American tourist freed in raid by French forces in Burkina Faso

The tourist was rescued with three other foreign nationals after being kidnapped from a national park in Benin.


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  1. it's very strange that a "cheese eating surrender monkeys " could give his life for a american woman….! shame on us !
    so sorry for these in peace brothers!

  2. Am tired of those "Bohemian-Hipster" people who believe in a human world. Every year, it's the same that we have to rescue them or paying randsome paid by Tax payer! The four hostages are just selffish people!!!
    The 2 brave special forces who trained 20 years to reach that level of skills, are killed now.

  3. This can make one extremely angry! 2 French commandos were killed rescuing careless tourists in a place where no one should be on vacation?!?! What?!?!?! If tourists want to go there, it should be totally at their on risk and NOT to expect any help if anything like this happens. This was a total misuse of special forces in this type of situation. The state departments should have negotionated a deal that could have taken weeks, months, or years instead. It would have served them right!

  4. There is alot of natural resources in the region that are extracted by western multinationals that give little back to local communities… most of those companies employ expatriates from their country. The locals get poor and they start looking for other ways to make money among which kidnapping to get ransom money… same shit, different resources all across Africa. Oil for Boko Haram, fish for Somalian pirates…

  5. So two white men were sacrificed so 3 worthless dumb social justice warrior leftists can virtue signal they are not racist.
    I say give us back our 2 dead white men and you can have the 3 dumb leftists.

  6. So our Complete Idiot Aryans/CIA was unaware there was an American there. Too busy stroking themselves to tRump posters?
    Thanks to the courageous French special forces. God bless you.

  7. 2 heroes last their lives because these idiot tourists believe the world is about happy happy sunshine. Call me harsh but these 2 men were far more valuable to the world than those 3 tourists. My condolences to the families

  8. Do your own homework before you visit any parts of a country because there are ample information in today's age in the internet. Unlike, olden days when we had no digital map, GPS, internet information or social media, and travelling was tougher. The help of technology made travelling very easy if someone does his homework.

  9. Should’ve stayed out of Africa!! I have no sympathy for tu’babs who get themselves into trouble in our lands. Tourism by the colonizers should be limited, and their army thrown out. They’ve already done enough damage, now with their shadow wars it seems they’re trying to do even more damage while on surface still acting like our “friends”. If you wanna study our culture, fine but don’t repeat the past sins of your ancestors by disrespecting Africa, and don’t just go there just because you wanna vacation on safari…

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