14-year-old faces murder charge after alleged egging prank

The teen is accused of fleeing through a red light and crashing into a pickup driven by Silvia Zavala, 45, who died instantly, according to police.

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  1. I’m confused.. the kid was throwing eggs then another car chased him and flashed a gun.. maybe I’m not understanding.. the kid was wrong of course but what about the chaser ..

  2. Some people be acting like animals now a days. Cage the animals. If they don't know how to act civilized then outcast them. Charges they missed, throwing things at vehicles, driving a vehicle without owner consent, reckless driving, manslaughter. Send him to the Penitentiary.

  3. America needs to make examples of the youth now a days. Quit pitting the criminals. Sacrifices one for the greater good. Lock him up and let him learn. Then show others "You see kids, here is exactly what NOT to do".

  4. Dumb kid send him to prison, but charge him for what he did. Throwing objects at vehicles. He took a vehicle with out consent. Reckless driving. He killed someone due to his stupidity not malice intent (manslaughter).

  5. Ok he shouldn't have been in the car in the first place, that should be a manslaughter Charge not murder for two. And lastly why does the kid get a murder charge and yet the guy who chased him gets away free, hell the kid was probably distracted by that guy in the first place. But overall, I send my condolences to Her and her family

  6. Man that sucks. But he's just a kid a murder charge is a bit much. He'll live with it for the rest of life and every one deserves a chance at redemption. Manslaughter should be the charge. And he shouldn't be tried as an adult. No use ruining two lives for ever

  7. Throwing eggs at cars obviously isn't right, but chasing back at them at 60 mph is a lot worse and an over reaction in my opinion. If someone threw an egg at me while I was driving id just mutter "Fucking kids" then drive off, and call the cops too (because kids are driving, not because I have to spend 2 mins washing the egg off later). It really is tragic that the mother died, but this was preventable by both parties

  8. All of these reckless assholes need to be locked up. The driver, the other teens and the chaser in the other vehicle. All of their actions were reckless. All of them led to this and all of them should pay.
    Poor family. They need to get some justice and nobody's hands are clean in this

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