Transgender military ban lifted

Nicolas Talbott, a plaintiff in the federal court case challenging the trangender military ban, talks about what President Joe Biden’s move means to him.


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38 thoughts on “Transgender military ban lifted

  1. I know many people are crazy but according to YouTube comments – Donald Trump is backed by Russia and Joe Biden is backed by China yet im pretty sure neither would approve of letting Trans people live. Why people so up in arms against trans folk, i guess it’s the bully complex like why can’t people get on with their own lives instead of attacking others. It’s usually a sign of infactuation, fear or jealousy so which is it?

  2. People are made because they know biden would keep his promise… half of America wants and douche bag to be president… well his time is over.. thankfully

  3. 51% of transgender people attempt suicide, if they don't care for themselves they're not going to care for other people

  4. "Gender-affirmng" health care? What? What? "Non-binary"? What the blank do all these fake made-up laughable propaganda terms mean? Listen to PBS's fake news vomit, about Emily presenting as who "she really is." Lol. That's not news, that's telling us how to think, how to redefine such basic words as "girl' and 'boy.'

  5. Y'all are literally disrespecting the people who are willing to give up their lives for your freedom because you don't agree with their views and ideas. Bigoted much?

  6. This comment section is incredibly disappointing. Filled with people who openly disrespect those willing to serve and protect Americans. Shameful.

  7. I served my country Honorably years later so happy to know My fellow Brothers and Sisters will have the chance to serve in the service. So many people when I was in got out because they were scared of the DADT. Good serving people who served along side and well trained. Now I hear there is Pride celebrated and it is a changed military. No one will understand a Transgenders life until they themselves go through it. So get with the year 2021, it is happening, we are not stuck in the past. Change has always occured in the military and everyone adjusts to it, or those who can't stand any changes tend to get out. I know I am voicing my statement here and I am prepared for hate as well. When your serving with your friend who happens to come out Transgender will you still be the person who turns on your friend? I served in the US Navy and US Coast Guard total of 12 years, and I am proud to say later in life I came out as a Transgender Female. I served and glad I did.

  8. General, the Infantry division you've sent on the frontlines has been wiped out.

    How so? It just got deployed.

    Well sir, take a look at this casualty report.

    Ahh.. I understand, it appears this is one of natural causes, well I guess the president's decision wasn't really a bad one.

  9. I didn’t vote for Trump in either election and even I still believe transgender’s should be in the military! Statistically they have the highest suicide rate not just in the USA. Is that really someone you want watching your back in a life or death situation on the battlefield?

  10. So would a male to female trans army be stronger or a female to male trans army be stronger?
    Ladyboys vs bearded women who would win in a brawl?

  11. So since the guest was born female and trough the magic of hormones now looks like a man would banging the guest make you gay or straight?
    I am to believe the down there the guest is still a woman.
    Gay and straight people argue your opinions.

  12. Biological man to female in the marine corps will only have to do a womans PT standards? HAHAHA what a ridiculous world this is. I feel bad for the biological females that are transmen who have to do male PT standards in the Marine Corps, good luck. I’ll give it a year for them to be NJP’d or Admin Sep’d

  13. Bad bad ABC News. Misleading…there was NEVER a ban. Military are trying to protect the taxpayers! Do you want to pay for his free boob job? Because after he gets one he WILL DEFINITELY LEAVE AND CLAIM THAT THE HORMONES MADE HIM sad and he endured so much hate (whine, whine etc.) then he will get discharged and boom he is free to go. This is a common scenario of the transgendered. There are tons and I mean TONS OF GAYs and no one has a problem with them. Why? because they don't play the system.

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