Women rideshare drivers facing sexual assault and harassment

ABC News’ Kyra Phillips reports on how female Lyft and Uber drivers are facing harassment and assault from passengers and how the apps are responding.

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Author: Rafael


32 thoughts on “Women rideshare drivers facing sexual assault and harassment

  1. Omg! Thank you for reporting on this. I have been attacked 2x both on Lyft and I no longer deal with lyft after they said "we will not pair you with this person again". It's ridiculous and us as the drivers are not safe.

  2. ^there should be an option for choosing same gender riders only/ vice versa. Like if I was a Uber driver I would want a option to only accept rides by other women . Less chances of a bad situation . And as a woman I’d like having the option of only being driven by women if there are enough in an area

  3. Lyft & Uber don’t give AF about their drivers…THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY 💵!! IF they conducted extensive background checks more than 1/2 of the drivers & riders would NOT be approved!!!

    Their was a woman that was a Lyft driver. She accepted a pickup even though she felt uneasy about the name of the passenger. She picks up 2 guys and as she gets closer to the drop-off location she starts to get suspicious!! The location is out in the middle of nowhere, very little lighting, no buildings around just a bad wooded area! The 2 men try to attack/rob her she got her GUN & started shooting!! She reported the incident to Lyft…they FIRED her & DEACTIVATED her account!!!!

  4. This is a really good piece. I wish they would have also mentioned men getting harassed and tried to get a legitimate response from one of the companies.

  5. i seriously thought about driving for uber or lyft but even with camera's i just think its way too dangerous for women to do. its dangerous for men too ! so scary. i really need the job too because of severe back pain. the only thing i can do without pain is sit so idk wat im gonna do

  6. Stronger policies are good but what about the women in society????……If lyft drivers are facing these kinds of harrassments then what about those without a voice?America must stay away from gender politics and feminism and return to politics of equality for all.No ,man wants argue with women they rather protect them than having a weight lifting contest….Your age,gender or political views will not stop a rapist,it stops when men see other men protecting women….period

  7. America and Western Countries are much to worried about the women in the world,who are protected or those who wear a hijab.They forget about sexual abuse in America why is this?Women in America or Western Countries are made to believe being naked is freedom when in fact it is an invite to predators…..

  8. Sad part is Uber doesnt protect the driver. They only listen costumers. Just close driver account one by one. These companies will close down soon. Or better companies will come out n take their business. Its just sad they dont protect their drivers

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  10. Uber is still very safe. These stories are the exceptions, not the rule. Stop trying to scare people! I’m unsubscribing from this channel. This story is just wrong and misleading.

  11. This is bullshit story that is intent on destroying Uber. I drive for them and they’re a great company. Driving is risky no matter what. Uber does everything it can to help us stay safe. Every driving job has its risks. Why are the stats comparing against all driving jobs?

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