CDC probing 450 cases of ‘serious lung illness’ across 33 states l ABC News

Officials are looking into whether the illnesses may be related to specific vaping devices, other ingredients and/or possible contaminants. READ MORE:



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  1. Try this, do not vape oil based products, that is bad on the lungs, these automize they don't burn, I dyi my own juice I breath better since I started vaping and quit cigarettes, learn about vaping before you criticize or use a vape, one more time do not vape oil based products, they have purer forms of vaping THC ect…dont blame vaping it's what people have been putting in them, I know this is agenda, and I do know that cigarette smoking kills almost half a million people every year.😐

  2. Grow your own everything! Do you know how many people die from eating food, drinking water, using products made from carcinogenic chemicals, if you did you would stop buying anything from Walmart lol. You can’t trust anyone especially companies! When you find out that theirs rat poop in your food… especially cereal. When there are pesticides in all fruits and vegetables. When there is glycol in everything. What’s safe again? We are just guinea pigs. Oh and human dna in ground meats, and what is meat glue? It’s a beautiful world lol

  3. It is all about keeping the tobacco tax stream flowing. Notice they say nothing about flavored tobacco and alcohol. Those products kill millions.

  4. So all of them were smoking weed on it and the other ones were smoking weed and nicotine on it. why don’t you just clarify that and just say, don’t smoke weed on these devices! instead of trying to scare people to stop vaping.
    I don’t believe a word they say I don’t think that the weed or the nicotine we’re doing that either.

  5. How many people died from legal alcohol and smoking this week? Where’s that story? It’s illegal for teenagers. Who’s selling these illegally to teenagers? That’s the question.

  6. I say let it continue, thin the herd of sheep. You want to put vape sticks in your mouth who am I to tell you to stop. Suck it in and show them tobacco smokers your better than them lol.

  7. People are stupid quit making excuses. Your lungs are made for breathing not for inhaling anything else but oxygen. If you want to inhale anything else that’s on you. I’m a 59 year old baby boomer, we were the laboratory test animals ( smoking, drinking while pregnant, street drugs, drinking and driving, smoking on planes, smoking in theaters etc. , no seat belts, smoking with kids in car windows rolled up, no car seats, kids drinking household cleaning products, sticking items in electrical sockets, etc. ) for everything safe today. The science and research is out their don’t be stupid.

  8. This is a retarded ass news report. It’s the dumb asses who don’t know that getting black market wax carts has a really high risk of containing pesticides and out contaminating chemicals. Then these dumbasses who are smoking terrible carts are making mainstream causing a bad reputation for marijuana smoking. This has long ago been something known amongst the smoking community that getting boof carts is gonna make you sick. Stick to bud and wax from authorized dispensaries not ur local snap chat plug. 🙄. Can’t believe these news reports are really letting these dumbasses make main stream like get somebody professional on the topic of this so ppl would know that this is only from BLACK MARKET carts.

  9. Nobody's ignoring cigarettes. We've been pushing the D O N ' T S M O K E narrative for decades now, and Gen Z was almost the first generation to have negligible numbers of smokers. Now that vaping has become the next big craze, it's coming with some unseen side effects. Who fucking knew. Big Tobacco needs more people to buy their shit to make money, and while solvents in black market THC vapes might be causing this really rapid decline, I'd put money on future generations just scoffing at our naivety like we do with smokers now. Tax the ever loving shit out of any company selling tobacco or nicotine and leave it at that. Not to mention how disingenuous the narrative around marijuana is. It's almost like smoking anything can fuck up your lungs ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. I smoked cigarettes for 32 yrs & I started smoking vapor mod last Feb. & I can breath so much better. I don't cough when I wake up in the morning anymore. I think it depends on how much u inhale like the cloud, & the brand of juice. It does make u take more puffs cause of taste good (fruit ).

  11. I have to wonder if some of these manufacturers are filtering out waxes / lipids and that those may be accumulating in the lungs. When making my own vape pens I had to start filtering at 20 micron with a vacuum pump. If you don't filter them out not only will your fluids go rancid (organic fats WILL rot) but it will clog the tips. Then you have the whole issue with emulsion fluids. I was using food grade PG which, i have questions about in of itself. I still haven't figure out how the professionals manage to put >90% thc compounds into the carts; for example the fyre products are hard to match. At about 80% it becomes nearly impossible to deal with the goo. I tended to stick with 70% mixtures. My home made products beat the hell out of these crappy 'dank' carts.

    I'm also wondering if it's the terpenes. Some of even the professional outfits use a ridiculous amount of terps to cover up for their shitty product or shitty extraction methods. Terps are highly reactive and may under temperature combine to form new unknown compounds. I prefer to start with rosin which still contains most of the less volatile terps from the plant. Other methods for hash extraction don't collect the natural terps which is why they add in terps after the fact.

    Making your own vape fluids at home at your own risk. Don't do this if you're an idiot or had less than an A in any of your HS science / chemistry classes.:
    Step 1) Build a rosin press with at least a 5 ton press, i'd recommend 20 tons. Extract some rosin.
    Step 2) Take rosin mix with alcohol at roughly 10:1 by weight
    Step 3) Filter rosin alcohol mix through 20 micron filter in vacuum filtering flask.
    Step 4) Pour alcohol hash mixture into borosilicate measuring beaker
    Step 5) After double boiling your beaker will be left with translucent golden yummy goo. Measure your yummy goo. It's critical at this point to know that 1 gram of thc oil is approximately 1ML in volume. If you're left with 10G of oil in your measuring beaker that should be roughly equivalent to 10ML in volume.
    Step 6) Take your food grade proplyene glycol (which is not the same thing as polyethelyne glycol) and add as much to make it as thin or thick as you'd like. I'd typically use 0.1-0.2ML of PG for every 1 gram of hash.

    Step 7) Heat your oil / PG mixture in the double boiler water (while still hot but not boiling) and mix it using a large gauge syringe tip. The larger the gauge of the tip the easier it will be to suck up the fluids to put into a cart and the less PG you will need to use.

    With 10G of hash oil, adding in 3ML of PG would give you 13G of total fluid with approximately 77% hash by weight. With 90% purity in your rosin — sounds like a lot at home but remember you're filtering this at 20 micron. You'll end up with a product that's around 70% THC — quite good for home.

    Be careful with terps, terps are volatile compounds that will react with things like oxygen, alcohol, fats, and your body! You should consider terps to be drugs in of themselves. Some of them like limonene and myrcene are extremely potent. I prefer to stick with whatever terps remain that weren't removed. The more reactive a compound the more likely it be that the compound will react with other chemicals, potentially creating new chemicals…. Or the more likely it will be that the terp will react with your body! If you need more flavor from your goo, use a method of hash extraction that will also extract the less volatile natural terps.

  12. its from standard vape juice also its not just cbd oil …. ask me how i know … recovering …your going to see huge numbers of people sick soon..

  13. This does seem awfully strange. Vape pens that are used correctly (vape products) have not been in the media for years. Now all of a sudden the THC or other non vaping ingredients are making headlines, insuring that everyone thinks that vaping is bad for you. I guess I don't know if vaping is bad, but I've been vaping for 7 years, and am now completely nicotine free, and I've never felt better in my life. I was a smoker for over 30 years.

  14. I think I'm a physopath becouse i want to kill someone ive also been to a mental hospital and I'm depressed i have adhd ocd anger issues i just wanted to tell others 😩i almost slit a 16 year olds throat and i was 8 and the time and now I'm 11 its gotten worse 😢

  15. Any news on charges against company management responsible for this PROBLEM ? Didn't think so. Corruption, corruption, corruption…

  16. People just need to learn how to moderate themselves I hit my shit like twice a day and I'm all good but don't get me wrong even that's pretty hard to do cuz I used to constantly hit my sourin or whatever I had back then

  17. Vaping is dangerous because of the device. Everytime you blow into the device moist bacteria is trapped into the device.then when you inhale that bacteria is blown back into your lungs. Some people even share their vaping device. Some people's immune system cant handle the bacteria or viruses build up in the device over time. Its like legionaire disease which people can die from AC filters not being changed or cleaned. Its better to change your vaping device frequently or use disposable ones. And throw your vaping device out if you get the cold or flu. And use a new one everday until the cold or flu is completely gone. Cause sometimes you could have no symtoms but the virus or bacteria causing the cold or flu could still be in your saliva. So wait at least a few weeks after a cold or flu before using the same vape device repeatedly.

  18. Honestly there is no point in smoking or vaping. They are both destructive to your body and waste you thousands over your course of using them. Anyone beg to differ?

  19. Vaping Nicotine and ejuice is perfectly safe–safer than cigarettes. All of these cases are from vaping THC or marijuana products–often illegal black-market ones. By conflating ordinary e-cigarettes and THC devices, the media are trying to scare people into abandoning all vaping. This is not an accident–you can bet that big tobacco is calling the shots on this reporting. More Fake News.

  20. Ok, smoke is small light particles and oil is heavy! Simply ban the untested truth. This is not lawful, test lab products!

  21. It's real simple ya fucking morons,don't put man-made chemicals in your fucking lungs.
    If you want to smoke cannabis,find someone who has grown their crop without a bunch of chemicals!

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