The Illuminati is Trying to Recruit Me Again!

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The Illuminati is back! And they are looking for recruits! Or…are they just looking for a way to scam you? I’ll take you down the rabbit hole and tell you what you need to know.

I used to generate fake faces.

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “The Illuminati is Trying to Recruit Me Again!

  1. I was asking since the very start of the video: the Illuminati coming from Nigeria? Close, as Cameroon borders Nigeria to the south, so… (not surprising)

    At least someone confessed up front… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Please and pls sir help me, I have been texting you on twitter and you ain’t replying seems like you are a very busy person

  3. The faces that don't exist, like I understand that they technically don't exist cause it's AI but I feel like there are definitely people out there that look like that

  4. 3:04 – "6 Black Rams" – Two weeks ago I've bought a 2 x 16 GB DDR4 kit G.Skill Ripjaws. Black. Do six of these sticks run triple channel? Just asking.

  5. The illuminati? Nah, that's boring. I'd rather join the secret society that has hidden knowledge of all the erotic things. You know, the Illuminaughty!

  6. Those traceable links are awesome, I sell a lot of equipment online and usually soon as I post anything I get three or four texts from random numbers trying to get them vin reports or PayPal information and I always give them a traceable link lol it’s fun shaking them idiots up in the evening

  7. Darn it! I was hoping I would hear about you seeing stars and minutes. Seeing Beyonce, Cardi B, Jay-Z, Obama, and Dave Chappelle and then eating the M&M. Shananana.

  8. I know no ne here particularly cares, but… Baphomet isn't even a Pagan god; he was made up to accuse the Templars of heresy and take their power… And money lmao
    Any meaning Baphomet has taken on since then was attributed by people that knew nothing about the character's origin.

  9. Mr. Green I'm surprised you found out about the Illuminati just now has it been around since United States was born. Not only that you could find Illuminati the history background on Tubi you can find that app on your phone on the Roku. Not only that you can look on the behind the dollar bill the evolved seeing eye it is in witchcraft as well is the third eye it doesn't mean God is looking up on you it means the third eye. In spiritualism and Illuminati as well. So the the Illuminati has been around for. And not only that the two movies about the Illuminati it calls the skull and then the second movie called the skull the both part of the Illuminati. Because the skulls represent Treasury. Did you know all the president of United States was part of the Illuminati until this day, even movie stars all the famous people and yes even Christian music as well . I do know who I found out about Illuminati there's a guy on the YouTube channel his channel is called the day of judgment . And he talks about the Illuminati and the famous people and one world order religion and and society and all that crap and he's a born-again Christian as well. They just keep poisoning as with all this junk what they're doing to to us. It's due One world organization. And there's going to be a one word organization church when one world order currency. If you believe in the Bible. So yeah the Illuminati is upon us is called the one world order on the Big brother compilation all the presents other countries are in on it. If you see a triangle that means a part of the Illuminati if you see a hand over the eyes that's part of the Illuminati have most movie stars and singers do it. If you see triangle over the mouth that's part of illuminati. All this symbolism you need to watch out because they doing it secretly and behind our backs even the handshakes a part of the Illuminati no different handshakes they do you probably need to check them out. Illuminati is a false teaching an occult. Because they worship the goat god

  10. Do not trust those guys…. I paid them the $250 and they sent me White Rams !!!! The ceremony specifically asks for Black Rams !! Now I'm out $500 waiting for my black rams and am stuck with 6 white rams…

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