CBS News poll: Support for legal marijuana use up to 65 percent

A new CBS News poll says Americans’ support for legal marijuana use is now at 65 percent, up from 45 percent just six years ago. But a majority of Americans say it would make no difference if a presidential candidate supported legal use. Many 2020 Democrats are embracing the idea. Mona Zhang, who covers the marijuana beat, joined CBSN to discuss its impact on the presidential race.


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  1. As a severely injured disabled veteran's wife, I think legalizing marijuana nationwide is quite an important issue to someone like my husband. we go to the VA hospital every other week and talk to fellow veterans in the waiting room. Most of them agree marijuana could ease their physical pain when any other pain killers can't fix anything anymore.

  2. I am ONLY voting for candidates that are FOR legalizing marijuana. Now that we’ve finally legalized in Michigan I’m voting every chance I get, for pro legalization candidates. So many people became law abiding citizens as soon as we legalized, national legalization should be next.

  3. Just legalize it already, and stop testing us federal workers! I don't understand why this issue is so hard for lawmakers to understand. They'll vote on a budget increase in 2 days but God forbid the American people legally smoke a plant without repercussions.

  4. Once it becomes legal, you will know it's unhealthy for you. Doctors only push what causes health effects so that you can "pay" them a visit.

    Example: Alcohol leads people into debt to emergency rooms very quickly. 19% of my family has died to this.

    I am smoking weed while typing this, so I am not against it, but I am having concerns on what the governments motives look like.

  5. I hate to tell you their champ but those of us to do smoke marijuana and I have smoked marijuana for over 40 years we never paid attention to the law because the law is fake it doesn't exist it's not real and there are only 11 laws that matter the ten commandments and the greatest commandment of Jesus Christ after that it's all just made-up nonsense and I'm going to smoke some pot in your honor right now.

  6. This issue is very important to me. I have chronic pain and am opioid resistant. Cannabis is the only thing that works. My state doesn't even have medical. The last time I bought some it was laced. I don't have the resources to move my family where it is legal. I'm stuck between a rock and a very hard place.

  7. That's because the elderly are using Cannabis for their ailments and people are realizing it's Safer than ALL drugs including safer than pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol
    Looking for a OPEN MINDED candidate for President and competent and will uphold his position as President with ethics and morals and values the American people over party and big Money and corporate influence to do what is right for America and it's Lands!

  8. A natural herb from the earth, unlike opoids chemically made true "drugs". The greedy pharmaceutical companies now see the money even though they don't give a f*ck about the healthier for human consumption aspect. I'll take it anyway we can get it.

  9. I quit smoking marijuana when they legalized it in Colorado where i lived haven't smoked it for about four years now and don't miss it, i think if marijuana is totally legal more people would quit.

  10. With the " Opioid Crises" and 54% percent of the precribed medicine being cut or reduced followed by people not wanting overall to give up driving privledges or not have their rights to their guns, I feed if a candidate is for marijuana, a candidate will have more support however on the same note, votes should not be based on who approves or does not, it should be based on what overall a canidate can be capable of to benefit the country in a number of ways, not just the one.

  11. Legal doesn’t mean it’s good for you. I get how it can be a harm reduction drug and the pain relief medicinal properties. Like other pain relievers it alleviates the symptoms but doesn’t cure it. What are the long term health effects of legal marijuana? More lung cancer if smoked? Don’t think we have the full facts. Legal marijuana is synonymous with Diet Coke or low tar cigarettes. Still bad for us.

  12. Our courts and our prisons are clogged with people who use weed. And the drug test to get a job , is really just a weed test, because it stays in a person's body for so long. The reason your body will RETAIN THC, in your body, is because it is not a toxin like alcohol, or other drugs that your liver and kidney have to work hard to get rid of. Your body recognizes cannibanoids as nutrition, and stores it in fat cells to use later. This has caused the drug testing to be discriminate against people who use weed. The criminal justice system has made a lot of money, and locked many people up, because of this unfair law. And people have been denied jobs. This has made it hard for people who use, to take care of themselves and their families. It is time to legalize Marijuana. It is time to really educate people about drugs and the use of substances. There are safe and effective ways to use herbs, suppliments, vitamins, recreational drugs,mind altering substances, alcohol and pot. Education about what substances do to your body, and how they effect different people in different ways, is important. Knowing how to safely use , and what drugs can't be used safely, due to genetics, and chemistry of an individual's unique body, is imperative to combating drug abuse. And it will give people more choices when it comes to alcohol or something else. If people are allowed to use Marijuana, then they won't drink as much. Some people are going to get plastered, no matter what.
    But I believe that schools should start early, teaching children the facts and the truth about drugs, medicine, alcohol, and Marijuana.
    The truth is the most important tool for everyone.

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