Court documents say Teterboro airport was travel hub for Epstein's alleged sex trafficking

The North Jersey Record reports flight logs obtained in the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein show Teterboro Airport in New Jersey was a travel hub for his private jets and alleged sex trafficking ring. Columnist Chris Maag wrote the article for the New Jersey Record and joined CBSN to discuss.

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  1. This is simply a case of unless you have money 💰 and power then you abide by rules, regulations and laws.
    Laws etc…. are trumped by powerful individuals.
    Get it?

  2. When I was 17. I had a friend who was a pilot of his small plane. A 4 seat plane. He was also 17. He took me and his girlfriend on a plane ride around the area. This was about 15yrs ago btw. But to fly all we had todo was go to the airport and he filed a flight log but I never had to show ID of anything, we just got in the plane after he filed the flight log and gased up the plane and took off and then about 2 hrs later we came back and landed and put the plane back in the hanger and left. It was simple. No security. Keep in mind that the people who own these planes are wealthy and can basically do as they want. That is probably why these places are they way they are, cuz normal people like me can't afford to own. Private plane normally. The rich do as they want… I just got lucky and happend to have a friend who's parents were rich. But it was sure an eye opener, so I can c why he got away with this,, cuz he was flying domestically on private planes out of small private airfields.

  3. LoL look how surprised these fake news actors are. As if they are not a part of this. They forget they report on people like Epstein as rock stars. Unfortunately they will never feel shame.

  4. FBI is doing huge cover up he is alive Assad spy, there was never sucide he transferred his wealth privately, elites are corrupted pray for the victims

  5. A question that I have NEVER heard but NEEDS to be asked, Is if these girls were sex slaves, how come their parents didn't report them missing??? I want to know!!!

  6. If Epstein were living in Austria, nobody would care. Just another Tuesday frolicking with 14 year olds. And legal.
    Why aren’t they discussing a country’s morality here? It’s comical.

  7. you work at this airport and you have a daughter same age as the girls you see jumping on flights say nothing?..

  8. So where is ghislane Maxwell? Nice pie charts, but MSM doesn't seem to preoccupied with how deep this scandal goes. The information about how related to political, Hollywood and powerful people this pedophilia is. I never believed in pizzagate, still don't believe in Q anon, I like the reporting of Whitney Webb.

  9. Tereboro airport knew and did not care which is typical of all these scumbags serving the filthy perverted rich whom stupid people admire just for their money! Most are abusive scumbag humans that are miserable!

  10. Let’s hope that there are some good people left who’ll leave no stone unturned in bringing all of the evil wealthy child abusers to public justice.

  11. So what will the American public ultimately be doing about what is going on in your own country? Looks like you have 2 of everything…especially a legal Justice system. One for them, one for you. Its hard to believe how far the rot has infiltrated your beautiful country. 😐

  12. if this was any other way the guilty person, would have been in jail for life, maxwell jail for life, clintons, investigated and jailed for life, trump….but because they re rich they get away with disgusting behavior.

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