What we know about the accused gunman in the Buffalo supermarket shooting

New details are emerging on the gunman accused of killing 10 people in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket over the weekend.

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Author: Rafael


39 thoughts on “What we know about the accused gunman in the Buffalo supermarket shooting

  1. Do you know how sad it is that one-half of our political leadership is resting their fate in the demented actions of an 18-year-old madman? Oh, and 100% of our "Black Leaders". What a sad day for Black people. They will be filled with more idiocy to keep them on the plantation.

  2. Oh yeah! Now Biden and all the other Liberals who love Black people so much, actually have something real to talk about, and talk they will. What a shame. Were it not for this dastardly act, they would have nothing to say but the same old same old. Make no mistake, they are happy as can be for this shooting spree.

  3. Joe biden the biggest racist on the planet….he was all for the kkk in is early days..hes not who you think he his.

  4. Six black males had been brutally murdered; two had their hearts cut out. The only thing connecting the victims was their ethnicity and the fact that each had been shot with .22 caliber bullets. The FBI launched an investigation into Joseph Christopher, who became known as "The .22 Caliber Killer."
    People fail to realize that happened before in the 1980s in BUFFALO smh

  5. This was NOT a racially motivated attack!!! All of you people egging this on are just evil. Just disgusting!!!! Worse than that!! The worst if the worst!! It's so ridiculous that the president and all the rest of you braindead retards are buying and believing this BS!!! So sad!!!! It's hard to believe people like y'all exist. This is all due to black anger and black lack of responsibility!!! That's y this shooting happened!!! If it weren't for blacks noncompliance this would have never happened! STOP BLACK ABSCENCE OF CONTROL OF EMOTIONS!!!!

  6. Biden is a fool for blaming our Republicans, and on Replacement Theory. Biden is disgusting to use this as a political gain he thinks he has criticizing our Republican Senators. But Biden and the Dems can do no wrong, right? Such hypocrisy.

  7. His parents are responsible for this too. Why was not more done when he threatened the school a year ago? Biden, America is a poison, that you wont stop the crime and gun control which is killing off our citizens left and right. Do your job, and quit trying to blame white people.

  8. I hope you guys will see the parallel between him and our neonazis. By supporting neonazis that commit atrocities on our land you unwillingly allow them to do the same in your own land. Glory to Ukraine, Hell to Azov.

  9. Terrorist is a better fit to use here, let’s call it for what it is, why it's so hard to write this word when it's a white man who did it??? 🤬👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 I’m in pain watching all these crazy nonsense shootings ! This Gotta STOP 🛑!!!!

  10. Call it as it is… It's Terrorism plain & simple. Only if minority would have been responsible then that's how it would have been immediately categorized as, no question asked. But now since it's a caucasian, it's just an isolated act of racism & with mental health issue. Love the double standards.

  11. As I walk through Manhattan yesterday I kept seeing what lkok like smirks on the faces of the white people I came across. I felt that this massacre in a Buffalo supermarket of Black people gave them some kind of satisfaction . Maybe I'm wrong about that. However I know that there are a lot of whites who may be ok with what happened in Buffalo or they are indifferent with it . I am so angry right now . It's insane how we March, protest and even riot to express our outrage but this still happens. This kind of BS has been going on for too long to believe it's going to change. It's like it's in their DNA and can't be helped.

  12. Hey what ever happened to Darrel E. Brooks? You all know, the dark man who took his suv and ran over dozens of white people during a Christmas parade in Wisconsin 2021. Yea the one who thought it would be a good idea to kill as many whites as he could due to the results of the Rittenhouse trial. Is that still not racially motivated?

  13. Sorry folks, the dude will live in jail forever. But if you are black or other races, death penalty will come at you!

  14. You know America I'm starting to hate the 2nd Amendment.
    It shouldn't be a right to bare arms,
    It should be a privilege.
    Just like a driver's license.
    And no sale of assault rifles.

  15. Why are we sending in police to stop these massacres? Defund them and let social workers handle stuff like this; they will certainly have the ability to defuse the situation with ease.

  16. If you think that they didn't know that this boy was going to kill all of those beautiful African people, then your still asleep.. He'll never see a real prison cell…

  17. How the hell do you mention the 10 black victims but completely ignore the 2 white victims??? Could you make your racism any more transparent?

  18. It's a sad day to be a Democrat finding out it was an authoritarian far left socialist white supremacist the truth always comes out keep voting Democrat see how that works out.

    His mommy and daddy are also registered Democrats

  19. Its a fake op. Find the video and examine it for yourselves. They are trying to keep people from seeing it, but you CAN find it online. Examine it closely….ANYONE with any common sense, and especially knowledge of firearms, will see that it is fake within minutes. Fortunately more and more have….But its the average, everyday people who DONT look into this stuff they are aiming this at. I cant say much more than that without being censored, but no matter what your political affiliation is, you MUST find the video and see the truth because they are playing ALL of America for fool!

  20. Black democrat mayors are directly responsible for the killing of hundreds of black people on their streets with defund the police policies or do nothing policies.Lori Lightfoot AKA Beetlejuice is more effective than ten white supremacists at wiping out her own people.

  21. I'm not american, i wonder why you people don't just ban guns??? because of freedom and human rights i guess🙄🙄
    Opps imma get banned off youtube

  22. I wish the same level of attention, investigation, analysis and lecturing had happened when black nationalist Darrell Brooks ran down whites during a Christmas parade in Waukeshaw. 6 dead and dozens injured. Basically reported as a car accident by the media. No visit to Waukeshaw by Biden for that. Not even lip service condemnation for the racism on display there. This obvious double standard helped motivate Gendron, who wrote the name of one of Brooks' white victims on his rifle.

  23. Isn't a little late to say yt supremacy "has no place in America" yt supemacists ideology FOUNDED AMERIKKKA. Watch the HBO documentary "Exterminate All the Brutes" the GENOCIDE of 100 MILLION NATIVE PEOPLES, SLAVERY of AFRICANS, LYNCHING, BLACK TOWNS BURNED DOWN etc….this hatred is what America was for MOST of its history 🙄 Republicans are rushing to outlaw abortion in ordering to make yt women have more babies because they ALL fear a Brown nation. This killer is a reflection of the mental neurosis that lives in the soul of yt American culture.

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