2 kids hurt after wind sends trampoline flying

A backyard trampoline was caught in a blast of wind and picked up over a wall with two young boys on top. One was seriously injured.


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  1. This is WHY you should use tent stakes to anchor it to the ground. I THOUGHT this was common sense?! πŸ˜’ Even if kids arent on it – if you get a storm with even minor winds the damn thing goes flying. So to prevent damage to the trampoline, or damage to your property it should always be anchored. Smh. I hope the kids are alright.

  2. Of course now the parents can't sue the wind so you know they gonna sue whoever made the trampoline indeed of teaching common sense

  3. .. Parents need to start thinking man weird parents nowadays put some sandbags on all sides of the bars that'll hold it to the ground or use picks into the ground.. If you know you have high winds in your area think

  4. How many more children are going to fall victim to these infernal devices?! We need common sense trampoline laws now!!

  5. Mother " damit timmy the one time you dont have your fat friend from school you need him so you dont blow away" hey man this happened to my children too it caught on my light post I'm so happy because it would have been much worse if it didn't its amazing these things are so heavy even with two kids adding roughly 150 175 pounds to it its amazing my dog dont blow away just happy they wernt harmed any more than they were

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