Trouble with Online Classifieds | A Scam Story #1

Have you ever tried selling something online and had to deal with scammers? I’m trying to sell my couches and I’ve got someone texting who seems pretty suspicious. I’ve decided to document my interactions with him. What do you think? Is this guy for real?


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36 thoughts on “Trouble with Online Classifieds | A Scam Story #1

  1. I can't believe these people are targeting KSL. Does KSL know this? I think most people would figure out this was a scam, but not many elderly people would.

  2. I received a similar message, he wanted to pay me 800.00 more than I was asking for the TV, and he would have a moving truck arriving, he would send a check. funny how same type of story.

  3. I've used USPS a lot for time sensitive parcels, and anytime a tracking number is generated, the origin facility is always listed because that is where it enters the system as paid postage. sure, scans often get missed in transit, but the origin facility will always be in the tracking history as soon as the shipping label is created, before it even goes on a vehicle for shipment, so that's a definitely red flag and a lie – it couldn't have had postage paid in Texas. there's no way an envelope can be mailed from Texas with registered tracking and say it is being shipped from California – there is always an entry for the physical acceptance of the parcel into the system, even if that's the only entry… I've had packages end up in the wrong state, or go 3000 miles across the country from its origin post office to my door and only ever get scanned the once the whole way, but the origin facility is basically the single aspect of tracking that can't be screwed up, because the very act of creating the tracking number happens in the origin zip code, it's literally the first piece of information tracked besides the destination address. 99% certain, sure as I can be without actually having worked for them. just for the benefit of others watching, regarding sketchy mail claims.

  4. I live in Alaska and I've seen a package leave California, go to Texas, Then Tennessee, then back to California then 3 cities in Washington, then Alaska.
    In fact a lot of packages come from Asia and I am thinking, "Anchorage Alaska is a Major hub, yet I pay huge fees for packages that actually land here via plane then fly to California to do this….wth."
    Most the time I make orders I see packages go in every wrong direction until they get here.

  5. I got this exact scam once! I deposited the check and told them I'd only pay them once it cleared.. needles to say, it never cleared. I did however continue to communicate with them and waste as much of their time as I possibly could. It was all I could do.

  6. Ben, shipping never makes sense. I live in N.W. Florida, near Destin. I bought an item online from Homestead,FL. The item went to Atlanta, GA then Pensacola and finally to me.
    Husband bought lego pieces from a guy in TX. It went to Nashville TN over to Atlanta, down to Jacksonville, then over to Defuniak Springs and the FedEx truck apparently drove 50 minutes south to us. There is a FedEx hub 25 minutes closer.

    It never makes sense 🤪🤦‍♀️

  7. Yo pleasant green! I live in Utah and I almost got scammed from my riding lawnmower. But I'm smart because of you and said NO SCAMMER

  8. Actually the postal service does do stupid stuff like that, if I send a letter from me to me it goes hundreds of miles just to come back!!!

  9. I shipped an item from Brooklyn NY going into Manhattan NY. It took USPS 2weeks to ship it there and it was shipped to NJ first before coming back to NY.

  10. I was talking to a scammer online before for 5 weeks. I was able to convince him I owned an electronics store and I was gonna ship him 20k worth of items to him. I also pretended to be an employee and I was on to his scam and I was gonna steal the items and tell the owner that they were shipped. The scammer ratted on the employee and told me to stop him and do the shipment myself. I also convinced the scammer I fired him and he tried to rob me and I was in the hospital for 2 weeks.

    It was a very fun.

  11. I almost got scammed by a Nigerian man in Lagos, He used a white ladies picture on OLX and he said he wanted to buy my iPhone X, and I should send it to Nigeria because "she" is in Nigeria for a conference

  12. I know it wasn’t the case here, but he’s right that things get sent out of the way to different facilities. If I want to mail something from Kentucky to Idaho, instead of getting a whole plane to take just a few packages, they’ll send it to a much larger state like New Jersey and then send it to Idaho.

  13. There was this guy wanting to buy a paintball gun from my friend and he tried to pull a check scam saying he is a marine biologist and can only pay with checks and most of his details didn’t add up and my friend asked him for proof he was a marine biologist and he never texted back. This happened in October of 2019

  14. While watching your video I remember before when I was romantically involved to scammers,over the phone. He end up revealing himself as well. They sent me a picture of their real identity. One of them even my Friend in Facebook. They're too young like late 20's or Early 20's. They told me the same reason of doing the scam. I even told them one day I am going to visit Nigeria and hopefully they like me they'll be glad to meet me in person.
    They're using numbers from USA through an application.
    He told me those things because he believes that I will love him more of he is going to reveal himself because that means he is seriously loving me. Of course, he also doubt at first because he was thinking I am going to report him to the police. So I told him I am not that powerful to do that. I am just an ordinary woman. Then there it goes ..
    I commented because the nme Michael is familiar to me. But am not sure if it's Emmanuel.

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