Watch: Maine Democrat Sara Gideon Concedes To Sen. Susan Collins | NBC News NOW

Maine Democrat Sara Gideon says she called Republican Sen. Susan Collins to congratulate her on “winning this election” and concedes the Maine Senate race. She said that while she lost the race, she will “always be available to help serve the people of Maine.”
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Watch: Maine Democrat Sara Gideon Concedes To Sen. Susan Collins | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


48 thoughts on “Watch: Maine Democrat Sara Gideon Concedes To Sen. Susan Collins | NBC News NOW

  1. SG SPENT MORE THAN 100 MILLION DOLLARS CAMPAIGNING. She saw the initial funds available and starting salivating. I WILL NEVER vote for someone who can be bought.
    BTW: Susan Collins won, but she did not really win. If you catch my drift. I am not talking about votes.

  2. Dear idiots in New York and California who donated $45M out the $70M raised by Susan Collins' challenger, if you ever bothered to actually step foot in Maine and actually talk to someone from Maine or did any research at all aside from corporate media trashing her for standing up for the presumption of innocence after the Kavanaugh hearing, you would have been able to save yourselves a lot of money as, you would have easily found that people in Maine in general really really really like Susan Collins and her challenger basically had no chance from the get go. I award you with no points and may god have mercy on your souls……sweet investment. Idiots.

  3. Gideon spent over 49 million dollars of dark money trying to buy this seat. She wanted to get rid of the 1st Amendment. She voted to allow female genitil mutilation of young girls. Even rank choice voting didn't help. Mainers saw through this.

  4. It’s unfortunate you lost to Collins. Does the people of Maine on the State and Federal level realize, Collins should testify to her involvement and knowledge of the sale of 3.1 million acres of prime Maine farmlands and Forrest preserves SOLD to foreign countries and/or foreign entities with hidden interest owners paying no US taxes – Just like Trump Paid only $750.00 to US and hundreds of thousands to China and other Foreign countries. The Pandemic warned to become seriously more widespread extending into next year the Food supply chain will be crippled by Foreign owned food producing lands that is owned by foreign countries. As advised as last month by top Republican Mark Meadows, Trump and his administration aren’t going to do anything to control the virus (as other countries have been successful in doing), they are going to let run it’s course killing millions more people. Republican Collins is full in on this Republican Party Plan. The people of Maine and other Americans will have to buy their local grown food from Foreign Countries if they don’t ship that food back to their own country or elsewhere in the world for higher profits. What was Collins thinking of, a foreign country within your own State following the customs and laws of their own countries. Republicans are so greedy. Follow the money through the hidden backdoors that flows into the pockets of Republican State legislators and Congressmen. As Mick Mulvaney said “All of Trump’s deals are Quid Pro Quo”. So Just get Over It!” Did Collins have the best interests of the people of Maine or Americans in mind, or is she and her Republican cohorts anti-American and traitors of Democracy.

  5. The polls said Gideon would win and Biden would win by a landslide. Neither is true. Biden may win by a knife-edge. Why does ANYONE believe in the polls?

  6. The economy in Maine is bad, and will get worse after this election. People in blue states should vacation anywhere but Maine. Vermont is very nice. Vote with your $$. Canadians also get to vote with their $$. Boycott Maine!

  7. The remote possibility of another four years in Trump's comedy of errors will speak volumes to the abject stupidity of the American people who
    voted for this orange lesson in puerility.
    Hook, line and sinker, you (the MAGA voters) bought Trump's mendacity and incalculable lies of these so-called achievements during his time in office as well as slanderous ad hominem caricatures (all unsubstantiated of course) of former Vice President Biden.
    In the age of internet, where a person can on their own and with minimal intellect, immediately access information to fact check a statement or
    comment for truth or bias using reputable sources. Therefore one has no excuse to just believe or accept anything but the absolute truth solely based on superfluous hyperbole.
    It will be a sad day for our country if Trump is re-elected but America will deserve everything that Trump levels on us!
    Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for a Biden/Harris win, it's looking good!!

  8. What has Susan Collins done for Maine to deserve another 6 years of great pay and health insurance? Oh, she covered for the racist-sexist president who lied about his finances.

  9. Sara..god bless you..maybe you could be a great mentor to sen. Liz collins ..who desperately needs to know how to sleep at night!!! Thanks a ton to you and your family ♥️ david

  10. Gideon has a bright future ahead of her. She ran an impressive campaign. This is a very upsetting and frankly shocking result, but this isn't the end for her

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