Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo defends his handling of sexual abuse crisis I Nightline


Malone has been embroiled in scandal ever since his former secretary leaked internal church documents to an investigative reporter.

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  1. That’s what they do play with the sexuality so that accuser can give a testimony 😒 church is the scam I promise you find Jesus on your own don’t allow no man to tell you to be the light of the world that gives them the fuel to blame the world ( you have been warned)

  2. This man clearly enjoys the paedophilic perks of catholic orders that his colleagues and brother rapists think of ‘the lords work’. Wipe the cum off the bible and go to jail.

  3. 9:56 – asking for clarification/distinction about the question (coupled with his blubbering like Porky Pig!) are all signals that he is lying or trying to figure out how to technically tell the truth while lying by the sin of omission.

    "The half-truth is always the ally of a vice." – G.K. Chesterton

  4. Fr. Riter and Bishop Malone are all part of a homo-predator subculture that started in the early/middle of the 20th century.
    This needs to be rooted out of the seminaries (particularly the junior seminaries) as well as the chanceries/diocesan offices and the "good people in place" that continue to keep this going.

    Bishop Malone is not going to be part of the solution because he is part of the problem. He keeps pretending to be addled, while he lawyers-up and stays silent. (See to view him confronted by a journalist at the airport with his handler pretending that she's being assaulted and prevented from moving by the journalist, in order to avoid answering any questions.)

  5. Nobody talks about the God who knew this would happen from before the beginning of time. The all knowing all powerful God.
    Keep sucking out the demons.
    Foolish believers who do not read the book of faith. The doomed children who are offered up as a sheep
    mentality allows for the turning of the other cheek.
    If the religious don't bother who are we to judge. Separation of church and state.
    OMG what a goof on the faithful. You are the protector of your family. Not a born into sin, educated, non wife having, along with a tacit authority handed him by the parents for the children.

  6. Always angry and defending the priests. I grew up in the church, priests would get shuffled around if things came up. Disgusting to use your position of power and influence in the name of Jesus to recruit both boys and girls to molest and abuse. This is not what Jesus wanted for it's leaders. A lot stems from the fact that marriage is not allowed with Priests. Next best thing is to abuse and use children as sex slaves.

  7. He messed up at the very end when he said honestly and 100%. Sounded so uncertain and he wanted to say 100% first but he knew it wasn’t true and he doesn’t want to lie cuz he’s a minister lmao… so sad

  8. All religions are sick like this, they believe in this gay shit, like mutilation. sex with kids. and touching kids. Making the kids swallow there cum so they can be closer to god 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. Also biting the Forskin off of newborn babies 👶👶👶👶 and the rabbi putting his mouth on the newborns penis then the baby dies from diseases 😣😣😣🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 all religion leaders are sick sick

  9. Religion is man's "Get Out of Hell Free" card….doesn't matter what you do, just say sorry to the handyman.

  10. Maybe the bishop is a pedophile who knows ? It’s not religion it’s devil people hiding behind the collar. The reporter only wanted titillating stories. He pursued the woman who worked there. Why is he still a catholic? Why expose your children go possible sexual abuse. He’s not very credible himself. .

  11. Spent 7 years in Buffahole, the epitome of a filthy shitstain of a city and people to match. The women look more like men than the men do, and their idea of dressing up is wearing a Bills hat and a Sabres jersey, and all of the men consider Archie Bunker their hero and idol!

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