Trump Campaign Announces Federal Lawsuit In Nevada Over Vote Count | NBC Nightly News

The Trump campaign alleges thousands of illegitimate votes were counted, including from dead people and out-of-state voters. The campaign did not take questions and did not provide evidence at the press conference.
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Trump Campaign Announces Federal Lawsuit In Nevada Over Vote Count | NBC Nightly News


Author: phillyfinestnews


38 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Announces Federal Lawsuit In Nevada Over Vote Count | NBC Nightly News

  1. U tube cutting my posts, I want my freedom of speech, I demand my rights.The Human Rights commission has been contacted .

  2. The visual evidence of windows being covered up

    the visual evidence of ballots being counted multiple times in the dead of night without overseers Has been viewed by Billions of people all over the world.Their is no need for a Court. It is Clear.God will bless Americans who do the right thing

  3. Here we go again. Fake news reporting from NBC News trying to crystallize the arrogant lie of "no evidence of fraud" being perpetuated by the MSM (ie Washington Post), because the Trump campaign hasn't provided them evidence so they can downplay it (ie voting duplication, voter impersonation and vote registration impersonation), which IS fraud. Additionally, fake news ignors that Clark County has already thrown out an County Commissioner election of 153K votes after finding too many vote discrepancies. Being in bed with Democrats along with ignorance being bliss not knowing Nevada voters must fill out an "Election Integrity Violation Report" with their Secretary of State, because Nevada GOP or voters don't need to feed the media. Just wipe that smug smile off her face and realize Nevada GOP demands investigation due to discovering 3000 cases of voter fraud, but fake news will only show only one person making allegations on their youtube propaganda campaign for Biden.

  4. The Pew Center on the States commissioned a study, released in 2012, to estimate the number of inaccurate or no longer valid voter registrations nationally. Among other things, the study concluded that there were an estimated 1.8 million deceased voters still on voter lists…. So what about voter fraud is so hard to believe? It's been going on forever. This is going to be a lengthy court battle because there will always be evidence of voter fraud.

  5. Trump was Right! On the 9th; Psychiatry is going to be the highest career for 2020!!! Its going to Supreme Courts, according to Press Conference By The Republican Attorney Generals Association!!! Clarence Thomas will be Happy to decide Bidens Fate! He has waited for 30 yrs for payback!!! Trump will be around for 4 more years..

  6. Keep up with your lawsuits. It is destroying you in the end!!! Why you can't see people are tired of your lies your crimes and your sick ways. We DONT WANT YOU OR NEED YOU. LEAVE THE COUNTRY. AND DONT COME BACK

  7. Thats it America fight back hard against this lunatic…these people who listen or follow trump or claim they were victims of voter fraud are the low uneducated people. An education person will always expect evidence

  8. 🇺🇸Trump warned about the mail voting
    Now have dead people voting, people's votes not being processed, dumping ballots, bringing in over100,000 ballots "all" for Biden(in the wee morning), out of state votes, people getting multiple ballots ect. What did I forget?🤔
    Really smart. And were all supposed to just let this fly?

  9. 45, needs to get a grip of reality, we the majority of people have spoken and we fired him. This is not a reality show in which he can just do another take after take until it comes out his was. Mr. Trump Your FIRED. Soon, you will be trespassing in our house and you will be arrested.

  10. The only ones who commit fraud are from the GOP party. I hope that when he loses the ballot recount, he has to pay the cost and not the taxpayers. Just like in real Court, the loser pays the court case cost.

  11. 3 months ago ballots were found dumped simply because they were supporting trump, this has been an ongoing thing for months, states have been counting votes without signatures and only names some have been counting votes without either, even if 1 vote is fraud all must be recounted and there has been physical evidence on two levels to support this.

    1, trump ballots were found in bins all over the country in masses.

    2, the vote pattern changed significantly only due to dependency on mail in votes (as far as can be seen so far).

    Therefore regardless of who did what not 1 but 2 criteria for a recount a lawsuits have been met and none of this is “fresh” or news” yous just need to stop burying yours heads in the sand just because you dont like it.

  12. It’s simple. Ask Nevada to show all the votes received AFTER the 3rd. I bet there aren’t any, which means they were all changed at the post office and stamped the 3rd.

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