A disturbing confrontation between a Sacramento police officer and a man accused of jaywalking

Police are conducting a criminal investigation after video shows the officer repeatedly punching the man.


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  1. This whole system of policing needs to be operated like the military . A panel needs to be created between the mayor, a member of the federal govt., and a civilian board of 3 city council members as 3 community activists. Get rid of this bullshit police internal affairs. This in my opinion would eliminate a lot of tax payers money spent on stupid bullshit police actions, reduce unnecessary police killings and possibly create more trust and cooperation between the rogue racist cops and decent law abiding citizens. This system in place now is going to result in more deaths in civilians and law enforcement. The fact that Selective Enforcement has a propensity for very serious violence is becoming more ominous every day and eventually the military will become involved, which is something the Russians and Chinese would love to see.

  2. As dangerous as it sounds, people need to exercise their right to make citizens arrests….and jump on these cops when shit like this happens. Start carrying tasers and handcuffs. What would send a more powerful message than a cuffed cop being dropped off in front of the Internal Affairs Office.

  3. This cop has a little dick thats why they all so aggressive they all have little dicks and they hate their lives for it their wives and gfs leave them 98% of the time these cops are pussies that got beat up growing uo so they take it out on ppl whennthey get older

  4. This is not news, this is America! There are to many videos from all over this country for them to be unusual in the way the public are treated by their untrained and undisciplined police force. The American Constitution is being treated as though it does not exist …. what is wrong with you people, the rest of the civilised World is laughing at you, wake up.

    R.Rogers 7/6/2019

  6. There’s parts of the video missing .. why did the guy say fight me to the police officer.. did the police officer threaten him before ? There’s always two sides

  7. People here are so dumb. He said fight me. Say that shit in China or any other Authoritarian country and see what happens. Bunch of entitled brats.

  8. Really paid administraded leave this Asshole tyrant ganster thug CRIMINAL PIG COP is clearly guilty of battery his punk ass should be charged and handcuffed and thrown in the back of a police car. and taken to jail and booked for felony aggravated battery and his PUNKASS fired from the force never to work as a 🐖 pig ever again this kind of ASSHOLE NAZI should never have been a 🐖 pig. Cops earning the hate pieces of shit.!!!!!!!

  9. We are the Children of Israel. This will continue to happen until we stop trusting in oppression.

    Luke 18:7-8
    [7]And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?
    [8]I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

    Pray to God for justice. The real Christ the Black one. He will deliver us and have mercy on us. Pray for justice. Keep Gods commandments and live. We are the Children of Israel. The truth matters until we return to our God we will continue to suffer this Hatred and deny the obvious truth we are hated by all nations.

  10. Jay walking and he didn't get shot six times? wow this went fairly well. Wait till the sovereign debt crises manifest as hyper inflation and the gansta self righteous cops saving the world from jay walkers must now figure out a way to rob people of their property and sell it to pay their pensions and salary that docent seem to buy enough milk anymore….. oh wait its already started its called asset forfeiture.. Impounded and sold your car because cop thought you thought you might like to get high in vehicle.. that's all it will take and now you ridding uber.. Thanks for protecting and serving the fuck out of us POLICE..

  11. Why do you challenge a cop to a fistfight?, what would happen if you are winning?get your ticket and easily win in court you were not jaywalking.

  12. The next travon lol lol wow and once again a black person not following police orders challenges cop to a fight cop beats his ass and now cop is in trouble WTF dude had a warrant to LMFAO

  13. Not indicative, getting sick and fucking tired of hearing "not indicative ", they should be saying "we got caught violating someone's rights."

  14. This has nothing to do with training and everything to do with an unprovoked, extremely violent attack on an innocent Citizen by an utterly lawless uniformed thug.

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