Voices of the vulnerable facing eviction

Millions of Americans are facing eviction as the start of September arrives and moratorium protections expire with no action by Congress.


Author: Rafael


20 thoughts on “Voices of the vulnerable facing eviction

  1. Only way to survive a recession/depression or pandemic is to have cash saved. At Least 6 months to 1 year of living expenses and another stream of income in case your primary job let you go. I know it sounds cliche but it's the truth.

  2. This seriously saddens me. Ppl have lost everything. U S.A is still facing a public health crisis. I'm angry federal govt. deemed ppl "non-essential" & closed businesses, affecting companies & employees. I've always supported the mindset of self-sufficiency. I've never thought federal govt. is responsible for assisting ppl. However, this is an unforeseen public health crisis that U.S.A govt. mishandled. U.S.A govt. should've better assisted ppl whose jobs were directly impacted. They bailed out corporations that didn't need assistance.

  3. Eliminate tax-free status for so called, "churches." This includes homes, "church buses," & the tax-free food (eg. costco). There's the money…….
    Also, all damage done by vandalism, looting, & arson must be PAID back.
    More money for those who need & deserve it.

  4. i do not see whats the point of halting evictions. yes its sad but rent will only go higher and higher and have a higher balance. try to arrange a place to move somewhere else if you haven't paid since April.

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  6. I don’t understand this!! These people are losing there homes and where I’m at in Indiana the mayor is redoing the sidewalks that just got done about 3 years ago! He’s having roads paved and the old buildings up town are being painted with pictures on them!! Why can’t we share we are one country!! I just don’t get it

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  9. Like we're going to have to open up poor houses again! Did you know there are abandoned half built towns in the US that closed down because of NAFTA? Cut corporate taxes even more and bring those companies back so these people can have good paying jobs.

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