What led to US baby formula shortage? l ABC News

A variety of long-term and short-term factors led to empty shelves for parents searching for baby formula.

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40 thoughts on “What led to US baby formula shortage? l ABC News

  1. It is funny how these Liberal News media outlets phrase things… Here's what really happened. When the FDA shut the Plant down… YES, the FDA SHUT a PLANT that supplied 40% of the Formula in the United States! When they made that decision, the FDA should have set contingency plans in motion to cover that 40%. I listened to that little POS Bootyjudge (who never had to look for formula) say on a Sunday that this is all Abbotts fault. WRONG soft little guy. This was the FDA's responsibility, THEY took 40% of the supply off the shelves. You would have to be an idiot or a liar not to see that. What Not a Doctor Jill and the cronies did a photo Op for, should have been done in February by the FDA. The Biden Admin is Incompetent and always tackling from behind. All of them, but Especially Bootyudge. Shame on ABC for not covering it the way it should have been. Biden Incompetency, FDA works for Biden.

  2. The FDA has some of the functioning capability problem as some other Govn't agencies. Congress would do well to address how agencies operate (or don't operate) rather than pass new laws that add to the list of f….k ups. Getting rid of the dead wood would be a good place to start.

  3. Sorry girls, but this news is in our faces everyday, and it confuses me ! 4 kids born in 90’s, I do not recall any of them needing formula except on hand for convenience and insurance. I understand some may have difficulty with breast feeding. But a crisis for how many ? I suppose we were fortunate my wife was able to work from our home office in a time where a home did not cost a million dollars !

    We knew babies were going to need fed, changed. And were going to morph into adults ! We used nice soft cloth diapers, I actually enjoyed changing babies, kinda bonding time seeing them clean and happy ! can you imagine that ? 🤣

    So next crisis will be “ the administration” caused a shortage of disposable diapers ?

    Again, I understand special circumstances, but trying to understand this is “ crisis “ for how many ?

    I would not have had the guts to weigh in on mom talk here, but seems many other fathers are confused as well ?

  4. Wouldn't surprise me the "shortage" is these greedy companies want to get on the bandwagon with higher prices when the formula hits the shelves. Gas is now $6+ here in Northern California so why not short the public which have to pay higher prices. Get your credit cards paid off, stop extra spending, have a vacation in the backyard and save save save. Go vegan for a while with chicken 🐔 🐟 fruits veggies grains water. U won't miss the take out, restaurants. Make your tacos 🌮 at home chicken bowls etc.

  5. I hope this shows those that want the government in everything that the Gov is not to be relied on.

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  7. The Pandemic is not an excuse anymore. That’s ridiculous to have only one warehouse that makes specialized formulas something happens again, like fire or flood, then what? This happens again. Open more factories, distribute the product.

  8. Dying Babies to America: "Didn't you forget someone?" 👶🏻👶🏽 "Too late." 👼🏻👼🏽

  9. anybody see the news report where tipped off from photos from a border agent a congress woman went to the border she found two warehouses full of formula diapers and everything else to take care of all the babies coming across the border perfect example of bidens AMERICANS LAST

  10. Yet, Republicans voted against the 28 billion for the baby formula shortage. Republicans’ steadfast commitment to life begins at conception and ends at birth.

  11. Why is joe and his gang keep playing from behind . They knew about this months ago . We the People need leaders . STEP UP or STEP ASIDE . Your late to the party AGAIN .

  12. ABC: digan la verdad ! todo esto es culpa de las desiciones estupidas de Biden y ahora tienen que pagar las consecuencias, pero sigan apoyando ese imperialismo !

  13. This is state tv.
    They’re here to lie to us.
    The corporations control the government.
    Only three baby formula companies monopolize the market.
    When one of those companies has a problem this results in a shortage.

    We live in the United States of Pfizer, Boeing, Delta Airlines, Aetna, etc…

  14. Chinese culture really frowns on breastfeeding too for many reasons so the mothers will even take tainted formula over the shame of exposing a breast in public

  15. Hmm, maybe Abbott should have invested some of that $8 billion on properly maintaining their unsanitary factory rather than buying back their own stock. Capitalism at its finest.

  16. Same people that support Ukraine's would now just kill another Ukrainian over baby formula hahaha. ,,Peace" ends when baby formula or TP is running out :D:D:D #HandingOutPopcorn #Moral of Story = stop sending $40 Billion aid to Ukraine (war that is 10,000 km away from USA) and focus on USA and making sure baby formula and any other necessities are met.

  17. This is a failure of the private sector not government. One plant contaminated so shut down. Monopoly of four manufacturers in the whole country so when one shuts completely down there is a shortage. Of course government should fix this; that’s what government is for. It can be a lengthy process to clean all the engineered contraptions in the canning process. Hope they can get things up and running. Sometimes manufacturers cut supply to raise pricing; like with chemo industry drugs where the cheap ones and most often used have stopped production. This should be outlawed.

  18. For unvaccinated people only You can acquire Covid-19 vaccine Certificates with an active QR scan code now for you and your family and also for your friends, and it will be registered in the system database the same way it’s done for those who have taken the toxic vaccine.

  19. Do not worry Joe Biden made sure that the illegal alien babies at the Mexican border have plenty of formula and he just sent Ukraine 40 billion dollars we must not be having it that bad right? I don't feel bad you guys voted for this idiot all because Trump made mean tweet and hurt your little itty bitty feelings LOL

  20. If they were more concerned with fixing the problem and less convey with trying to SHOW US how they're fixing the problems there wouldn't even be a problem to begin with .
    In other words they only care about how they are being PERCEIVED to be doing thier job. Not actually about the job they are doing
    I worked with many administrative people in the private sector that.behaved EXACTLY as I'm describing .
    This bunch in Washington now are the same type of people.
    No substance.
    No integrity
    Plenty of excuses and blame as shifting

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