2020 presidential hopefuls flock to SXSW

Several 2020 presidential hopefuls are in Austin, Texas, for the popular cultural and tech festival SXSW. CBS News political correspondent Ed O’Keefe joined CBSN to discuss his conversations with Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

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  1. Everything after the 24th second is…..nevermind…..I'll pause and wait another 4 or 8 years… May the best can (candidate)win

  2. Starbucks and privacy issues – what a joke! Why doesn’t he fix the security in Starbuck “free” WiFi & set an example for other corporations! And to run as a Independent means you’re a Republican tool (& I don’t want to hear about Sanders as HE is running in Dem primary & will support whoever gets the nomination.) I do find it rather hilarious, as SxSW has became such an overcrowded event, esp for those of us who remember what it once was like, that adding a bunch of candidates & their fundraisers to the milieu does seem the logical step! And, having lived in TX for 37 years, if the Hispanic and Millennial vote continues to rise, it will be blue – & soon.

  3. You have to remember all these people they show are going to spend millions and millions of dollars trying to become the president. Why you making measly $12 an hour trying to pick which one you think is going to be the best.

  4. it's ironic because Austin is a city with a booming economy and it's because it's in a freedom loving Red State like Texas… and then Democrats come to Austin to preach the types of polices that have ruined their own States and have causes mass exodus ( like New York, Detroit and St Louis )

  5. Most if not all of them been sitting in congress for years and the nation is messed up so why would any of these feckless individuals get one vote to sit in the oval office to complete the mess they have already made.They still don't listen to the people and pass what they like not what the people want or demand.One side came up with the rich need a tax break and never looked up the word rich before they did it,the other side has been picking off parts of the constitution like jelly beans and passing laws without reading it first i.e. we gotta pass it to see whats in it.

  6. why is it when a new president is elected into the white House society has to change rules and regulations policies and guidelines procedures we get use to one presidents set of laws then we are forced to change to another presidents set of laws Obama care then it's called affordable Care act, then something else will change. nothing in politics makes sense anymore.

  7. SCHULTZ says what Warren is offering is not a solution then says we should just "have a conversation based on civility" with the leaders of big tech. That is his solution? WOW! inspiring dude.

  8. The democrats debates will be a hoot except that some of the proposals we'll hear will be so stupid and so absurd we may shake our heads in disbelief so rapidly that we may suffer brain damage.

  9. Biden will be the next president. Thank God. Great group of dems running, but with Obama's support Biden will dominate the field. Now more then ever we do not need another experiment.

  10. Mao and Lenin preached the same crap Bernie Sanders is preaching. Has anyone taken a look at the faces of Bernie’s supporters? They got the same uneducated and uninformed faces over 50 years ago.

  11. Castro? Are you Fidel Castro’s nephew?😀 nice try, pal. Oh, by the way, you look like a transgender who’s begging to get rear ended. But, I guess a few Latinos may give you a few votes. Good luck, trans.

  12. Democrats don't let voters choose their candidates. Democracy doesn't exist in the Democrat Socialist party they've proven that in Court.

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