fentanyl safely as a drug? i bet if they could get the doseage right it would probably be quite the fun drug.

  11. @6:49…graph shows Floyd had higher % of norfentanyl to fentanyl levels than the post-mortem & DUI group and reference also made to other drugs in his system. Cocktail reaction? Plus he complained of being unable to breathe in the car. Look at him from the earliest footage….he looks like his "battery" is almost discharged. I think he used that last bit of energy up and his body gave out under the stress of being restrained, from shock. The knee on the neck sure looks bad and sure is, but I don`t believe it`s what killed him. A broken neck or crushed windpipe sure could`ve. Poster `Big Myth` see below, unfortunate handle…..but I agree with his comment. Again, looks really bad and is out of order, but do not believe the cop intentionally or unintentionally killed that man….but he stopped him getting help! If justice is `seen to be done`, cop`ll get 25yrs, but if justice errs on the side of caution over the actual COD, he`ll get 10yrs for not allowing medical help and inappropriate restraint.

  12. His stats only show people with one or the other. I see no stats that include drivers with both drugs in their system. Having uppers and downers in your system can even cause serious heart issues in people with no previous heart issues. My point being that, although the toxicology levels may seem low in comparison, the combination of the two should be shown in the stats as well.

  13. Hold on guys before we watch we gotta listen to the people in the comments who think they know more than the literal professionals who have been in their field for decades and decades

  14. Thank God no used crayons.
    Its not funny Trump got away doing graphic by hand.
    Dam George could drove her home.. remember she statement hugging and touching. Then her Daughter calls . Those boy then the man
    She can find peace knowing
    Knowing . She would had been safe to make it home..

  15. after testimony like these and Dr. Tobin why are there still so many individuals crying he OVERDOSED MOVE ON or something similar? bizzare, just ignoring the new information we are getting i presume

  16. In simple words he was murdered. Period. When he was saying that he cannot breath and still you keep on pressing the neck by your knee also with a support of his hand inside the pocket. This a very clear picture. He is been hand cuffed and what more than this a cop expects with no weapons with him. ABSERD NO LOGIC AT ALL. THIS WILL BE A CURSE BIG TIME WHO EVER TRIES TO COVER UP. PERIOD.

  17. Somebody please help the the special ones spell Defense or if you didn't get past elementary just turn on your spell ✔

  18. Why is everyone making it so complicated?! If the cop would have removed his knee from his neck and let him breathe, he wouldn't have died. It's so simple!!

  19. Funny how this Judge is more of a lawyer for that bitch ass cop than his own real lawyer… He's been helping him since the trial started… Notice when he doesn't agree with something that makes piece of Dump look bad he starts talking and he get Red like a tomatoe…

  20. After they closed for the day. The expert witness whispered out loud that Floyd actually died from a disease called. Stupid-itis. They said it CAN potentially be contagious also.

  21. It's asinine you need this man here. we WATCHED him murder ffloyd till he stopped talking and moving on tape. A CROWD was telling him to get off he's dying. Yo, you know at the end point ffloyd bleed out his nose?? are you kidding me??

  22. Crazy thing about overdosing, it's the tolerance that's important. George Floyd had recently quit using supposedly. And just started using again. It's reasonable that his tolerance would be in the toilet if he had really abstained from using. If his tolerance was in the toilet, then it's also reasonable… What you'd have to compare is the lowest values that resulted in an overdose not the average levels.

  23. Very SIMPLE SOLUTION folks!

    If you live your life not committing crimes and comply with police then you have virtually NO CHANCE of ever being injured or killed by police!! Wake Up America!!!!

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