Zelenskyy tells David Muir: Putin should be prosecuted for war crimes

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says Russian forces have terrorized Ukraine.

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23 thoughts on “Zelenskyy tells David Muir: Putin should be prosecuted for war crimes

  1. David Muir Has Reserved a Special place in Hell for Himself for selling their soul off to Propaganda …DUDE just stop sucking off Zelenskyy its not that hard …Wake up and realize he is a tyrant who is destroying his country to hold power…..what Psycho Shells a Nucellar Plant to create an international disaster in order to get the west involved…he even tried to kidnap the IAEA inspectors.,. Its 100% proven and everywhere and yet you all still find your self on your knees,..Mouth open ready to blow……….WAKE UP and READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL

  2. What a twisted Russian mind you have nobody would be dying in Ukraine if RUSSIA 1) would have not invaded Ukraine Historically in 2014 and then again in feb 2022 and 2) IF RUSSIA would GET OUT OF UKRAINE -its that simple -they are fighting for their homeland -Russia is acting like Neanderthals, trying to steal more land and conduct GENICODE of Ukrainians to do so-going so far a re-writing history books -Putin has corrupted the very minds of Russians focusing on Nazi-ism. Russia only has to look within its border to find Russian nazi's. Who are you kidding?

  3. TEARS = 2022 *

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    And there's one for all who die.

    They are the silent words of grief

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    The shortest verse in the Bible

    Is the one where Jesus wept

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  4. Only war crimes are being committed by zelensky & his nazis. Pathetic clown talking like he knows the 1st thing about international law or politics.

  5. 500 million euros for Ukraine from the European Union , and for the citizens of the European Union ( as far as I know Ukraine is not part of the European Union ) , what help do we have ? pay and pay and pay and pay. This is laughable to say the least

  6. 500 millones de euros para Ucrania desde la Unión Europea , y para los ciudadanos de la unión europea ( que yo sepa Ucrania no forma parte de la Unión Europea ) , que ayuda tenemos ? pagar y pagar y pagar y pagar.Esto es de risa por no decir otra cosa.

  7. Russia needs to get these media interviews located so they can take out Zelenskyy and whatever media host is doing the interview. Next picture of Zelenskyy should be on the cover of Vogue with a RIP!

  8. Zelinsky, turn to the Lord stop your lying, and step down from presidency. You need to apologize it’s OK if you can do it all these people. That you were supposed to be governing, that is supposed to be an honor to govern people not to kill people. And then lie and say what time is the one that needs to be arrested for War crimes, if there’s even such a thing,cause everything is fair in love and war.You did it to yourself Zylinski you listen to these idiots,You need to work it out with Putin, you need to repent you need to step down you need to stop lying.

  9. I am not a USA citizen so I see this clearly not emotionally. ON Sept 11, 2001 19 Militants were responsible for 3,000 deaths (3000) the terrorist country was labeled a TERRORIST , It happened IN 1 (ONE) day -that right one day. The world saw USA was the VICTIM. I fail to see HOW a President of USA can say Putins a terrorist but not label RUSSIA A TERRORIST state. Does Russia have to send 19 militants to USA and kill 3000 people first? NOW compare the 1 day USA endured TERRORISM to 6 months and 2 weeks of TERRORISM in UKRAINE , compare 3000 deaths of Americans to the number of UKRAINIAN citizens men women and children could be millions who have been murdered in Ukraine, soldiers set 11,000 tl unknown far exceeds any suffering of 911. NOW please someone tell me how Biden can say Russia is not a terrorist state but IRAN CUBA North Korea AND SYRIA ARE.

  10. Instead of trying to find a way out where he can gain back all Ukrainian territories, he is projecting a victory that is far from real.

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