2 people try revolutionary drug to keep from going blind l Nightline

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Monroe Le, 6, and Heather Hodlin, 25, each have Leber congenital amaurosis, or LCA. They both underwent a revolutionary replacement gene injection to keep their worlds from going dark.

Gene therapy gives people with inherited eye disease a new perspective on life

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  1. I can relate to Heather, this has been my whole life. However, my genetic diseases is called differently, but totally relatable. I am sadden that they cut it off, and not showed the results. I feel that if there may b a cure for something so close in mutation, there should b coming something close to mine. I just want to see my children grow up… plus it’s in USA, and in LA area🙏🏼#cureforRPplease

  2. Plot twist the operation was a failure the creators were scamming all patients lost vision after operation. Smh

  3. I'd rather not watch episodes where you upload only half of the show and force us to go to a website where if you're outside of the United States you cant watch. That makes 0 sense.

  4. Man has the technolgy to cure cancers and also fix human parts of the body .but they wont release it .people get better living .but the big companys dont like it .to depened on the system health care now .money in keeping humans sick all the time

  5. Today’s my birthday & I woke up feeling depressed due to being so Broke!
    After watching this , I realize I have absolutely no right to sulk or be sadden !

  6. After my laser surgery at 18, I had almost perfect vision. But sadly now in my mid 20s my vision has decreased to the point of me having to wear glasses and will soon be worse than before I had my surgery. The one thought that comes back to me is, as a child watching the tree tops every year get more and more blurred as I swung on the swing set with my grandmother. Before surgery I couldn't see my hand at arms length.

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