Ukraine’s emergency services remove munitions after attacks l ABC News

Members of Ukraine’s emergency services worked to remove munitions on the ground following attacks in the city of Chernihiv.

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8 thoughts on “Ukraine’s emergency services remove munitions after attacks l ABC News

  1. A russian over excited over small land destroyed what was built 50 yrs invasion of Ukraine war

    A chinese oversees but over excited over COVID zero destroyed a country built 30 years with covid zero reset every things he oversees

    A Germany chicken was so selfish but excited to send old weapons to Ukraine to reduce ammo stock kept many years back,

    A French like to talk to Nazi russian only one w/o Intel

    A US man old but wise giving weapons each week to Ukraine non stop

  2. It is so heart-breaking to see the plight of the Ukraine's brave soldiers taking their last stand in Mariupol. They are the heroes and determined to fight till to their last drop of blood. Like the heroic people of Ukraine, the people of Burma are also taking their last stand to stamp out the military dictators from the land, once and for all. The National Unity Government (NUG) which is formed by the elected members of the parliament by the people in 2020 general election, which resides in the liberated areas, has declared to begin an “offensive war” from now on against the military regime, from the previous defensive positions. Loads of junta forces’ wives and children are now fleeing the city of Yangon, to the military stronghold city of Naypidaw in droves, in fear of attacks from the guerrilla forces. On 19 April 33 junta’s soldiers were killed and 42 wounded in a 15 days battle with the KNU. In other news, 5 police and 50 soldiers were killed by mines and attacks near Hteelin (ထီးလင်း) by the People’s Defence Forces – PDF (Democratic Voices of Burma DVB in Burmese 19 Apr 2022). For revenge, soldiers burned villages along the way. Students, who were protesting peacefully on the streets before, are now becoming PDFs and have trained systematically to fight back the military regime. At the beginning, they started with catapults and hunting rifles, but they now have some automatic weapons bought by donations from the people through black markets. They will not stop until they get the victory. They have trained well and are now gaining momentum (BBC in English 22 Apr 2022 “Myanmar – Young rebels fighting for democracy” & 01 Feb 2022 “The deadly battles that tipped Myanmar into civil war”). Fight on heroes of Ukraine till you defeat the Russian invaders! We will also fight on till we get our freedom and democracy! May the hero President Zelenskyy and the heroic people of Ukraine defeat the cruel Russian invaders!

  3. The destruction in Ukraine is the fault of Europe and the United States. They want to destroy the Ukrainians while weakening the Russians so that they will at some point be unable to support China. That's geopolitics, baby.

  4. The tyrant of the superpower Russia, the world’s largest country, declares victory over a small city in the small country of Ukraine. Putin ordered his thugs to kill not only innocent men, women, and children but also Ukrainian flies who could be Nazis. Thugs have been issued with nuclear fly spray in case the flies fight back. INSANITY RULES!

  5. Dear President of Ukraine,

    Who drove you to resist Russia?! Was it USA?! What is the point of resisting Russia when you know there would be a disaster?! Can't you see amount of lives lost, injuries, refugee crisis, destructions, great length of sadness, and mental health issues that everyone facing because of your decision for your own political gain on the name of sovereignty, freedom, and democracy?! What a full of rubbish?! Sovereignty, freedom, and democracy do not exist in real world! These fancy words are only for text books, schools, universities and media. We are all slaves to the capitalism and market economy! If I were President of Ukraine, I would have declared that Ukraine will be neutral with an immediate effect or I would have said to Russia that ok, I resigned my position and you can come with your war machines and troops but please do not fire single shot, our people will talk to you for a solution. Russia would not have fired a single shot if you have resigned and decided not to resist Russia. I am not justifying Russia's action. NATO's expansion triggered this war. Russia directly cannot fight against USA but Russia is sending a message to USA by invading Ukraine, saying "DON'T MESS AROUND WITH RUSSIA" "RUSSIA'S RESOURCES ARE ONLY BELONGING TO RUSSIA" There is no point resisting against super power nations like USA, Russia and China. They will do whatever they feel right. They all did in the past. They will do in the future as well. Poor countries cannot stop super power nations.

    I blame all Presidents and Prime Ministers for all lives lost and great length of sadness on both sides! I blame all Presidents and Prime Ministers for all destructions, which will cost $2 to $3 trillions dollars to rebuild Ukraine! And, you will never going to bring back people who died and injured so far! USA has a history of letting down countries in the past, and other countries follow USA with a "YES MAN"! Ukraine is now being listed under the "Let Down Countries by USA" USA is the only winner from this war. USA wants this war much more than Russia wants this war! Rest of the countries are all losers! Shame on you politicians! Capitalism and market economy will remain number ONE threat to global peace, global resources, race relations, climate, human health, mental wellbeing and living standard on any part of the world until we form a non-trade borderless "One World and One Planned Production & Services" for all humans around the globe. Call for an International Referendum for the non-trade borderless "One World". It can be done if all humans know their human rights!

  6. You don't get to do the news anymore. Remind us how "everything" is Trump's fault! Russian Operative. You lost all credibility, and we are watching you FAIL. You would triple your viewership if you did real news like investigate lying cheating Hillary. Russian Operative. You didn't give the man a chance and said horrific and TRAITORIST lies. We won't just blow this off. Now Hunters Laptop$$$$$$WTF$$$$$?

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