Watch LIVE: Derek Chauvin Trial for George Floyd Death – Day 10 | ABC News Live Coverage

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Watch daily live coverage of the trial of Derek Chauvin. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, faces charges of manslaughter, second-degree murder, and third-degree murder in the death of George Floyd. The trial is expected to last approximately four weeks.

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Author: Rafael


27 thoughts on “Watch LIVE: Derek Chauvin Trial for George Floyd Death – Day 10 | ABC News Live Coverage

  1. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY ! What are y’all racist people saying now? George deserved a fair trial period & if you think what that cop did was okay then you are probably okay with lynching also.

  2. There will never be true justice in this world. Any underlying condition can be used against you. For example, you are from a particular race, you are a woman, a child or elderly, poor, drug addict, your job, your education, from a certain country, or an underlying disease, etc, etc. There is a force that justifies your condition being at fault in any situation

  3. If you have a heart problem and someone stabs your lung and you die, good news to the murderer, their defence team would say you were going to die anyway because of your underlying heart disease your heart was weak. So everybody stay healthy in case some powerful body does something and they walk out of the court free.

  4. TO THE YOUNG MEN AND BOYS OF THE PRESENT ERA. Let this be a warning. The horrific beatings you read about here really did happen. Boys from Stuart and Martin County suffered extreme abuses at the hands of the state of Florida. Keep in mind there are many people today who would readily take up the lash again and beat young boys to bloody pulp, except that they are restrained by the law.

    It was 1965 at the adjustment unit. It was in the Florida School for Boys at Okeechobee.It started September 11. It ended on October 21. It was the severe beatings of several boys, and the weeks-long torture of one boy; He must have died from trauma. This was a small, one storey building. It had maybe 15 locked rooms, with one room set aside for flogging. They had flogging straps. The straps were about 3 feet long with a handle at one end. They were about 4-5 inches wide and 3 feet long. Rumor was they had a special paddle for runaways, longer, thicker with coins attached on one side.

    State man usually started with 45 to 60 whacks. It could get worse depending on how the boy being tortured reacted. If he let go of the bed rail on his way to 60, they would restart the count back to 1. I mean if his count is 60 lashes, and he lets go of the rail at 25, state man started again counting from 1. If the boy kept hold of the rail after that, he ended up with 95. That was how it went.

    And the screams those boys let out when they were getting 60, 80, 100 and sometimes 120 lashes. That would turn your blood to ice water just listening to it.. Many boys were beat that way. State man always had enough room to swing a cat.

    There was this one event that nobody believed. It is unbelievable, but it did happen. State man was fond of driving state cars. He did not pay for them and the gas money was not from his own pocket. He would drive around the grounds of FSB Okeechobee to schools, cottages and work details. His mission in life was to collect boys and move them to the adjustment unit. He had a group of them lined up inside each waiting his turn to be flogged. There was this one boy aged 15-17 who got scared out of his wits. That is understandable. It sounded like something from the dark ages, like a torture chamber in the middle ages in Europe. This poor unfortunate boy threw himself headlong onto the floor. He was trying to take himself out of this world. They did not show guidance, compassion, empathy or justice. They fastened a football helmet over his head, trussed him in a strait jacket, beat him to bloody pulp, threw him into one of the rooms and locked the door. That way if he thrashed around against the wall he had that helmet on and he could not take it off. All these beatings were not disciplines or counter influences against unruly behavior. They were psycho-sadistic, paraphiliac torture.

    There was this one long daily series of beatings on one boy that was far far more severe and extreme than anything else that happened there. They took this one black boy. He had a low voice for a boy. This in unbelievable. I still cannot believe it and I counted the number of whacks he got every goddamned day. They took him in that room and gave him over 200 lashes every day for weeks. Over 200 lashes everyday FOR WEEKS. OVER 200 LASHES EVERY DAY FOR WEEKS. THE FIRST DAY HE GOT AROUND 240. I remembered that count because it was so extremely unusual. When they started with him he would scream out with these horrible, loud noises and animal like noises. He would scream and cry and beg them to stop. Once he begged them to hit him on a different part of his body. They kept telling him to shut up, not talk, not say anything.

    There was a speaker system from the main room and the other rooms where the boys slept. Sometimes, when they came for him again they would go to the main room and jingle the keys. That became a signal to the boy they were there for him again. On hearing the keys he would plummet into screaming, crying, begging pleading. sobbing and screaming. He left the screaming phase of his ordeal after about 2 weeks. It was not from his own volition. He had been beaten and disabled from from expressing himself like that anymore. However, he moved into another form of expression. This was deep, gut, moaning loud grunts. You could hear them all the way down the hallway. Try imagine the grunts a bull alligator makes mixed with anguish, high stress, excruciating pain and the real fear of being beaten to death. At the end of weeks of traumas there was no sound out of him at all. There was only the sound of that leather strap slapping hard against dead meat.

  5. The racist democrats of Minneapolis will collude with the racist democrat judge and give the cop a hand slap. Just like the racist democrats did in Chicago. This whole trial is for nothing but show and fluff.

  6. What's great is watching the defense just punching holes in the prosecutions case. This is a clear example of over charging and being pressured. This case is weak.

  7. For all the people who haven't been watching the trial or for all the stupid people… just letting you know it was an overdose.

  8. Hilarious ABC makes a BoogieMan out of "Angry White Men" and "White Supremacy" made up story B.S….
    Meanwhile.. In JUST Chicago… How many ACTUALLY Died this week? From… You know the TRUTH, BUT They won't
    LOV when GMA says…. – "What you need to know" … Nothing, I've not watched one bit of this clown show or ANY other of their BS fake stuff…, just made this comment.

  9. 22 years on the force I've had about 200 to 300 people just freak out about going into the back seat of my patrol vehicle. They were never violent just freaked out. So I simply call on my radio for back up I let then know I'll need a van. We actually have vehicle for this purpose. Simply I place them on the side walk cuffed and wait. If the perp still won't get in that's when it's time to use all the hours of training we endure and that doesn't include crushing someone for 9 minutes against the pavement.

  10. Sorry but that officer didn't kill Floyd the overdosable amount of fentanyl killed floyd. Was he out of line yes, did he kill him no. George floyd was no hero he was a counterfeiter and a junkie.

  11. @Nina.. if you check none of those 3000 deaths included kneeling on someone's neck clasping their windpipe, plus the full weight of the kneeling officer, plus two other officers with one compressing the chest area. So what are you trying to say? It was murder. Plain and simple. Ie public lynching minus the rope. If you're going to call it anything at all, call it what it was.

  12. 20210412 – Chauvin committed cold blooded murder 1… After seeing the
    undigested pills on the back floor and seat of the squad car with
    Floyd's saliva on it assures me that the wrong charges are being filed
    against Chauvin. Chauvin wore gloves to conceal his handling of the
    false labelled meth/Fentanyl pills in the squad car. Many of the
    injuries on Floyd's face were caused by Chauvin trying to force the
    pills into Floyd's mouth while in the back seat. Then after Chauvin
    thought Floyd had consumed the pills, Chauvin jerked Floyd back out of
    the car and onto the ground with full intention of holding him down
    until he was dead. He was argumentative with distant bystanders and even
    retaliated with pepper spray when one of the crowd members directed
    Chauvin to take Floyd's pulse after ha had actually just succumbed under
    the pressure on his neck and back. The 8 blood stains on the rear car
    seat appeared to be at more locations than where Floyd actually had
    touched, and appear to be where Chauvin touched the seat after getting
    blood on his gloves while trying to cram the pills into Floyd's mouth.
    Where are Chauvin's first set of gloves? They need to be tested for
    drugs from those pills he handled. Why did Chauvin try to force Floyd
    to take toxic pills then hold him down until he died ???

  13. George Floyd's two autopsies revealed a lethal dose of fentanyl was in George Floyd's system, which can cause asphyxia and even a heart attack. In fact Floyd was in his car with his drug dealer and friend Morries Hall at the time of the attempted arrest. Hall is already charged with four felonies, including attempting to strangle his girlfriend. So Floyd was probably in the process of purchasing the drugs at this time. Hall had already gone into the convenience store to try to buy cigarettes with two $20 counterfeit bills unsuccessfully. Then he sent Floyd in with one of the counterfeit bills, which he used to buy probably two packs of cigarettes. My point is they were probably trying to pay for the drugs with the cigarettes. Floyd worked as a security guard, so wasn't well paid. When the police showed up, Floyd's drug dealing friend probably told Floyd to quickly eat the drugs to get rid of the evidence. So then Floyd was telling the police, "I ate too many drugs." These drugs can cause asphyxia. Floyd apparently was already saying, "I can't breathe" well before he was put into this knee restraint. So my point is, Floyd's death could very well be considered a suicide, on overdosing on two illegal drugs.

  14. Why not tase him into the vehicle, why stay on his neck even when he was not breathing ? The neck have a pulse and I am assuming he felt his pulse when it stop on his knee. The only thing I agree with is the crowd control I never been in that situation but when you yell at people and etc people
    Can become in shock or scared or pride becomes high and now everyone plays a part in this death. The other officers knew it was wrong that’s why they left the officer to receive the back lash because they was not holding any critical parts of his body like dereck was so they left dereck to take all the blame and George to die. rip to George and I don’t know if it was a race thing but I know it was a pride and reckless thing which took another human life regardless of their addiction because LETS BE HONEST WE ALL

  15. You can't raise your tolerance levels to 3.5x a lethal dose of fentanyl.

    Also, the prosecution has changed their story from knee on the neck for the full time, to knee on the back for almost all of it. This technique is taught, and it was used 237 times in 2020.

    Prosecution will have a hard time trying to convince the jury to convict, and nobody is telling these important facts to the angry mob outside.

    Also: Every single thing George Floyd said to police was a lie, and he kicked the cops after he asked them to put him on the ground

    He started saying "I can't breathe" all the way to the car, the whole time he was fighting police, and while police were trying to put him in the car, and when finally got him to the ground

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