Widow of man killed by cops: It was ‘nothing like what they originally told me’

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Amanda Spence, the widow of Lymond Moses, a Wilmington, Delaware, man who was killed in a police shooting that’s now under investigation.

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45 thoughts on “Widow of man killed by cops: It was ‘nothing like what they originally told me’

  1. I don't understand. There is an entire generation of black and brown parents who have instructed their kids to simply comply with the police whenever they are stopped whether walking or driving for the simple fact that they could be killed over something minor if they don't. That single story was national news for weeks in bringing all nationalities, races and creeds of Americans into the awareness of that. Nonetheless, contrary to that a good deal of people are dying over some level of resisting arrest. And I am not excusing or condoning what happened and that is not to say he would not have been killed if he complied but it just seems to me that running as well as resisting arrest substantially raises the probability of death. Not to mention, the laws across the nation in regards to marijuana are going to be changed. That said, is it really worth the risk of being killed over a little bit of weed?

  2. 3:27 This attorney is spot on here. It is clearly evident the man is trying to go around the blockade, not through it.

    Look, “backing the blue” doesn’t mean supporting anything the cops do. A lot of cops toe the edge of their SOP’s in these sorts of situations and claim they were in danger to justify being scared. It’s ok to be scared but you need guys that can stay focused and accurately assess the situation. Half these guys act like they’re trying to earn combat action ribbons. Enemy combatants in designated combat zones are regularly treated with higher regard than US citizens.

  3. Just think what would have happened if the Cop wasnt so gung ho to bust him for something? American Cops seem to want a reason to harass and kill you

  4. He shouldn't have driven off that was silly especially given the climate however you can clearly hear the cops say 'motherfucker' soon as he pulled off they were waiting on this confrontation I guarantee you they've ran into each other before

  5. In the full video… THEY went after him to kill him. He was trying to get away. They have a habit of killing people who are trying to get away and it needs to stop.

  6. Sleeping in your car is not a crime. There are millions of homeless people sleeping in cars right now. I’ll never understand why people think they’re going to outrun the police. It’s the dumbest thing in the world. Your going to jail. Just go and see if someone can bail you out. Trying to get a way in a car will always cost you your life and more time. I don’t get it and I am a Black man. Don’t fight with police. Go to jail to live another day. Sadly the police did the right thing. He used the car as a weapon.

  7. He drove his car at the police officer. I suppose you can split hairs and say he didn't hit anyone but the cops have to make a split second decision.

  8. He could've just complied with the officers and step out the car. Idk why he ran, he could've just listened to the officers and his death could've been avoided. I don't think it was race realated or harassment. I think the cops did what they had to do, anyway, R.I.P

  9. she just talk talk ..was not there she do not know what happen..black man and any.. colores need to listen to the police ..this lawer. not even know what is going on ..pls even if he was good he just to listen to the police..he is the one how made him self get kill..

  10. So what happens if they didn’t shoot him? He would have kept going, high speed chase & potentially endanger/kill other people??? Come on… I normally stand against these police shootings, but this is a case of play stupid games win stupid prizes. Stop creating false narratives

  11. It’s a good shoot. Unfortunately this gentleman got himself killed…..I hope they conduct a thorough investigation into this. Very unfortunate.

  12. He gets what he deserves nothing to do with race. Guy use the car was used as a weapon. He wasn’t harassed. He should’ve just done what he was told. His actions what got him killed not the cops.

  13. this is murder not cops fearing for their lives. that man was not driving at the cops they are LIARS but this is AMERIKKKA

  14. Estos cabrones guardias tienen un abuso! Aquí los de Puerto Rico nos respetan y alos que no se les dan plomo! No se dejen engañar del sistema! Se ve de primera instancia que querían hacerle daño y tenían algo planeado! El no tenía intenciones de hacerle daño a ninguno de ustedes men 🤧

  15. Here's the problem. I am white if I was attempting to drive around them I wouldn't be dead cause they wouldn't shoot. Thats the problem..

  16. And she’s already at the law firm Maybe if people did what they’re told this wouldn’t happen. I tell my son if you get pulled over keep your hands on the steering wheel so the officer can see them. They are protecting themselves. I’m the daughter of an NYPD officer shot in the line of duty. They are people too.

  17. should cops start by disabling car so can not drive, wheel clamp is heavy to drive with always could it be built into other like the jack or part of cop car parts, or use rope in stead how loop around tire and around next tree pole, stone under wheel or what , let air out of front tire deflate it then wake him up , plug in exhaust but then engine head gasket blows . ok plug with remote control open till activated.

  18. THERE WERE 3 COPS!!!…NOT 2…Nice job ABC!!!…Now show the body cam footage of the 3rd officer that almost got cut in half between the 2 cars….seem to have left that part out.

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