Beijing officials condemn Hong Kong protests in rare press conference

Beijing officials spoke out about the growing unrest in Hong Kong for the first time at a press conference on Monday. The territory has been plagued by a political crisis for the past two months. Georgetown University professor Matthew Kroenig joins CBSN to discuss the conflict.

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  1. Useless just to condemn those savages by words of mouth. Serious action is needed to restore law and order and to punish those responsible for the chaos.

  2. Kids on primary and kindergarten in HK were asked if their parents went to support the protest… If yes the kid gets a treat if not gets nothing.
    At the end of the day pro-protest flyers were send to the parents via children😓😓
    What a low level from education establishments 🤬
    My kid handed me the paper saying that the teacher is Evil💪💪💪

  3. Western support ???? What ???? Typial raction of an authoritrian, autocracy. When your rigid autocratic policies are resisted by your people which is as predictable as post laxativve bowel movements, blame resistance on some third party that enjoys freedom and democracy. And when your technology starts to fail, say it's because when you tole it by reverse engineering, the owners did not provide the technical manuals.

  4. Protestors should learn the tactics of how the U.S. almost wiped out the Native Americans and use it on the PLA, then send the remaining patriotic Hongkees who waved U.K. and U.S. flags to share the reservations in Arizona, Wyoming, North Dakota with our extremely wealthy casino Indians, so they can chew on democracy popsicles everyday, vote their tribal leaders, enjoy vastly superior health care, say whatever PC incorrect stuff, admire the shinning new infrastructure, fall in love with the welcoming hands of white people.

    They will also love the daily TV dramas of a highly productive Congress and a fantastic high I.Q. diplomatic president, daily shooting fireworks to celebrate the second amendment, and overwhelming clean and noncorrupt government who makes lightening speed decisions.

  5. C'mon , be frank about NED involvement in HK. One Country, Two System has gone through 22 years since 1997. There were protest in between but never at such level until China rise which demagogue Trump afraid his MAGA ( MTFG ) threatened thus taking aimed at Huawei and followed up with Tariff Trade War which hurt both party. And an Extradition Bill proposal by HK Legco was the opportunity to destabilized HK till China intervention. Since June, weekly protest held with protesters getting more violence and abusive, forcefully break into Legislative Building then at China Council building. Protesters embolden to such manner as most HK media are bias ( Here's an example of Freedom of Press ) Protesters violence were never denounce while riot police control were reported as heavy handed and extreme. Human Rights ? Trump did very well in "CHILD SEPARATION" and "CONCENTRATION CAMP" too. Democracy , Freedom of Speech and Human Right ? Be honest , Its only being term exist by imperialist nation to further their supremacy and world order. Weaponized theses 3 wonderfully used as excuse for regime change are sovereignty of the country at the hands of her liberator .

  6. Hong Kong doesn't want to be part of their "Globalist Communism." Very sad just like U.S. does not want globalist New World Communist DisOrder. It is enslavement your complete life reduced to being a humanoid robot your an "it" and have no voice..

  7. This journalist is lying about many things. The protest is mostly about the extradition bill but not about they want to overturn the CCP. But a good way to spread the west propaganda. And hey, colored people in the US were not allowed to sit with the whites in the 60s, given how racist Trump and his supporters are, will that be coming back again? I meant you always mentioned the Tiananmen square would happen again…

  8. China is in great danger. You know why? US no longer welcomes any china investments to USA. US see too much abuse of power in China. US is going to pass the bill New Communist Chinese Exclusion Act. Mainlander investment isn't welcome. :/

  9. Either fight for freedom now or loose forever in 2047. China communist will take over Hong Kong completely in 2047, which is only 28 years from now.

  10. Well now that's a shocker. Communist Dictatorship China doesn't like protests. Ya don't say…..😂🤣😂🤣

  11. China taking over in Hong Kong would be like having your personal privacy taken from you here in America.


    China simply can't press this situation. They need to back off. Take the long view, China. It's been 5,000 years. What's a few more?

  12. *When the State Leader is INCONSISTENT with His own DECISIONS…! It is only Natural for the PEOPLE to PROTEST like that, and Naturally the Government admits its GUILT and Apologizes to its People and again Does Not Repeat the Same bad deeds as its Face! Make Yourself the Handsome Man and Capable EVERYTHING! HM!

  13. our view is that we don't want white devils like matthew kroening poking his neoliberal authoritarian nose in our business and talking smack about issues he knows nothing about. georgetown university – LMAO – no wonder all americans are so ignorant and stupid. warmongering neoliberal schmuck

  14. Maybe the Communist Party of China should end instead.

    Still will not stop Chinese tourists from shitting on floors in public within sight of a restroom.

  15. China's in a tough spot. If it goes soft on Hong Kong, it will make future moves on Taiwan extremely difficult. If it goes beast mode, it won't be good for PR. I'll bet they go beast mode and will crush the Hong Kongers. Their aim is on Taiwan.

  16. Really ramming in that chinese communist party whenever he gets a chance. It doesn’t take a genius to see it’s not that simple. they have a technocratic authoritarian government with a capitalist free market with huge government investment. That’s not called communist it’s called, investing in their own local businesses which is why they have the largest middle class in the world and an exploding economy. They’re just governed by a dynasty, not communist. How did this mouth piece get a teaching job, at freaking Georgetown????

  17. Well, I'm sure the protesters will immediately apologize and go home now that the Chinese government has complained about them.

  18. third party mediator…. lol, sure, because we see the world coming out to support the people of Hong Kong. Too busy drinking a cup of stfu tea.

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