Where The Trump Campaign’s Election Legal Challenges Stand | NBC Nightly News

A Pennsylvania appeals court ruled Trump campaign observers could get a closer view of the vote count in Philadelphia. Elsewhere was a day of setbacks and retreats as election law experts say it’s too late to make a legal claim that mail-in ballots were wrongly cast.
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Where The Trump Campaign’s Election Legal Challenges Stand | NBC Nightly News


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42 thoughts on “Where The Trump Campaign’s Election Legal Challenges Stand | NBC Nightly News

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  3. The 🇺🇸 is bound for doom now all you idiots that voted for Biden don't complain at all when your paying 5.99 for a gallon of gas just like when stupid Obama was in there , this will be a sad day for America

  4. When observers are actually seeing the ballots up close, it will be legit until SCOTUS rules on PASC actions prior to election, which may make these questions mute.

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  6. They do not let the observers enter what are those who ensure the transparency of the voting. Pq? The fraud is very obvious. TV networks censored Trump's speech because it is an uncomfortable truth. Women have come out stating that they used their names to vote for biden and they could not vote. The former prosecutor said that there were names of dead people who voted for up to 115 years. This is pure fraud

  7. Do Trump supporters forfeit common sense? Who cares who gets ballots, that is not important. The ONLY thing that counts is the INCOMING ballot. Who cares if I get a ballot out of state as long as I don't send it in, in which case voter registry will flag it. I can't believe the stupidity of these complaints about who gets the ballot.

  8. Sore loser! What an ego!……..he is never capable of losing anything, so it has to be fraud!

    I can’t understand how his mostly blue collar supporters like him and believe he has their interest in mind. He’s a jerk, he has a lot more money than them, he thinks they’re too dirty to shake hands with, he looks down on them and exploits their sentiments for his own gain. They have nothing in common.

  9. They need to check into all the voting I live in Missouri and I voted and use the black magic marker when I put it in the machine it kicked it back out I had to vote Again. Where I vote it’s a small place. I waited in line I was a third person to put my second ballot in the machine the first person in line his ballot was also rejected! I believe there was fraud done with These Black magic markers. It would be easy to check all of this out

  10. this has been the most crooked election ever, you had media calling this election prior to votes even being counted, boxes of votes showing up in middle of the night, walls put up so no one can see how vote is counted, missing mail found in dumpsters with evidence votes in it, post office predating mail in ballots, dead people voted and people who didnt even live in the state voted, and to deny the right to know the votes are counted fairly disenfranchised every voter a fair process – https://youtu.be/6qHGda1DH7o – all year voters were also disenfranchised by the one sided narratives of Main Stream News not showing you the truth of what was going on in those so called peaceful protests or the fact Harris and Biden were bailing out criminals – https://youtu.be/1lJeFzEblqI

  11. Ok, answer me this, how come there are more votes than there are registered voters? It’s showing up in a lot of states, answer me that! I thing something is very crooked, but if this is true, someone should find OUT!!

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  14. So it's Trump trying to undermine the elections when Democrats are locking Republican viewers out in three states & putting cardboard on the windows stuffing the ballots after the legal election date" not following court orders, so this is Trump doing all this your guys' propaganda has no end, YOU marxsists anti-america socialists

  15. It's gonna take Moscow Mitch to tell Trump when it's over. I believe quite a few repubs in Congress will end up standing behind Mitch. For them keeping the SENATE is all they really hoped for. If it goes against Biden he will follow the rules of the constitution, I would like to think.

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