Botham Jean’s brother embraces ex-cop Amber Guyger, who was convicted of his murder | Nightline

Brant Jean said his older brother would want the best for Amber Guyger, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for Jean’s murder.



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  1. What a beautiful tribute to Christ Jesus and to his brother. We rarely get to see mercy triumph over justice, but that's what is needed for healing!

  2. Well y'all…she was having an affair w/her Hispanic partner on the force & now she oh so accidentally killed a black man…so my conspiracy theory is that she likes men of color & was fooling around w/the man she killed…y else would the brother be so nice to her?

  3. If brandt Jean was in that apt that night, she probably would've shot him too. Its a shame how mind fuc#ed Nubian ppl have become. Ppl want us to be nice, when has the world treated us great?

  4. This boy is obviously retarded he should not been able to stand trial in the Bible it states they shall not commit murder even asking for forgiveness is not going to save from eternal life in hell as stated in the Bible he is confusing on what the Bible teaches regardless she was spending eternal life in hell it states it in the Bible I bet you he writes her everyday

  5. The judge felt empathy for her.shes a criminal who killed a human she shot him twice she don’t deserve no hugs she’s a killer racist cop!!!!Why the judge felt bad for her makes no sense why is the judge even bringing religion into this case or even feeling bad for a criminal people do more time for bullshit how she get 10 yrs only!!!!! This is not justice this is crazy bullshit!!!! Black people have to stick together and put a stop to this racist shit !!!!

  6. The Holy Spirit was working in that court room, not only there but in the hearts and minds of everyone who has witnessed this. That young man showed the compassion and love of Jesus Christ, who died that all sinners who believe in Him may be forgiven and redeemed, and then receive new life because of His resurrection. Brandt Jean showed Amber great love in the face of a tremendous trial of loosing his brother. He showed mercy instead of condemnation, love instead of hate. What an example of love and forgiveness! And the judge was compelled to do the same, because this young man is not ashamed of his faith in Christ Jesus, This is the same forgiveness Jesus gives, unconditional, which He displayed on the Cross, for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

  7. MAN this boy is a much bigger person than me or any man I have ever seen in my 48 years….he is a child of God, no doubt. This judge tho….totally improper coming from the bench in the presence of the victims family

  8. You see the pilice walkup as to protect her.

    Meritorious Manumission! Our ppl are on the same edge of returning the second TERM
    into SLAVERY.

    What if it was a Black police who killed the son? Who she be as Christian? He smoked MARIJUANA mostly like Roland sold tio him. And, why was he seated in an unlocked door? He was not as Christian smokibg Marijuana that Roland distributes.😆😂😁😀😆😃🤣😅😆😂😁

  9. I am so upset at his brother for hugging this ugly! Evil alien looking ass bitch! I wouldn’t be able to hug someone that didn’t care about shooting my brother! I wouldn’t be able to forgive someone that cared about loosing their job more then she cared about taking my brothers life!!!💔😡😢 she’s gonna talk about him and laugh at him for hugging and forgiving her after she killed his brother!!! Amber is full of shit! And she’s a psychotic racist!!!

  10. People are soooo ignorant!!!
    The judge spoke with the Jean family and presented Amber with a bible and talked about the lord then gave a hug. TMZ and other media’s are just doing what they do and ruining this ground breaking moment of forgiveness and world lesson not to hate and find another freaking way!!!

  11. Botham went to be with Jesus. We think thats a punishment? Hes celebrating in Heaven, not even thinking about this life. When you know Christ, you know where yourr going and not afraid to put off these body vessels we get to be in for a short time. Heaven rejoices over 1 sinner who repents.

  12. 10 years !!!!!! oops, i almost forgot it is a cop , she will have chance to have children , and get promoted in her "line of duty" ..

  13. This is Amazing Grace!!!

    I would hope with any race or sex we would all be able to set aside our anger (not pain) and forgive and let God be the Judge, not ourselves.

    We all need to hit rock bottom in order to stop and let God work in our lives. I pray this will be her turning point where she can stop following herself and start following Christ.

    I pray for this grieving family. For the mother and for the son. I also pray for the former officer, that justice will be serviced but that she will be saved.

    Micah 6:8, Jeremiah 29:11, John 3:16

  14. Everything about this is wrong she wanted to kill him, Men who don't pay child support get more time in jail then her

  15. Leader? A person that doesn't care for her/his people is not a leader. African/African Americans do not need such a leader there are too many of these types of African/African Americans. Both Africans and African Americans need a different kind of leader a leader that says enough is enough and that we are people too we matter our people matter our blood matter and we are equal. She shot to kill she shot him in the heart its simple. What a mess what kind of law is this? she gets 10 years and a parole after 5 years what's the point of arresting her just let her go.
    If there was a decent law in America it would apply to everyone not just black people but theres no law in America. Its an anarchy

  16. I know a black man who bought $30 worth of weed from a undercover cop and has LIFE WITH NO PAROLE! So nobody can't tell me the JUSTICE SYSTEM IS @#$&+* UP! I believe there was a HIT ON HIS LIFE and they ROLE PLAYED the whole thing! But GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH!

  17. Omg, enough… black people, stop the foolishness. These acts of forgiveness do nothing but make them think, they can just walk into our apartments and murder us!

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