U.S. Warriors Use Secret Facebook Groups To Share Far-Right Ideology And Conspiracy Theories

NBC News has uncovered secret Facebook groups where elite members of the U.S. military are sharing far right ideologies and conspiracies, including racist and sexist comments. NBC News’ Carol Lee explains what she found in these groups and how the military is responding.
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U.S. Warriors Use Secret Facebook Groups To Share Far-Right Ideology And Conspiracy Theories


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42 thoughts on “U.S. Warriors Use Secret Facebook Groups To Share Far-Right Ideology And Conspiracy Theories

  1. LMAO conspiracy about government consisting of pedophiles…

    Ahem.. should I laugh now or wait a bit? xD Still taking all people for sheep and useless biomass, I see.

  2. If they're "secret", that means fb gave them up and you're violating their privacy. Everyone is still entitled to their own opinions. Bumblingjoe hasn't destroyed the 1st amendment yet. Over half the country realizes that bumblingjoe was appointed to his position. Crushing all investigation into irregularities in 2020 isn't proof that there weren't any. C'mon man!

  3. All because ALL THESE SOCIAL MEDIA SITES ARE ALL L!BS. AND They won't let you say what you really feel.. from your heart anything you feel in your heart or your beliefs utube,I.G,FB, Twitter and all of those if you say anything that doesn't go along with their agend4 then your comment or account is deleted. I have had 4 of them deleted. Accounts. And hundreds of comments.

  4. The world does NOT want the US to resume a leadership role after the absurd stupidity displayed.

    The world wants the US to take a collaborative role. Maybe a quiet back seat would be better suited.

    The world associates the US with racism, school shootings, invasions, stupidity and lying.

    World Peace relies on the US staying home killing it's own people. When was America great?

  5. Extremism within the police and military ranks maybe why US troops are still stationed in Germany?

    Are they writing travel logs? Learning to be Nazis? Elvis was stationed there 60 years ago.

    How much has the US spent on the 76 years extremist training holiday since GI Blues?

  6. So the left can spew their toxic ideals but if anyone strays from what is deemed appropriate by them it is then determined they are dangerous.
    Give me a break , I was raised with the belief that this was a free country, if you don't like it , move on .

  7. Could they be more obvious with their manipulative rhetoric? The amount of emphasis they put on certain high stress words, and the shift in their tonality or facial expressions when trying to undermine opposing beliefs is so obvious. They can literally call anything they don’t agree with conspiracy theories nowadays (not saying anything is true or false). The mainstream media is just constantly airing stories regarding racism and white supremacy now, going after one group after another. Now they’re onto special forces. They understand the power and control they have over people. There’s literally way to many examples to cite, but the current CNN incident should be enough evidence of that. -CNN’s tech director was recorded admitting to essentially being propaganda, fabricating stories and ultimately lying to viewers to change outcomes, Aka manipulating the masses.

  8. If people are allowed to protest, voice concerns, and blame everything on Trump and white males, then that same freedom of speech is afforded to the other side to use as they see fit. Get over yourselves.

  9. Strip them of rank and drum them out of the military. If they swear an oath to anything other than the constitution and the United States court marshall them. Give them 20 years in Leavenworth penitentiary.

  10. I say this with nothing but the up most respect ma’am, even though i’m sure you won’t even see this, but you are beautiful ma’am.

  11. Should really pick your battles a little wiser MSM because attacking the troops like this when we have freedom of speech and you already make absurd claims, and lie to the public all the time. It isn't a very good look and/or choice. Especially when you all just got caught lying about Russia putting a bounty on U.S soldiers and marketing it as "legitimate intel" when there was 0 evidence to back that statement at all! that little scandal prevented our troops from leaving a country they already don't belong in. You people are actors, while our service men and women are legit defenders who put their life on the line. Keep stirring the pot and you will end up causing some actual problems within our military!

  12. LOVE GOD AND LOVE ALL PEOPLE. LOVE IS THE KEY……….EXPOSURE does nothing. We know white supremacy ideologies are a virus and the vaccine is LOVE that I believe these people can experience and then share with others.

  13. How much you want a bet that 99% of these special troops are Caucasians looking to overthrow the government of it keeps becoming more and more diverse over time.

  14. Omg, all these fools are an embarrassment to the great US military. My entire family was and is military, and my dad died from his ghosts he had lurking around from the Vietnam war and special elite forces afterwards! My uncle is still elite forces and I can tell you what, he is the furthest thing from racist or supremacy, infact the only "gang" or "brotherhood/sisterhood" he would ever consider himself to be with are those TRUE to their oath. I grew up learning what loyalty and honesty stands for and is instilled in my core and I can tell you these guys, these TRAITORS are a f*cking joke! ….and should be treated as such!

  15. Well…someone better really verify who the posters are….and confront them with what has been said. It’s easy to steal an account or personality on social media…especially if this level of access is your sweet spot….

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