Coast Guard searching for 2 missing after deadly midair crash in Alaska

A floatplane carrying 10 passengers collided with another tour plane; at least four people were killed.



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  1. It happens all the time in Alaska dont you turds watch the history channel ?? But I guess fake news needs a smoke screen on the upcoming indictments of the CORRUPT left coup attempt and those who played their criminal positions their all going to be jumping ship or spilling the beans to get a lesser charge and lesser prison term .

  2. Im in the military and I have seen many accidents with these planes. Here is some advice from an aviation professional.
    1. Do not ride in a float plane ever. The crash rate is just ridiculously high this is like the 5th crash in only 3 years. The other one two years killed 9.
    2. Question the pilot about the air traffic. if there are tons of planes flying around do not take the flight. It isn't worth it.
    3. Do not fly any plane excursion from a cruise ship. The safety standards are straight garbage and they are more concerned with how much money they make the rider safety. They will have 4-10 planes going in the sky in the same area and eventually two are going to hit each other. The cruise ships and plane companies say "sorry for your loss" and take the money and move on without missing a lick of sleep.

  3. Why it was collided do not they have a traffic control a monitor is very important,,,. anyways for all the victima may they Rest in Peace aviation these days,,, JesuS Mary and Joseph…🙏🙇🙏.

  4. Couldn't a least 1have made a quick decision it was day light they didn't see each other that one thought he could have gotten away with making that wrong turn

  5. I live just 2 miles from this accident. It could have been so much worse. We have awesome rescue teams and people here. So thankful it was not worse as the water is so cold

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