Arizona teacher arrested for allegedly having sex with 13-year-old

Police say sixth-grade teacher Brittany Zamora allegedly exchanged lewd texts with one of her students and had sex with him in the classroom multiple times.


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  1. They are both guilty. He should control his actions and she should control hers. She is the wrong one in this situation but he also should've been smarter.

  2. That's messed up. Dad is right, his kid is a victim. At that age you can't make right decisions. That teacher was very good looking! She could have almost had any real man. But to go after a kid, smh. That's a pedophile!

  3. Lucky kid 👌 "Its a violation of trust" lol yea sure. There is no such thing as the word trust in this world. Now if its a man doing that to a student then that's wrong simply because a man can physically over power.. in this case the boy had many outlets to resist if he truly wished to. We all have our own moral compass's so it makes me sick how we are governed on what we can and can't do…rules and regulations manifested by people no smarter then you and I. Do we agree? Who gives a fuck! It only matters what the 2 conspirators feel. Period.

  4. “I’m little, they’re going to tear me apart”… Maybe you should of thought about that before you committed such disgusting acts.

  5. In all of these cases, they had a relationship! I don’t think it is “abuse”. It is sick but I’m sure those boys were really enjoying pounding that jay-jay and bragging about it!

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