Trump and Biden on the road

In dueling rallies, the former and current president took aim at one another in what could be a preview of the 2024 presidential race. ABC News’ Jay O’Brien reports.


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31 thoughts on “Trump and Biden on the road

  1. Are you kidding me?

    Trump wonders where the sun goes down at night.

    Trump thinks the "The Beatles" are bugs you stomp on.

    Trump thinks that Ranch Dressing is just for cowboys.

    Trump thinks that Queen Latifah is a member of the Royal Family.

    Trump's mental battery is in low power mode.

    Trump thinks that "The Rolling Stones" can be found in the desert.

    I hope Trump loves cold water because he's going down with the ship.

    Trump's pearls of wisdom are counterfeit.

    Trump is plunking defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Vote for Democracy, not Trumpocracy..

  2. CHARACTER 2022 ##

    Some of us are as God planned

    Though many are far worse.

    Our characters are not of marble

    So the Devil may work his curse.

    Fame is what we steal or take

    Character is what we give.

    To this truth we must awake

    So we might begin to live.

    There is some good in all of us

    Which may not show at first.

    With good character of heart and soul

    We prepare ourselves for the worst.

    Show me a liar and you have found a thief

    Whose character is controlled by hell.

    They love what's wrong and hate what's right

    And they're lucky they're not all in jail.

    The power of truth helps preserve mankind

    When our angel within is allowed to rise.

    Men, women, children, kings and presidents

    Are blessed by deeds not falsehoods or lies.

  3. Democrats run the county into the ground & throw their base some red meat & they clap 🤣🤣🤣🤣 base of dumb sheep

  4. Al Qaeda someone threatened Iran's military the Truth is those missiles belongs to the U.S? military assholes briefing today to be ballots, PLO democracy in probes the Turbinectomy. I spent 5 years of understanding what went wrong in my days Family and years wonderingly. Why the LIARS we played character for trump administration, insurance, director, policyholder, and commencement of entertainments. It isn't Fair enough to college Idiocracy and people's to understand the food chains, educate, hospital careers to engineered our free trade.

  5. Biden says half of America is a threat because we think
    the unborn are human not choices
    that men mate with women
    that only US citizens should vote
    that laws are not optional based on color

  6. Trumps Pa rally was awesome !! The stadium was filled to over capacity poor Joe barely filled school auditorium! The roar of the crowds was absolutely amazing. The end of the Marxist socialist democrat party is rapidly approaching!

  7. Thank you LORD Jesus for President Trump and his MAGA supporters: Faith, Hope and Love: Amen.
    Wake Up All Patriots! The No. 1 issue right now is the threat to democracy, it is the Biden and his administration, the FBI and DOJ manipulated/dominated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and they are with Communist China tyrant Xi Jinping Anti-Trump, NOT Anti-Terror. They hate God AntiChrist forces love death destroy America.
    Xi Jinping — “You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies. “(John 8:44)

  8. .What is it that threatens the Democrats, that the mega Republicans do? Let us look at what mega Republicans stand for?

    1) The right to life.

    2) Upholding the constitution.

    3) Protecting American borders.

    4) Strengthening elections by voter ID.

    5) Equal justice for all.

    6) Choice for your child's education.

    7) Free speech.

    8) Gender equality.

    9) Making sure that everyone has a shot at the American dream.

    10) Not to be overtaxed overburdened or spied on by our government.

    That is just 10 things that Biden and the Democrats feel, makes an American, the enemy of the state. Can you show me five of these that you disagreed with?

    Can you pick out one, that you feel someone should be in prison for?

    Now let us take a look at 10 things that the Democrats try to put into policy.

    1) Suppression of free speech.

    2) The removal of the word God, from all government buildings. The removal of in God we trust from our currency, they fought to remove prayer from public schools.

    3) Government subsidized abortion clinics. The right to abort a child up to the 9th month. Lowering the age of consensual sex.

    4) Mandating children to go to specific schools in their area.

    5) Mandating that you take an experimental drug, which has horrendous side effects.

    6) Open borders.

    7) And unequal justice system.

    8) Big government.

    9) Abolish the first and Second Amendment.

    10) Abolish the middle class.

    Can you show me five of these things that are not true? Can you show me three that you are willing to have your grandkids, or your children go through.

    But what is worse, is that I know you can pick out at least four things, that you don't like, or that you don't agree with.

    Question, which one of these do you think is evil? Don't look at the man or woman sitting in the seat, look at the policies that they push.

    That is what defines you, or your character, you choose, you still have free will, for now, once they take our guns, you'll find that things will be very different, it will be mandatory, that you comply to government's impulses.

  9. So it's official that both candidates (Trump & Biden) are campaigning. AOC if she consider running would be a great option compared to the two! 💺🇺🇸 Time for a new perspective!
    Sad because, barely know anything about her except she has spirit! 🤔

  10. Trump starts to lie and spreading propaganda again. This means just more violence and hate.

    Most Americans do not feel safe because of Trump. For this reason, Trump supporters will not be elected.

    We want Trump and DeSantis to go away. We want peaceful new leader in GOP.

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