Trump slams ex-aide after she releases recording of her firing

He called Omarosa Manigault Newman, who also released a recording with Trump after the firing, “vicious but not smart.”


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34 thoughts on “Trump slams ex-aide after she releases recording of her firing

  1. People in this business have no love nor respect for one another ever. "Damn i don't love you leaving." to "She's a lowlife "

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  3. Nothing like a MAD BLACK WOMAN. Now do you understand why so many men are marrying away from black women.
    I'm not saying all Black women are bad, …. but.
    If Amarosa calls out Trump on doing or have wanted to do the Naughty with her, …. would you believe it?
    Chill. People get fired everyday, ho hum …. 'HO Amarosa' got used to the big bucks. She still wants some more, any way she can get it.

  4. TRUMP WHITE RACIST ASS PARTY IS WHY HE BETRAYED OMAROSA & FIRED HER WHILE SHE WAS STILL AVIDLY SUPPORTING TRUMP & HE DIDN'T JUST FIRED HER HE PERSONALLY he DISCREDITED HER internationally By saying she had to be removed from the white house kicking & screaming when no one has ever seen Omarosa rise her VOICE. Trump betrayed Omarosa while she was supporting him FOR HIS RACIST WHITE BASE… HE LIKE MOST WHITE FOLKS ARE OATH BREAKERS & HE BROKE HIS PROMISE/OATH TO OMAROSA.

  5. 14 years and now she decides bad stuff about him before she praised him please liar I think 14 years working for someone she should have known quite a bit about when she worked that closely with him she wanting the spot light for her self

  6. Fired for "serious integrity issues" as she secretly records his firing of her as well as tape recording meetings in the Situation Room violating protocol. Doesn't this seem "racist"?It almost seems as though she was taping conversations not to "protect" herself but in preparations for a book or extortion.  Then came the firing, a woman scorned, a whistle blower, television appearances, tape recordings and a book.

  7. Omarosa is a narcissist. She is so self-involved that she will trip herself up. Narcissists believe their own lies, to be more convincing. That trips them up eventually. They are so charismatic they think people will blindly accept what they say, but it gets too complicated after a while.

  8. Had enough yet, America? This story has a dozen facets, none good. On one hand, Newman underscores the kind of totally unqualified, unscrupulous characters that Trump has filled our government with, but you can't blame them for taking the jobs. Meanwhile, Trump just digs his hole deeper and deeper, by not only stooping to their level but trying to outdo them in name calling, insults and slime. A real president would have politely said, "I'm sorry Ms. Newman had a bad experience and I wish her well in the future." Period. A real president would rise above insults and get on with running the country. This president could not rise above a garden slug.

  9. I bet if the FBI looked into it they would find recordings of top secret material. She must have been recording all the time to catch the few recordings she has made public. I say some prison time would be good.

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