Christopher Watts describes killing his daughters in chilling jailhouse interviewing

The convicted killer detailed how he murdered his young daughters after slaying his pregnant wife.

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About the Author: Rafael



  1. He is a piece of garbage, and I hope everyday all this replays in his head and haunts him!! Poor children, I have a son of my own and i can't think of him not in my world, just the thought of him hurt makes me upset and for him to stop their lives is out of this world!! I hope he gets what he deserves, Id rather him sit and replay all events everyday as long as he breaths!

  2. If by chance you read the comments before listening to this then I recommend you stop. I'm saying this because once you hear something you can never un-hear it.

  3. Yo quisiera visitar ese hombre en su prision. Y decirle que fueron victimas todos ellos de un ataque del demonio Jetzabell, que el aunque no lo parezca el es una herramienta que Jetzabell uso para acabar con esa familia, la esposa muerta y las dos niñas y el bb que no llegó a nacer, y el su vida destruida es igual o peor que estar muerto. Que sea arrepienta y pida perdón a Dios y ayuda para paz mental y que sirva de testimonio su caso para que Jetzabell no destruya más más familias, que su vida la dedique al bien para que Dios tenga misericordia de él, y yo no le llamo monstruo ni lo desprecio como muchos, yo creo que ese hombre sufre y está atormentado por lo que hizo. El demonio de sexo lo domino pues Jetzabell el demonio hace eso usa el sexo y los atrapa para perder cordura y los destruye, Dios ayude a este hombre víctima del ataque del poderoso demonio Jetzabell!! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  4. Anyone else think a demon must have possessed him? Easy access because he was already a sick, mentally deranged person. How can a human being do that?

  5. I've followed this story from the beginning and to hear him say what he did to his daughters "Webster's nor Wikipedia have a word to describe him" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Only when the devil possesses a human body ya capable of killing it’s in the Bible sad when people these days don’t have any type of faith nor spiritual knowledge of who God is…

  7. he's a MONSTER! HE did not deserve those beautiful babies and their mother. All he cared was about himself and I hope he gets what he deserve in jail.

  8. So he killed them at the sight he dumped them at?? Or he killed shannon at the house put her in the truck and the girls still alive? Wtf???

  9. Seems he has no realisation of what he did to those kids and his wife. At least Cece didn't have a clue but Bella was old enough.He could of just moved out, got a divorce, left anything. He keeps saying oh I don't know what I was thinking or it wasn't me it didn't feel like melike he can put the blame on someone else. Just horrendous for her family. There are no winners. Just sick of all the attention he gets really. Hope her family get to grieve now.

  10. Im sure everyone reads this as I as a parent do, I dont find myself to have evil or unnecessary hate in me but hearing this…I cant think of enough pain I would want to bring to him. They Say killing is a Sin but Im sure even God would understand this exception and forgiving of our thoughts. We live in a new World.

  11. Omg this means Bella watched him put Cece in that oil drum whilst she sat in the truck …omg it's worse than I thought as i truly believed he killed them at the house …if it's true his version he killed Cece right at the side of Bella and he tries to say she didn't see him and then had to deal with him taking shannan out then Cece the poor poor girl !!

  12. This is the kind of stuff on the internet that can really affect how you feel. I don’t know what it is about him but he is got to be one of the coldest heartless humans that ever walked this planet.

  13. Idk I don't want to even look at his face anymore. Can new stations stop making him the center of attention since that's what he seems to like. This is no man that needs spotlight . He doesn't deserve life. He deserves the death penalty!

  14. Why did I watch this? Now I’ll have this horrendous mind picture for a long time; “no daddy”. Please GOD help me to forget it.!

  15. Even though we hear about this type of behavior again and again, it's still very shocking that a human can do this to another human. Innocent humans.

  16. If your down on your luck in life, homeless, living in hunger everyday, can’t get medical help or dental help, can’t afford any education,……just commit a felony and you can have quite a life it seems!😯

  17. This made me feel so upset in some many ways I can't even describe it. How could you take those little's beautiful girls life just like that? I just can't stand it😢

  18. 'She said "No daddy" and that's the last thing she said.'….. poor little Bella, poor little baby girls. For the first time, in ever do I hear Chris crying. I think its genuine crying, since he hadn't cried since day one except for the trial and that was for himself. Or who knows? Maybe he's faking, or reality of things are finally hitting him. 🤔

  19. Evil….evil….monster….monster….and the reason for what his done is He really want to start new again start fresh with someone else….oh dude…let Lord have mercy on you and you are lucky the family of your wife (parents) begging judge not to dead penalty for u because they believe we can not take someone life….shame on u please repent!!!!

  20. I think about shanann having a marriage with this evil man my god have mercy eww and this is the worst of the worst..Rip kids and mom💜

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